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Assassin's Creed Unity Getting Horizontal Wall Running, Teased by Parkour Pro Athlete

Ubisoft seems to be very interested in adding parkour moves to its games, as we're seeing in Watch_Dogs, and the upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity seems to be getting its fair share of tricks.

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Community844d ago
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GarrusVakarian844d ago

Titanfall/Assassins creed crossover confirmed!

rdgneoz3844d ago

Because it's not an FPS, everyone seems to forget the Prince of Persia series...

thezeldadoth844d ago

Gaming needs a sequel to 2008 prince of Persia remake

GarrusVakarian844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

My joke was an epic failure.

I'll see myself out......

monkeyDzoro844d ago

How did you manage to make such a statement ??
Ubi are the ones behind the PrinceOfPersia series where wall run was one of the favourite mechanics among gamers.
And you bring in Titanfall, when PoP was made decades before TF had even been an idea within IW devs' mind...

GarrusVakarian844d ago (Edited 844d ago )


It's called a joke. Horizontal free running....Titanfall.....Get it? My god, take your serious cap off and have some fun! WOOHOOOO. Lol.

"How did you manage to make such a statement ?? "

Sigh, it was an innocent joke. Titanfall is all im playing right now, PoP didn't even enter my mind. Talk about an unwarranted overreaction.......

N4G, y u no humour?

DOMination-844d ago PersonalAttacksShow
DOMination-844d ago

btw, I was joking about the idiot part as I'm sure you could tell

monkeyDzoro844d ago

Well... it wasn't that obvious.

GarrusVakarian844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

It wasn't that obvious.....haha, what?

Me saying that an Assassins Creed crossover with Titanfall wasn't obviously a joke? Lmao...who would actually say that and be serious about it?

You should go to the funny doctor, your funny meter isn't working.

As for DOMination-

Thanks for the insult! Greatly appreciated.

" you didn't exactly specify that you were joking so how are we supposed to know you"

You people really need me to say "THAT WAS A JOKE, BTW" when it's clear that no one in their right mind would be serious about AC being crossed over with TF?

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AceBlazer13844d ago

Titanfalll Lukas? You didn't think more along the lines of Prince of Persia seeing as they come from the same studio? Everyone has a brain fart now and then.

GarrusVakarian844d ago

Dude, please, not you aswell lmao.

Ive been playing TF exclusively for like 5 days.....PoP didn't even enter my thoughts when i made that joke.

Just disregard my poor, misinterpreted joke and move along :(

WalterWJR844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

You guy's really need to sort yourselves out. Many people have such pointless arguments on this site, usually all points down to insecurity. It can be very embarrassing to read.

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GarrusVakarian844d ago

Who knows, if we are lucky, we might even get a crouch button!

But i guess there's no point in a crouch button if you can just casually jog from bush to bush and have the game crouch for you. /s

Meltic844d ago

Nice meaby they will add ''a jump button too ''

sonerone844d ago

u can jump anytime in AC

zeusky844d ago

No you can't, you have to be running.

sonerone843d ago

@zeusky: can jump from standing

LAWSON72844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

What is the point of jumping when you free run to jump over everything in your way? I would love to know how it would be such a good addition. It is not like an assassin can jump like a spartan in Halo or something to change his playstyle. He would jump maybe 2ft and it would do very little.

nealane843d ago (Edited 843d ago )

maybe they will add the option to independently crouch while walking enabling players to sneak up to enemies without having to walk into a bush

gameslayer2411844d ago

Seeing as Assassins Creed has always been about fluid mobility in an extremely traversable environment, I find this to be great news if its true. I would love much more parkour elements, being able to do running jumps or dives then rolling when you hit the ground would be my favorite addition. (diving from one building to the next would be awesome!) Anyways, good news if true!

Master-H844d ago

I'd rather they do a whole new Prince of Persia game with that, as good as the first 3 ones, instead of shoe horning it in AssCreed but oh well.

monkeyDzoro844d ago

I'm also waiting for another GOOD PoP, but that's not going to happen soon...
Ubi is in "Milk the shit out of AC series" mood right now. LooL

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