Check Out All the Ultimate Attacks in J-Stars Victory Vs, Now With English Subtitles

A new video featuring every ultimate attack in J-Stars Victory Vs popped up today, which should prove quite entertaining for English-speaking fans awaiting a possible release date for the massive crossover brawler. As a bonus, the dialogue has been subtitled in English for maximum enjoyment.

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MeteorPanda1508d ago

wow. goku vs naruto, that looks amazingly fun, lol

please don't let it be bad :<

Ultr1507d ago

Its already out. At leats in japan

thelaughingwiseman1507d ago

The variety of characters and ultimates is very inticing. Even for people who don't know who these characters or what media they come from. Variety is the spice of life. I'd really like to see some footage of this. Will there be 4 player matches? That'd make it awesome

Midgus1507d ago

yeah its 2 vs 2 but all players, ive been enjoying it due to importing it from play-asia

HugoDrax1507d ago

Plan on buying this on Vita since I no longer own a PS3.

demonJAKAL1506d ago

Wished they would of put Guyver in this

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