Frugal Gaming Review| Agarest: Generations of War Review

If Kim Jong-il and Garry Glitter got together one night, drank several bottles of questionable vintage and made a video game, I’m pretty sure parts of it would be similar to Agarest: Generations of War - Writes Prided Llama

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UglyGeezer1712d ago

I always find it fascinating (leaving the game aside), our views in the west with the Japanese cultural themes of sexuality and ermmm.... nearly not adults.

It is cultural, but it does irk.

There are some scenes in Persona when the schoolteachers are a bit lecherous towards the kids, but it's done in a non-judgemental way..

It's a weird one.

1712d ago
Wastrel51712d ago

There's the whole Idol movement in Japan that we have little knowledge or exposure to over in the west. Girls are meant to be cute or 'pure' which means young, innocent and virginal.

Not something most guys are willing to admit they like I guess. But I don't think Agarest is anywhere near as bad as Hyperdimension Neptunia!

PridedLlama1712d ago

I've just googled it, and I see what your getting at! It's so astounding how different our cultures can be, if someone in the uk made something like that the Daily Mail would be leading the lynching.

Sparkyuk1712d ago

I remember this game from ages ago! Can't believe they're re-releasing it with no refinements!!
I agree about the lack of imagination bit too - like someone's just taken bits from other games and spotwelded them together all hodge-podge like :S Gives a bad name to spotwelders really...