Titanfall Xbox 360 and Xbox One Screen Comparison

MP1st - With Titanfall finally hitting Xbox 360 this Tuesday, a few leaks have emerged.


Update #1: Added a few more videos and screens of Titanfall running on Xbox 360.

Update #2: More videos added, well over 1 hour of Titanfall gameplay.

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hulk_bash19871230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Considering the hardware limitations, I'd say Bluepoint did an admirable job. But we'll have to wait and see how the performance side holds up once the game releases.

Metallox1230d ago

Screen tearing and framerate drops. Not a real bad issue, though, I think the game on 360 is overall good.

Army_of_Darkness1230d ago

Oh no, screen tearing and frame rate drops are very, very minor issues in video games, especially with fps shooters,I mean you would have to be an extremely nit-picky person to notice that shit anyways.... Let's just give it a 10/10 just because it's the best it can possibly be on the 360....

Metallox1230d ago

@Army_of_Darkness I don't usually worry too much about these issues, but is understandable what you say.

nicksetzer11230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Huge difference from what I am seeing, let alone half the frame rate and sub 720p res. That said, will be great on both consoles, just not sure how this is a "small difference." Most definitely an impressive port though.

TomShoe1230d ago

It looks good enough. If you want to play Titanfall but don't want to drop $500 or get a new PC, it's a recommended pickup.

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vulcanproject1229d ago

It seems like a decent version to me, especially if the framerate locks and reduces tearing as well as it should.

Of course it looks poorer than the Xbox One version, but considering how Xbox One is supposed to be a totally brand new, next generation machine, it's not exactly a generational leap.

The game doesn't look fantastic on any platform really, so as far as I can tell nobody is buying it for it's graphics or good looks....

Which is why it should sell well on 360.

MeLoveRamen1229d ago

lol Screen tearing and framerate drops, if i didn't know better i would say that you are talking about the X1 version.

UltimateMaster1229d ago

Well this is fun: "Downloading..."
You'd think the guy could have just removed that part out.
Luckily for us we have the skip button :"Here's a commercial for you"

UltimateMaster1229d ago

Hate to says this but, it kinda looks bad.

antz11041229d ago

Screen caps don't do the vids justice....looks pretty good.

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Bigpappy1230d ago

Yeah. They did a decent job. Missing textures and lower frame rate, but looks payable enough.

ITPython1230d ago

The screenshot comparison is pretty much exactly what we see with XB1 vs PS4 multiplat game comparisons. Goes to show how the XB1 is in limbo between current-gen and next-gen.

Although honestly it looks like somebody blurred the 360 screenshot and sharpened the XB1 screenshot (jaggy galore). The blurry text on the 360 image is a dead giveaway that the image has been altered (or is just a really low quality capture). Both versions should have crystal clear and bright text. Which probably means that the 360 version is nearly identical looking to the the XB1 version.

Makes sense, the game isn't exactly a graphical powerhouse. A maxed out PC running TF doesn't look all that much better than the XB1 version. The game engine is simply prehistoric, so there isn't much gain when using more powerful hardware. It's kind of like running an SNES game on a maxed out PC, not going to be much different than what it looks like on the SNES.

Kavorklestein1230d ago

No way Dude.
The multiplat games DO look better on PS4(marginally/slightly/in some cases BARELY)
But your statement is a blatant exaggeration.
Some good examples are Ac4 Black Flag, BF4, Tomb Raider, Thief, and Metal Gear Solid.
To say that the XB1 is missing MOST of the textures that the PS4 shows, is SO false and exaggerated.
To say that is faked is stupid because for those of us who've PLAYED it the twitch upload footage shows that is a significant step down. And yes, the engine may be old, but it is more than adequate enough to be playable and look appealing.
And OH BOY, is Tatanfall playable..
It's the best new and fresh take on Multiplayer shooters in years.

beebap1229d ago

Actually look at comparsion of first two images textures on 360 do look blurry not detailed now look at difference of the ground zero comparsion between ps4 and xbox one it is exactly the same blurry not detailed.
Titanfall was never true next gen with it old engine and the fact it out on 360.I think 360 looks fine no one can complain as gameplay matters and it the same fun game as on xbox one and pc and stable 30 fps is beter than constant framedrops. I can see why they delayed it to boast sales for xbox one as difference it not enough to make someone purchase xbox one.

TearsOfARapper1229d ago

Wow, you are trying WAY too hard.

-Superman-1230d ago

How come that Call of Duty looks better than Titanfall and CoD has 60fps and Titanfall lower and worse grahpics? Lazy developers?!

hulk_bash19871230d ago

In the game's defense it is doing alot more than Call of Duty. With the freedom of movement, titans on the map, and numerous bots running around, it makes sense that they have to make the necessary sacrifices to run smoothly.

-Superman-1230d ago

Well there are more stuff going on, more players in Call of Duty. Helicopters, bombs, more players, exploding, shooting but Titanfall is just Titans and nothing else.

hulk_bash19871230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

If you've played the game than you know what I'm talking about. The game, at least when comparing it to Call of Duty, is just doing alot more. I have played both COD Ghosts and Titanfall.

UnHoly_One1229d ago

You can't compare the two, seriously.

Cod has to, at most, display a bunch of people and some explosions at once?

While Titanfall potentially can have a dozen pilots, some AI characters, and a dozen titans on screen all at once.

You can talk about Helicopters and whatever, but they are all up in the sky, not down on the ground where you are looking at them at the same time as the players.

LogicStomper1229d ago

"Well there are more stuff going on, more players in Call of Duty. Helicopters, bombs, more players, exploding, shooting but Titanfall is just Titans and nothing else."

Lol, way to spin the argument. Here's what you're doing...

A monitor's better than a tv because you have higher resolution and can be connected to more stuff. A TV's only a screen and nothing else.

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tubers1230d ago

Wow. Bluepoint's doin' nice.

Dynasty20211230d ago

It's made on the Source engine.

An engine made by Valve (PC rules mkay) SPECIFICALLY to run on a wide variety of hardware, both weak and powerful. Perfect optimization. Half Life 2 would run on very old PCs very well.

It's no surprise it's easy to get high detail (ish) on the 360 with Titanfall.

And it's hardly a pretty game anyway.

gedden71229d ago

That or TF doesn't really push the Xbone???

3-4-51229d ago

After seeing both versions I have to say:

* Titanfall is kind of impressive for an Xbox 360 game, but falls short for a next gen XB1 game.

* Hoping Titanfall 2 is Just Next/current gen.

frostypants1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Yep, it compares pretty nicely to the One version. Still gonna reserve final judgement until I see some online reviews because these videos are kind of low quality...and not gonna pay $60 for it...

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Dirtnapstor1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Even though it was an off-screen video, TF does look good, promising. It'll be my last 360 purchase unless of course the next Gears is multi-gen.

ASTS_19921230d ago

The next gears will definitely not be multigen. I personally wouldn't want it to be either so Black Tusk can focus all their efforts on the xbox one.

Metallox1230d ago

Microsoft would sign another team to do the port, just like EA did with Titanfall (EA, right?). Still, I think the same as you, it would be really surprising if the game comes to 360. I hope though that Black Tusk makes a PC version as well.

Dirtnapstor1230d ago

Very true. In reality I don't expect a 360 version of Gears. And you're right, they need to focus on this gen and make it grand!

DOMination-1230d ago

They only just started on Gears.. honestly I don't expect to see it until late 2016 at least so I really don't think we'll be seeing a 360 version

Dinkis1229d ago

The disagrees man...