Gamers Rally to Save Halo PC Scene Before GameSpy Closure

GamerZines writes:

On May 31st, the multiplayer framework GameSpy will shut down for good, leaving numerous online communities without any means to play their favourite game of choice.

Those who play Halo: Combat Evolved on PC are one such community, and they aren't taking the impending destruction of their online competitive shooter of choice lying down.

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Codewow1710d ago

Could this be part of the reason that Microsoft /might/ be re-releasing the halo titles on steam? Just maybe? I hope they do. I'll buy the games again to have a blast with friends!

Nuk1710d ago

Probably not. Halo CE. had dedicated servers through gamespy. You could have mods and all sorts of goodies. Any speculation of microsoft releasing halo on steam is pure speculation without any merit.

1710d ago
Codewow1710d ago

Steam would host the dedicated servers if they brought it over.

DeadlyFire1710d ago

I say yes. Noting the reasonable success of Age of Empires HD they are now working with Valve/Hidden Path to build a Steam powered version of Age of Mythology titled with Extended edition.

Hidden Path is no stranger to FPS genre. CS:GO works pretty well most of the time. They could bring it over no problem really. Microsoft knows gamers will still want to play the games online. I personally believe if they bring Halo 3 to PC it would be a big sales success even with its age. Working with Valve would be the best option. They likely could enhance the game to some degree.

ZainreFang1710d ago

RIP Gamespy servers... I played online on Wii and I also played Halo PC.

Nuk1710d ago

I remember using map editors and altering physics and allowing the warthogs to be driven and fire missiles. Flying hogs ftw.

GentlemenRUs1710d ago

Not fair! This was a great game to play online...

HaMM4R1710d ago

I used to have so much fun playing custom edition with friends. This game was the best.

sephiroth4201710d ago

ah what? i guess im gonna have to delete it if they are closing the servers :(
still alot of fun online though, think im gonna get a few more games in.

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