Beauty Of The Caribbean: Assassin's Creed IV Screenshots

One gamer shares his beautiful screenshots from his PS4 Playthrough of AC IV.

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jtenma1474d ago

Why is this news? o.O

JohnathanACE1474d ago

Better question is how did it get approved?

1474d ago
boyscout2991473d ago

It's not news, nor did I say it was in any of the tags.... It's classified under screenshots because it's a photo gallery of some of my favorite screenshots I took in a great game. It was approved apparently because people enjoy seeing it. I suppose it's an example of how games truly are art.

PersonMan1474d ago

I don't think this game is graphically impressive. Mainly due to the draw distances and simplistic lighting.

boyscout2991473d ago

Honestly, I don't think the graphics are superior either. I've played quite a few games on my PS4, and AC IV is probably one of the worst as far as detail and precision goes. BUT on a macro scale, the colors are vibrant, the waves ripple realistically, the rain creates great effects, etc. It just feels REAL and tropical and beautiful..

And thank you for helping me realize what it is I dislike about the graphics! It's definitely the simplistic lighting; I just couldn't place my finger on what. I knew it was missing something though :)

PersonMan1473d ago

The Last of Us and GTA V have better lighting than AC4.

Also, for some weird reason, the water in AC4 seems too transparent when you're swimming in it. It doesn't look right. The water almost looks invisible.