Cliff Bleszinski: Project Morpheus 'is legit' but 'more of a fan' Oculus' Introduction

VRFocus - Former Epic Games developer and Oculus VR investor Cliff Bleszinski has commented on Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE) Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset and how its introduction compared to that of the Oculus Rift headset. Speaking at the 2014 Game Developers Conference in March, Bleszinski noted that, while Project Morpheus was a legitimate headset, the company perhaps didn't go about the right way of introducing it.

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URNightmare1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

“Sony’s set is legit; it works, right? But Sony did the classic ‘do it in secret and then bam! it’s here’ and you’re like, no, the way to do it now is to engage the community with a Kickstarter and go direct to consumer and let them become believers.”

Wait, wtf?! So do a kickstarter and then sell out to facebook for 2 billion was the right way? They killed the "believers" the moment that deal with fckng facebook was made!

kevco331532d ago

Sony were a massive company before VR and will be after. Oculus VR were not, and may not be. Completely different ballparks.

URNightmare1532d ago

Yeah, Cliff left me scratching my head after that comment. I think it was a poor attempt to defend his investment.

1532d ago
UltraNova1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

That was a 100% piss poor attempt to defend his investment.

The thing with Oculus was that they would never find the funds to develop their VR project thus being forced to 'get it out there to the community' for support. They had to risk exposure and the possibility of a major player getting in the same ring before the bell even rang.

Sony as the bigger company, not having the need for external funding did the right thing developing their VR headset in secret. The term secret being relatively used here cause they involved many game developers to get on with this project

Finally, as with everything you can keep any product you develop a secret but make sure when you reveal it to be as good and alluring as possible. Thats what Sony did and thats why the press reception was so positive.

Good try next time Cliffy.

TheGreatAndPowerful1532d ago

This was filmed at GDC so it was before OR got bought up.

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Mr Pumblechook1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Blezinski is a text book example of a bell-end.
First he criticises Minecraft godfather Markus Notch, just because Notch doesn't share the Facebook vision for Oculus Rift. (He also used it as a massive opportunity to crow about his investment and the massive amount of money he is making from it).

Now he is publicly criticising a rival product, Project Morpheus which is extremely unprofessional and ungentlemanly. On top of that his criticism is incorrect!! He said the Morpheus reveal was made into a big public reveal by Sony and should have been more low key. However Sony did not reveal it at the internet broadcasted E3 event. They revealed it only to developers at GDC and asked them to come on board to help test and experiment with it.

Cliff Blezinski was game director on a very successful franchise and he let the attention go to his head. He regularly pops his unattractive face out to make fanboy comments about Sony and Playstation. He thinks he speaks on behalf of the gaming community when really he just alienates them with his false bravado. He is a human error.

GarrusVakarian1532d ago

Completely agree. I gotta give the man credit for Gears, but he is just sooooo wrong here. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.

SkippyPaccino1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

To be fair, I'm 100% sure this episode of "the bonus round" was filmed before Facebook bought O-rift... (but that never stopped quiffy-b from being a d-bag before)

UltraNova1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

What makes you think a major investor didnt know a potential buy out of his investment that would evidently make him a crap load of money? And let me tell you this kind (2 billion)of acquisition is not a few days deal.

SkippyPaccino1532d ago


I think you're assuming a lot? We don't know the time tables of the deal but we do know it was put together quickly. Plus he might of had an idea Facebook was going to make an them a offer during the filming of this "bonus round"(nothing was made official till long after GDC... Plenty of time to work something out)

I just find it funny that every Saturday after Pacthers show there's 10 articles about what he said but they never mention his show... And after every bonus round on Sunday you get 10 articles like this one.. Lol! More people should watch pach-attack and bonus round before coming on n4g and commenting, making themselves look silly in the process..

UltraNova1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I 'm not sure if your ending remark was pointed at me but let me tell you 2 things. First I do watch Pach's and Geoff's shows as regularly as possible and secondly OPINIONS are like arseholes, everybody has one and most of them are full of shit.

starchild1532d ago

Nah, I'm excited for both the Rift and Sony's headset.

harrisk9541532d ago

Could you imagine the consumer backlash if Sony (or, for that matter, any big company -- MS, Nintendo, Google, Apple, etc.) were to have a Kickstarter??? Ridiculous comment from Cliffy!

rainslacker1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Cliff never ceases to amaze me with how out of touch he is with the community.

I agree, Occulus did good in garnering interest by engaging the community, but at the same time a corporation like Sony doesn't lay all it's cards on the table so a rival corporation can work concurrently on a competative product.

I'm not against the facebook acquisition, but it's a bitter pill to swallow for some right now, and for Cliff to be making such comments now, just annoys me.

MeLoveRamen1532d ago

why would Sony do a kickstarter? I thought kickstaters are only done for people who don't have the money to make something. Sony is a multibillion dollar corporation, wouldn't look stupid if Sony did this?

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Mikelarry1532d ago

bah who cares so as long as one of them is able to make VR sucessful as a mass consumer product.

Volkama1532d ago

Don't really care how they reveal it. I care that the product is good when it's in my hands (or on my face I suppose).

fOrlOnhOpe571532d ago

Im pretty sure people were aware that Sony have been going down the VR road for a while now. I can see his point though.

Yaay4me1532d ago

Well,either way im just glad morpheus is coming and that its receiving the blessing of developers on its way to consumers. Now i want to see its games come E3

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