Bruce Lee Appears to be the EA SPORTS UFC Mystery Fighter

GoodGameBro writes, "For the past few days, EA SPORTS has been teasing a mystery fighter to be revealed for EA SPORTS UFC. While the guesses have been all over the place, it appears that the mystery fighter will be Bruce Lee."


Story has now been confirmed:

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DEEBO817d ago

Yes the father of MMA is a great choice for a secret character.

Me personal think lee would have fought in the ufc and great in his weight class.

but if they put the real down to the t bruce lee there would have to be some rule changes because he was a win by any means type of guy.kick and punch you in the nads,bite you type of guy.

good look walking dead having rick bite that guy neck up.

NegativeCreep427817d ago (Edited 817d ago )

Low blows are illegal. But yes I think that Bruce Lee would be a formidable champion if he lived long enough to fight in UFC today, even maybe at his age today.

I honor the life of Bruce Lee, as well as Kurt Cobain today on the 20h anniversary of his death.

bleedsoe9mm817d ago

wouldn't bruce lee be in his 70's ?

starchild817d ago

And interestingly enough they both lived in Seattle and are both laid to rest in Washington state. Bruce in Seattle and Kurt's ashes spread around different parts of Washington.

nukeitall817d ago

As a huge fan of Bruce Lee, I don't know if Bruce Lee would actually join the UFC despite him joining other competitions.

Late in his life, he was a staunch believer in no rules fights i.e. realist. UFC has rules and therefore is not "real" fighting.

I wonder if EA had to get the rights from Bruce Lee Foundation. Probably!

Anyhow, this is sick! I kind of want the game now, even though the game isn't my cup of tea.

starchild817d ago

I knew it was Bruce Lee from the first tease. This is going to be great. I am a huge fan of Bruce Lee.

PS3Freak817d ago (Edited 817d ago )

Thanks for the Walking Dead spoiler. /s

TheXgamerLive817d ago

I will buy JUST bc its Bruce Lee. The chinese call him by his birth name Li XiaoLong, he was the man and founder of jeet kune do JKD.

aiBreeze816d ago (Edited 816d ago )

Bruce Lee would be a retarded choice as a secret character. I mean he's a legend in his own right but adding famous unrelated people to what's supposed to be a serious sports game just feels.. tacky. As much as I love Bruce Lee, he doesn't belong in a sports game not to mention every major fighting game franchise has their own version of him already.

MA5T3R_SPIKE816d ago

One thing about that pic says that's not Bruce Lee and that's the fighters stance, Bruce was southpaw.

TheXgamerLive816d ago

Actually he was not any set stance, he became fluid and fought as he was shown the weakness in his apponents style.
No set style.

TRGMatt816d ago

Casual MMA fan, eh? lol

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Fireseed817d ago

If the father of Jeet Kune Do is in this UFC I won't be able to throw my money at it fast enough! D:

starchild817d ago

Me either. Getting to play as one of my childhood heroes is going to be amazing.

cfc78817d ago

Probably just tempted me into buying this game, good move by EA.

SteamPowered817d ago

Bruce lee was 130 lbs. wonder what division he will be in.

sypher817d ago

I would hazard a guess at fly weight. Having to cut 5lbs wouldn't of been a prob for him.

Krimmson816d ago (Edited 816d ago )

He's going to be playable in 4 different weight classes, according to one of the hints. So I'm guessing from Lightweight down.