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Submitted by Criminal 601d ago | screenshot

Titanfall Xbox 360 and Xbox One Screen Comparison

MP1st - With Titanfall finally hitting Xbox 360 this Tuesday, a few leaks have emerged. (TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update Update #1: Added a few more videos and screens of Titanfall running on Xbox 360.

Update #2: More videos added, well over 1 hour of Titanfall gameplay.

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hulk_bash1987  +   601d ago
Considering the hardware limitations, I'd say Bluepoint did an admirable job. But we'll have to wait and see how the performance side holds up once the game releases.
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Metallox  +   601d ago
Screen tearing and framerate drops. Not a real bad issue, though, I think the game on 360 is overall good.
Army_of_Darkness  +   601d ago
Oh no, screen tearing and frame rate drops are very, very minor issues in video games, especially with fps shooters,I mean you would have to be an extremely nit-picky person to notice that shit anyways.... Let's just give it a 10/10 just because it's the best it can possibly be on the 360....
Metallox  +   601d ago
@Army_of_Darkness I don't usually worry too much about these issues, but is understandable what you say.
nicksetzer1  +   601d ago
Huge difference from what I am seeing, let alone half the frame rate and sub 720p res. That said, will be great on both consoles, just not sure how this is a "small difference." Most definitely an impressive port though.
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TomShoe  +   601d ago
It looks good enough. If you want to play Titanfall but don't want to drop $500 or get a new PC, it's a recommended pickup.
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vulcanproject  +   600d ago
It seems like a decent version to me, especially if the framerate locks and reduces tearing as well as it should.

Of course it looks poorer than the Xbox One version, but considering how Xbox One is supposed to be a totally brand new, next generation machine, it's not exactly a generational leap.

The game doesn't look fantastic on any platform really, so as far as I can tell nobody is buying it for it's graphics or good looks....

Which is why it should sell well on 360.
MeLoveRamen  +   600d ago
lol Screen tearing and framerate drops, if i didn't know better i would say that you are talking about the X1 version.
UltimateMaster  +   600d ago
Well this is fun: "Downloading..."
You'd think the guy could have just removed that part out.
Luckily for us we have the skip button :"Here's a commercial for you"
UltimateMaster  +   600d ago
Hate to says this but, it kinda looks bad.
antz1104  +   600d ago
Screen caps don't do the vids justice....looks pretty good.
Bigpappy  +   601d ago
Yeah. They did a decent job. Missing textures and lower frame rate, but looks payable enough.
ITPython  +   601d ago
The screenshot comparison is pretty much exactly what we see with XB1 vs PS4 multiplat game comparisons. Goes to show how the XB1 is in limbo between current-gen and next-gen.

Although honestly it looks like somebody blurred the 360 screenshot and sharpened the XB1 screenshot (jaggy galore). The blurry text on the 360 image is a dead giveaway that the image has been altered (or is just a really low quality capture). Both versions should have crystal clear and bright text. Which probably means that the 360 version is nearly identical looking to the the XB1 version.

Makes sense, the game isn't exactly a graphical powerhouse. A maxed out PC running TF doesn't look all that much better than the XB1 version. The game engine is simply prehistoric, so there isn't much gain when using more powerful hardware. It's kind of like running an SNES game on a maxed out PC, not going to be much different than what it looks like on the SNES.
Kavorklestein  +   601d ago | Well said
No way Dude.
The multiplat games DO look better on PS4(marginally/slightly/in some cases BARELY)
But your statement is a blatant exaggeration.
Some good examples are Ac4 Black Flag, BF4, Tomb Raider, Thief, and Metal Gear Solid.
To say that the XB1 is missing MOST of the textures that the PS4 shows, is SO false and exaggerated.
To say that is faked is stupid because for those of us who've PLAYED it the twitch upload footage shows that is a significant step down. And yes, the engine may be old, but it is more than adequate enough to be playable and look appealing.
And OH BOY, is Tatanfall playable..
It's the best new and fresh take on Multiplayer shooters in years.
beebap  +   601d ago
Actually look at comparsion of first two images textures on 360 do look blurry not detailed now look at difference of the ground zero comparsion between ps4 and xbox one it is exactly the same blurry not detailed.
Titanfall was never true next gen with it old engine and the fact it out on 360.I think 360 looks fine no one can complain as gameplay matters and it the same fun game as on xbox one and pc and stable 30 fps is beter than constant framedrops. I can see why they delayed it to boast sales for xbox one as difference it not enough to make someone purchase xbox one.
TearsOfARapper  +   601d ago
Wow, you are trying WAY too hard.
Trekster_Gamer  +   600d ago
You are a blind troll!
-Superman-  +   601d ago
How come that Call of Duty looks better than Titanfall and CoD has 60fps and Titanfall lower and worse grahpics? Lazy developers?!
hulk_bash1987  +   601d ago
In the game's defense it is doing alot more than Call of Duty. With the freedom of movement, titans on the map, and numerous bots running around, it makes sense that they have to make the necessary sacrifices to run smoothly.
-Superman-  +   601d ago
Well there are more stuff going on, more players in Call of Duty. Helicopters, bombs, more players, exploding, shooting but Titanfall is just Titans and nothing else.
hulk_bash1987  +   601d ago
If you've played the game than you know what I'm talking about. The game, at least when comparing it to Call of Duty, is just doing alot more. I have played both COD Ghosts and Titanfall.
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UnHoly_One  +   600d ago
You can't compare the two, seriously.

Cod has to, at most, display a bunch of people and some explosions at once?

While Titanfall potentially can have a dozen pilots, some AI characters, and a dozen titans on screen all at once.

You can talk about Helicopters and whatever, but they are all up in the sky, not down on the ground where you are looking at them at the same time as the players.
LogicStomper  +   600d ago
"Well there are more stuff going on, more players in Call of Duty. Helicopters, bombs, more players, exploding, shooting but Titanfall is just Titans and nothing else."

Lol, way to spin the argument. Here's what you're doing...

A monitor's better than a tv because you have higher resolution and can be connected to more stuff. A TV's only a screen and nothing else.
tubers  +   601d ago
Wow. Bluepoint's doin' nice.
Dynasty2021  +   601d ago
It's made on the Source engine.

An engine made by Valve (PC rules mkay) SPECIFICALLY to run on a wide variety of hardware, both weak and powerful. Perfect optimization. Half Life 2 would run on very old PCs very well.

It's no surprise it's easy to get high detail (ish) on the 360 with Titanfall.

And it's hardly a pretty game anyway.
gedden7  +   601d ago
That or TF doesn't really push the Xbone???
3-4-5  +   600d ago
After seeing both versions I have to say:

* Titanfall is kind of impressive for an Xbox 360 game, but falls short for a next gen XB1 game.

* Hoping Titanfall 2 is Just Next/current gen.
frostypants  +   600d ago
Yep, it compares pretty nicely to the One version. Still gonna reserve final judgement until I see some online reviews because these videos are kind of low quality...and not gonna pay $60 for it...
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Dirtnapstor  +   601d ago
Even though it was an off-screen video, TF does look good, promising. It'll be my last 360 purchase unless of course the next Gears is multi-gen.
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ASTS_1992  +   601d ago
The next gears will definitely not be multigen. I personally wouldn't want it to be either so Black Tusk can focus all their efforts on the xbox one.
Metallox  +   601d ago
Microsoft would sign another team to do the port, just like EA did with Titanfall (EA, right?). Still, I think the same as you, it would be really surprising if the game comes to 360. I hope though that Black Tusk makes a PC version as well.
Dirtnapstor  +   601d ago
Very true. In reality I don't expect a 360 version of Gears. And you're right, they need to focus on this gen and make it grand!
DOMination-  +   601d ago
They only just started on Gears.. honestly I don't expect to see it until late 2016 at least so I really don't think we'll be seeing a 360 version
Dinkis  +   601d ago
The disagrees man...
ltachiUchiha  +   601d ago
This game was never anything special graphics wise. U can definitely see that the XB1 looks better but not by much in these screens. The real question is how smoothly it will play on the 360 version. That is to be seen until we see a comparison video.
CertifiedGamer  +   601d ago
Yeah because the floor looks the same on the 360, and the 30 extra frames is not much of a difference right?
ItachiUchiba you make PS4 owners including myself look bad with your fanboyism. The Xbox One version looks much better.
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HaveAsandwich  +   601d ago
you're right. this looks like absolute crap. i literally just cancelled my 360 pre-order from amazon, no bs. animations are either gone, or terrible. textures are horrible. maybe my 6670 will run it.
SoulMikeY  +   601d ago
Hmmm, nope. The X1 version looks how the 360 version should look, not current gen looking at all. I like the game (I have it on X1), but the jagged edges and screen tears are as bad as Dead Island.
barb_wire  +   601d ago
Strange how you XB1 owners are now all clamoring about the graphics, resolution, screen tearing.. how superior the XB1 version is over the 360..

Given the almost 9yr hardware, Bluepoint have done an amazing job in that conversion. I'll play it, get my copy tomorrow for my 360.

But, why is it, when games on XB1 and PS4 are compared and the PS4 version is superior - all of a sudden you XB1 owners all say it's not about graphics, resolution, screen tearing..
Clearly it is, otherwise you wouldn't be blowing your loads over the XB1/360 'Titanfall' screens.
jmac53  +   600d ago
Love how for the X1 fanboys, resolution and frame rate actually matter now.
ltachiUchiha  +   601d ago

U make it sound like that screenshot is impressive like its a big difference from night to day. Those screens aren't anything special & I also said u can obviously tell the difference between the 2 with the XB1 looking better but like I said, this game was never about graphics so it is why we dont see a huge leap. Now u bring a game like Ryse or QB then u will prolly see a bigger difference since those games show off what the XB1 is capable of. Dont make me look like im the bad guy, I just keep it real. Unlike some of u who sugar coat everything.
BitbyDeath  +   601d ago
Bluepoint did a great job with this, aside from resolution blur you can't tell much difference at all.
ASTS_1992  +   601d ago
Look at the textures it is more detailed in the xbox one version.
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Dinkis  +   601d ago
Lol wow
76erz24  +   601d ago
Xbox One version looks significantly superior. The differences in textures says it all.
fr0sty  +   601d ago
Actually, the difference in textures is all it says. $500 for that?
Bundi  +   601d ago
Yes, because Xbox One only has Titanfall and people pay 500 to play one game. I hope I got the gist of your awesome logic.
fr0sty  +   601d ago
Obviously you don't, because the comment was in regards to the fact that with $500 worth of new hardware, they were only able to get slightly higher resolution, slightly higher framerate, and better texture resolution. It had nothing to do with what other games are available on the system... it had to do with the hardware you are purchasing for that money. That's the whole point of buying new hardware... to play games that older hardware cannot.
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Irishguy95  +   600d ago

Really? It's not slight at all
fr0sty  +   600d ago
It is for the native rendering resolution and the framerate. Framerate on Xbox One dips into the 20s, though averages in the 50s. Native rendering res is not much higher on Xbox One. The only thing that is more than slightly better is the texture resolution. Geometry looks identical on both platforms.
LogicStomper  +   600d ago
Let me guess, you paid somewhere between $500 - $1500 for a PC just to go on N4G? I'd love to hear your reply.
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BeAGamer  +   601d ago
can't wait for the PS4 version
Dirtnapstor  +   601d ago
Oh yeah, definite day 1 purchase!
fr0sty  +   601d ago
If it isn't 6v6 with bots, I'll check it out.
u got owned  +   601d ago
Yeah cant wait either titanfal 2 for PS4 day one for me.
killzone619  +   601d ago
keep dreaming
jmac53  +   600d ago
Keep dreaming that Titanfall 2 will stay exclusive.
gdguide  +   601d ago
If (and that's a big if) this game on the 360 runs smoothly, I see very little reason to buy an Xbox One for this game alone considering it's not exactly cutting edge visuals anyway. I would just wait until Halo 5 comes out and save some money. Considering this game isn't 1080p on the Xbox One, what is the resolution on the Xbox 360? Is it more like 600p or something?
Bigpappy  +   601d ago
It is more next gen than any 1080p shooter out there that's for sure.
voodoochild346  +   601d ago
How? What is the criteria for a "next gen" shooter. I've seen a few other people make that same statement and I don't think they even know what it means. Just something to throw out when someone criticizes Titanfall.
SoulMikeY  +   601d ago
You haven't played battlefield 4 or killzone, have you? Hell, halo 4 is more "next-gen" than this.
fr0sty  +   601d ago
The Xbox One version doesn't even run smoothly. Even it has framerate issues.

28fps for a 792p next gen shooter?
#7.1.3 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report
u got owned  +   601d ago

So? The PC version also have framrate issues, its a matter of optimization, it doesnt have anything to do with the bone hardware. Have u even play the game?
#7.1.4 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
JeffGUNZ  +   601d ago
@ Frosty.

Oh stop. I am Gen. 4 and have noticed screen tearing once and VERY RARELY noticed frame rate drops enough to notice during battle. Sure, it has it's minor issues like every other game out there but you know why you don't hear too much about those issues? It's amazing and very fun to play. Respawn nailed this one and PS4 fans should be eager for Titanfall 2, it's a blast!
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Magnes  +   600d ago
If next gen is about gameplay not graphics then like dx12 for xb1 I guess Titanfall just made my 360 a next gen machine. Breathing new life into 360 next up DX 12 for 360 and I'm set...
Sarobi  +   601d ago
Animation looks a little choppy - unless that is just the video.
jairusmonillas  +   601d ago
Titanfall doesn't really look like a next gen game.
DJ  +   601d ago
Yeah, the engine for titanfall is like a decade old. Hopefully Respawn invests in something more advanced for Titanfall 2. EA should force them to use Frostbite 3.
josephayal  +   601d ago
One of the best, and best looking FPS game of last gen, Can`t wait to play Titanfall 2 on my PS4 in full 1080p 60FPS
#10 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Bundi  +   601d ago
DefenderOfDoom2  +   601d ago
i am pumped up for this game! Glad it is coming to 360! do not care about graphics . Heck i am still gaming a standard definition 27inch tv! Hopefully the game will sell good on all 3 platforms , so EA and RESPAWN will have money to invest in a campaign for the TITANFALL sequel !
UltraNova  +   601d ago
Oh man I feel for you..u remind me of my poor school days on a SD small tv. Those days I had to save for a month just to buy a game...

Shit those were the days when u could really appreciate stuff you managed to buy...

(btw I dont mean to offend you or something)
DefenderOfDoom2  +   601d ago
no offense taken "Ultranova" I lost my power on my 40inch standard definition TV 2 weeks ago . Was hard the first day but i got used to the 27inch SD TV, which proved to me, playing video games are still really fun no matter what tv (or monitor ) you play on. Good news though, my good friend is selling me a 46inch HD TV in a couple weeks for a very good price!
UltraNova  +   601d ago
Nice to hear, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

I've got a 60 inch 3D LG (which I'm still paying for :p)and let me tell you it rocks!

Even Titanfall (PC) looks decent on it! But man Infamous SS will leave you speechless on that monster! You should get it!
fragnificent  +   601d ago
Is it just me or does the Xbox 360 screen shot look sub 720p?
I understand its a screenshot etc. but still.
Qrphe  +   601d ago
It does
Give_me_head_strong  +   597d ago
It looks sub-720p because the 360 version is 600p.
kennyng1026  +   601d ago
It looks like 360 version is a little bit washed out, with frequent tearing, still a very good result on last gen. console.
Tedakin  +   601d ago
Notice there's no one else in the drop ship with you..... I guess 360 can't handle having your whole team drop out of the same ship. Also you don't have the faces showing up in the little screen in the top right telling you your titan is ready, etc.
#14 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Illusive_Man  +   601d ago
Textures, lighting, character models, draw distance, resolution, frame rate are significant downgrades. The experience though looks to be similar.
DJ  +   601d ago
Looks about the same. Just lower resolution textures.
u got owned  +   600d ago
Just like any other cross gen game
Dlacy13g  +   601d ago
It definitely isn't a train wreck on the 360 but I am definitely glad to have it on the Xbox One vs the 360.
tubers  +   601d ago
Does it have Cloud access?
unicron7  +   600d ago
PAYNEinc85  +   601d ago
I didnt think Titanfall looked that great or next gen either on my Samsung LCD TV. Then I went over to a friends house and played it on his 120 HZ LED TV. Looks like a whole different game. The colors are so much more vibrant on a good tv.
buttclown  +   601d ago
What Samsung TV you have? I too have a LCD TV from them and colors look great as well.
JeffGUNZ  +   601d ago
I have a 55 inch Samsung LED 240hz TV and it does look slightly better then my buddies Samsung 42 inch LCD. The 240hz really does help in faced paced shooters and the LED it just better then LCD. I believe that's the difference, but it still looked very good on the LCD
RedSoakedSponge  +   601d ago
its definitely a noticeable difference, but by no means does the 360 version look bad! im pretty impressed actually!
No_Limit  +   601d ago
XB1 looks awaiting for stealth disagreements that don't make any kind of sense.
unicron7  +   600d ago
Xbone version does look better....but $500+ purchase better? Nah. Glad I went with this version.
No_Limit  +   600d ago
How about $450 with Titanfall included and no, it is more than just one game. Can the X360 play Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse, Halo 5, Gearsof War 4, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive? I rest my case and stop trolling with the $500 tag line, that is so 1 month ago. LOL
#21.1.1 (Edited 600d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
LogicStomper  +   600d ago
Could I just ask some questions? Well i'm going to anyway.

What are your reasons for buying a PS4? Did you pay $450 ONLY to play Killzone? No?

So why have you assumed here, that people pay $500 ONLY to play Titanfall? So tell me, is you argument bad? Why?
Agent_hitman  +   601d ago
Graphical kinda similar to COD and not jaw draopping. So therefore it doesn't look like a next gen game to me..
u got owned  +   600d ago
Next gen ia not all about graphics, look at Ryse and Killzone SF both subpar games which look great.
ion53  +   601d ago
You can see the jump, but I'd like to see more
beebap  +   601d ago
Just wondering about the cloud.Does it have it on 360 version as it should theorically work the same as does xbox one.
unicron7  +   600d ago
360 version does indeed make use of the cloud as well. That's why I'm getting the 360 version.
objdadon  +   601d ago
I should have just kept my 360 instead of spending 500.00 just for this game. It looks the same to me.
corroios  +   601d ago
For an you tube vídeo its very good. Now we understand the delay of the game... The diferences are not enough and im getting it.

The 360 is still a good console.
ocelot07  +   601d ago
That looks pretty good for a 360 title. Sure you can see the difference between the one and 360 versions. But not a hell of a lot of difference.
unicron7  +   600d ago
Glad i didn't shell out $500 for a Xbone for this. It looks almost identical and plays the same. 360 version purchase confirmed.
jmac53  +   600d ago
Bluepoint are magicians getting this on the 360 with only a slight resolution and frame rate drop. Now we know why there haven't been any videos or screens of this version until now, MS was worried people would hold off on getting the One. Hopefully we can see them do their own IP soon.
datpanda  +   600d ago
Seriously! Give the guys some credit. So far it looks like a multi-plat port done right, especially considering the cross-gen difficulties. Good for 360 owners. Bravo Bluepoint!
Illusive_Man  +   600d ago
Slight resolution and frame rate drop? What are you people smoking? The X360 is missing animations, textures are muddy, detail has been massively scaled back, screentearing, lower resolution, lighting and shadows have been scaled back, pilot and Titan models have been scaled back, no video feed from command on HUD, no jump animations.

You guys are smoking crack. People saying the versions look identical either need to get their eyes checked or they just really hate Xbox One.
#30 (Edited 600d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
unicron7  +   600d ago
They are slight. The XB1 version is obviously going to be the better version...but certainly not worth $500 over. As long as I get the core experience on 360, I'll be happy...which it looks like we are going to get. What is it people from the Xb1 camp have been screaming for the past month or so? Graphics aren't everything?
Illusive_Man  +   600d ago
Dude stop using the $500 argument. You can get the X1 with Titanfall and 12 Month XBL for $460 at Target. Plus, nobody buys an X1 just for Titanfall. The differences are about as slight as the differences between a game on low settings and a game on mid-high. The frame rate on the 360 can barely keep up to 30 fps. The resolution is awful. The differences are huge. The only aspect that is similar is the gameplay which should play the same as it is the same damn game!

I mean Infamous Second Son plays just like the prior titles on PS3. Based on your baseless arguments nobody should upgrade to the PS4. Stop being dumb.
#30.1.1 (Edited 600d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
jmac53  +   600d ago
@illusiveman I see the same difference between PS4 and Xbox One multi plats. Zing!
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