Rumor: Borderlands 2 PlayStation Vita Launching On May 13th

Borderlands 2 may be released on PlayStation Vita on May 13th according to both Gamestop and Amazon, which previously listed the game with a May 6th release.

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Angels37851688d ago

The sooner the better! I love my vita but it needs more AAA support!

randomass1711688d ago

Does Borderlands 2 on Vita have any new content? This port comes out over a year after the original. I really hope we get more new exclusive games for Vita. I think that will help it sell more. Can't argue against more game releases though.

Angels37851688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

I'm pretty sure borderlands 2 for Vita comes with the 6 dlcs.

I agree! Since tearaway and killzone mercenary I'm begging for more exclusives....maybe an infamous vita game?????? Please!!!!

nope1111688d ago

I doesn't come with the Tina DLC unfortunately, which is honestly the only campaign DLC you need.
The Mechromancer and Psycho class DLC is awesome though.

TomShoe1688d ago

Does the bundle come with the Slim? Or the OG Vita? I'm dying for a 2K slim myself, that's why I've been holding out for so long.

3-4-51688d ago


So many upcoming games to buy

* Mario Kart 8
* Mario Golf: World Tour
* Kirby: Triple Deluxe
* Borderlands 2

+ about 20 more I want to play.

danny8181688d ago

Eh sold my vita already

bjmartynhak1688d ago

Please, don't dip bellow 30fps...

Performance>Image quality>graphical fidelidy

aquaviva711688d ago

Hurt me I need this game.

nope1111688d ago

I hope it runs well, though i probably won't buy it since i played it to death on consoles and i'm pretty burnt out, not to mention Diablo 3 (PS3) completely spoiled me with its amazing legendary drop-rates.

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