Driveclub's Release Date Pegged on Last Day of E3 by Dell; Matches Previous Rumors

Driveclub still doesn't have an official release date, but Dell is now sending out emails to customers pegging the launch day on June 12th. This matches with the June release window previously hinted at by the Italian Official PlayStation Magazine.

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PeaSFor1509d ago

hopefully, then they will be able to focus on....MOTORSTORM!!!!

TomShoe1509d ago

For one, the rumored date at least sounds OK. It makes strategic sense for Sony to release a game during the slow summer months, especially considering there's a lack of big titles (The Elder Scrolls Online and The Evil Within), and Microsoft doesn't have anything with a set release date after Kinect Sports Rivals in April. It'll help get them escape the summer drop off as well as give more time to The Order and Uncharted 4 to develop if they need it.

I'd wait for official confirmation, but I'm hopeful. That game looks so good :P

Yi-Long1505d ago

In a Dutch store today (Media Markt) I saw a pre-order for Drive Club, which said the release date was 29/11/'14.

Although most likely it was justa guess on their part. It WAS printed on the box though.

MoonConquistador1509d ago

@PeaSFor A return to pacific rift would be most welcome, definitely the best Motorstorm game

IWasHere1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Why back to MotorStorm?
This, honestly great series, had three games.
It is time for new IPs and this will be DriveClub.
Who knows, DriveClub could be a very good racing game in the end.
I like MotorStorm, really like it.
I hope that there will be a MotorStorm on PS4 but NOT YET!
In a few years but now Evolution Studios should concentrate on DriveClub. It can be the counterpart to Forza Horizon.

Gran Turismo vs Forza Motorsport
DriveClub vs Forza Horizon

Not bad in my opionion.

Oh and I realy really hope that 12th June is true!

ZodTheRipper1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Because we are still waiting for this
And now the hardware is there to make it happen. In 1080p/60fps. I don't think anyone at Sony wants to compete with Forza games.

mhunterjr1509d ago

Drive club looks good, but MotorStorm filled a niche that no other game touches. I'd be more excited for a sequel than I am drive club...

IWasHere1509d ago


My hope is a MotorStorm Game for Project Morpheus!
It would be the next big step for the series :)

thehitman1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@ zod

Sony doesnt have to compete with Forza because they have GT thats on an entire different stratosphere then Forza. Even guys behind Forza try to say oh no we are not trying to compete with GT because they know it will just burn them in the end. Drive Club seems like they are trying to be a more realistic NFS with more social aspects and multiplayer gaming centric. I am glad they wont release a game that doesnt meet their vision/expectations before its ready because you only get 1 chance to impress and get things right with a racing game let alone a new IP.

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UnholyLight1509d ago

One of the few Sony exclusives I freaking love so much.

Would love to have a Motorstorm game on my PS4

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core_51509d ago

bullshit dell was so many wrong with release dates.

CernaML1509d ago

If they give these out at E3 I am going to kiss Shuhei Yoshida or whoever is right in front of me at that moment.

coolasj1509d ago

After the Post-E3 release of The Last Of Us I've always thought that Sony should start a tradition of releasing a game on that exact time slot every year. I never wanted to buy a game more than after E3.

ShowGun9011509d ago

not to mention going against the storm of games in Oct-Nov every year is STUPID... you know 20mil people are buying COD, and a bunch are buying BF, why release that month? Everybodies clamoring for something new between april and august every year, space the releases out, heck, you'll get more of my money! LOL

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