Nvidia's GeForce 337.50 Beta Driver - First Official Benchmarks Unveiled

Nvidia has released the first official benchmarks for this new driver, showcasing the performance gap between AMD’s R9 290X running under Mantle and Nvidia’s 780Ti running with these latest drivers.

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GreenGamers1015d ago ShowReplies(1)
CernaML1015d ago

Doh. I JUST checked before playing Titanfall. Hopefully thisll get rid of all those dropped frames on my 770 for good.

SirBradders1015d ago

770 is a beast, What 770 do you have i got the Gigabyte 4gb OC windforce.

specialguest1015d ago

Let me join the club. EVGA 4gb classified

NYC_Gamer1015d ago

The 780 ti beat the R9 290x in benchmarks before the updated drivers

Stapleface1015d ago

Got some mixed results in Batman:AO. My Average and Maximum FPS increased but my minimum decreased. Very increases, 1 and 2 fps on the Average and Maximum, but a 6fps drop on the minimum. Certainly no 15% increase in performance, but then again I believe this is more for weaker cpu's. I'm running an i7 4770k. It's also a beta driver, so it may get better, we shall see.

LordSane1015d ago

Skyrim with ENB mod, went from 42 to 50 fps, nice work Nvidia.

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