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Submitted by stickskills 604d ago | rumor

Bruce Lee Appears to be the EA SPORTS UFC Mystery Fighter

GoodGameBro writes, "For the past few days, EA SPORTS has been teasing a mystery fighter to be revealed for EA SPORTS UFC. While the guesses have been all over the place, it appears that the mystery fighter will be Bruce Lee." (EA Sports UFC, PS4, Xbox One)

Update Story has now been confirmed:

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DEEBO  +   604d ago
Yes the father of MMA is a great choice for a secret character.

Me personal think lee would have fought in the ufc and great in his weight class.

but if they put the real down to the t bruce lee there would have to be some rule changes because he was a win by any means type of guy.kick and punch you in the nads,bite you type of guy.

good look walking dead having rick bite that guy neck up.
die_fiend  +   604d ago
NegativeCreep427  +   604d ago
Low blows are illegal. But yes I think that Bruce Lee would be a formidable champion if he lived long enough to fight in UFC today, even maybe at his age today.

I honor the life of Bruce Lee, as well as Kurt Cobain today on the 20h anniversary of his death.
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bleedsoe9mm  +   604d ago
wouldn't bruce lee be in his 70's ?
starchild  +   604d ago
And interestingly enough they both lived in Seattle and are both laid to rest in Washington state. Bruce in Seattle and Kurt's ashes spread around different parts of Washington.
nukeitall  +   604d ago
As a huge fan of Bruce Lee, I don't know if Bruce Lee would actually join the UFC despite him joining other competitions.

Late in his life, he was a staunch believer in no rules fights i.e. realist. UFC has rules and therefore is not "real" fighting.

I wonder if EA had to get the rights from Bruce Lee Foundation. Probably!

Anyhow, this is sick! I kind of want the game now, even though the game isn't my cup of tea.
starchild  +   604d ago
I knew it was Bruce Lee from the first tease. This is going to be great. I am a huge fan of Bruce Lee.
PS3Freak  +   604d ago
Thanks for the Walking Dead spoiler. /s
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TheXgamerLive  +   604d ago
I will buy JUST bc its Bruce Lee. The chinese call him by his birth name Li XiaoLong, he was the man and founder of jeet kune do JKD.
aiBreeze  +   603d ago
Bruce Lee would be a retarded choice as a secret character. I mean he's a legend in his own right but adding famous unrelated people to what's supposed to be a serious sports game just feels.. tacky. As much as I love Bruce Lee, he doesn't belong in a sports game not to mention every major fighting game franchise has their own version of him already.
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MA5T3R_SPIKE  +   603d ago
One thing about that pic says that's not Bruce Lee and that's the fighters stance, Bruce was southpaw.
TheXgamerLive  +   603d ago
Actually he was not any set stance, he became fluid and fought as he was shown the weakness in his apponents style.
No set style.
TRGMatt  +   603d ago
Casual MMA fan, eh? lol
Fireseed  +   604d ago
If the father of Jeet Kune Do is in this UFC I won't be able to throw my money at it fast enough! D:
starchild  +   604d ago
Me either. Getting to play as one of my childhood heroes is going to be amazing.
cfc78  +   604d ago
Probably just tempted me into buying this game, good move by EA.
darkvenom  +   604d ago
Bruce Lee enough said.
SteamPowered  +   604d ago
Bruce lee was 130 lbs. wonder what division he will be in.
sypher  +   604d ago
I would hazard a guess at fly weight. Having to cut 5lbs wouldn't of been a prob for him.
Krimmson  +   603d ago
He's going to be playable in 4 different weight classes, according to one of the hints. So I'm guessing from Lightweight down.
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D-riders  +   604d ago
I dont think you can put killers in MMA.
you can loose a fight if your not fighting to kill
Drithe  +   604d ago
They should make Bruce Lee a super boss fighter that only can be reached for being the champ for a year or something like that. Even then make it almost impossible to beat him, say like Mike Tyson in Punch Out!!
Pr0matic  +   604d ago
I play tested this last week. He is in a DLC bundle.
cfc78  +   604d ago
Got any other news on the dlc?
Pr0matic  +   604d ago
Nope this is all I got. don't wanna break NDA
Pr0matic  +   603d ago
Told you guys ;)
GenericNameHere  +   604d ago
Locking Bruce Lee as DLC? How stupid and lame. Come on, that's how you're gonna treat him? Maybe Lee's family were the one who decided to make him DLC, but I still think that's lame. You would want everyone to play as him, not only a few.
ShinMaster  +   604d ago
Is he really DLC? The game doesn't even have a release date yet, why isn't he part of the game >:/
cfc78  +   603d ago
Because he ain't part of UFC.
Grimhammer00  +   604d ago
I can't imagine it being very fun watching Bruce today in a real man fight.

Fight would be over in 3secs!
Fireseed  +   604d ago
Yeah poor guy who would have to fight Bruce :/
PFFT  +   604d ago
Im sorry BUT no one in the UFC today can compare to Bruce Lee.
All are nothing but little bitches when placed side by side with Bruce.
urwifeminder  +   604d ago
Bruce that's weird I find him a bit overrated I liked him as a kid would prefer Tony Jaa to be honest.
Leio  +   604d ago
Tony Jaa and Bruce lee in the same sentence is insulting to anyone who know even a little about martial art.
SoulSercher620  +   603d ago
Someone who not only created a fighting style, but a fighting style considered to be one of the greatest, is overrated?

Stratoblaster  +   604d ago
Will someone ever create a good Bruce Lee game. Using the Sleeping Dogs combat system would be nice. With nun chukas too.
GenericNameHere  +   604d ago
Sleeping Dogs was a great game. Even had Bruce Lee's famous yellow jumpsuit. I would have liked an unlockable skin of him, but the yellow jumpsuit was already awesome. I don't remember if that was DLC or an unlockable though, as the PS+ version already had a few DLCs included.
Heisenburger  +   604d ago
I'll show YOU... Chinese boxing!
Shad0wRunner  +   604d ago
Bruce he was before he died, would destroy everyone in the UFC, even the heavyweights. Were talkin about the man who could take someone down in 60 seconds or less! He was a one of a kind and a legend in his own right. Calling Bruce Lee "over rated" is a bit ridiculous. If you dont believe how good he was...I suggest you google or youtube some of his video's.
DragonKnight  +   603d ago
Here's a site I always go to when people question the feats of Bruce Lee, taken from accounts of people that actually knew him.


Some things of note that would make Bruce crush any UFC fighter...

"Bruce's striking speed from 3 feet away was five hundredths of a second."

So he could punch them faster than they would be able to see it.

"Bruce was able to explode 100lb bags with a simple sidekick."

A kick like that to any UFC fighter would put them down, and put them out.

"Bruce once caved in a protective headgear made from heavy steel rods, rods that had previously withstood several blows from a sledgehammer."

Think of what he'd do to someone's skull.

""Bruce had this trademark "One Inch Punch", he could send individuals (Some of whom outweighed him by over 100lbs) flying through the air where they'd crash to the ground 15 feet away. I remember getting knocked up against the wall by that punch. I didn't think it was possible that he could generate so much power in his punch, especially when he was just laying his hand against my chest, he just twitched a bit and Wham!!!, I went flying backward and bounced off a wall. I took him very seriously after that."

How may UFC fighters can say that?

There's so many more. And think about how it would have been if Bruce didn't die then. The man lived for his training, for the betterment of his self and his philosophy. If Bruce were alive today, I doubt, even at the age of 70, there would be many who could even pose a challenge to him given the decades of training he'd have under his belt, and the fact that he had a strict diet to be as healthy as possible.
iamneo  +   604d ago
lots of tony jaa's moves are too much for show where bruce lee's jeet kune do cuts through the bullshit. simply put. nothing against tony jaa. but get real. bruce lee he hurt his back so bad he was told he would never so any martial arts period,EVER. he came back to better than he ever did before, and created JKD as well. tony jaa wouldn't last too long with bruce. i can assure you. how many fucking peeople you know 135 lbs can hit a man 170- 190 lbs from a 1 inch punch and damn near make him disappear from the fucking screen. noone even twice his size. when tony jaa ceates a his own martial art half as good or as brutal as JKD, PLEASE DUDE LET US ALL KNOW. LMFAO
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urwifeminder  +   604d ago
He would be grounded and pounded like everyone else Jaa is just more exciting to watch for me , but I forget Bruce has a legendary status that makes him superman that can not be beaten oh please .
Shad0wRunner  +   604d ago
Like I said, Lee's work speaks for itself. He's dead, now. He cant really come back to life, to prove himself for you...not that he has to. When he was alive, he more than proved the world. He has a "superman" legendary status for a reason, dude. He wasnt some average martial arts amateur. He had people fighting him, JUST for the honor of having their asses kicked by him.

Scoff at it all you want, but theres no way he would ever be beaten in todays UFC. By anyone. In any weightclass. In fact, even putting him in this UFC a bit unfair. That's like putting scorpion in Injustice. LOL
urwifeminder  +   604d ago
Yeah so many JKD fighters in the UFC are successful lol, I am a big Bruce Lee fan no use arguing he is superman then. WWE sounds more appropriate as its a nice choreographed routine , I like Jaa cause of his brutal elbows and ancient Muay Thai moves have never seen them on film before so as a long time fan of all martial arts I find this exciting.
Jojo0903  +   603d ago
He fought Kung fu and karate guys. Mainly strikers . I don't recall any national champion wrestlers trying to ground and pound him. But I do think if he would have worked on grappling he would hav been good at it. But he didn't.
gunnerforlife  +   603d ago

watch that table tenis part!
wannabe gamer  +   603d ago
that isnt real, its been known for awhile that it was setup to look that way.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   604d ago
Love Bruce Lee but EA is reaching here!!! Lmfao there hoping for the Jordan effect that NBA2K had when they introduce him to there game a few year back! Bruce Lee in a UFC game doesn't make sense at all IMO!
iNFAMOUZ1  +   604d ago
Aw dam I gotta get it now
rebeljoe14  +   604d ago
The man can do a THREE FINGER push up ONE HANDED. If you doubt his legendary status then Youtube the fight between him and Chuck Norris
dentist07  +   603d ago
Actually it was a TWO FINGER push up on ONE HAND!

Bruce's athleticism and skills were almost unreal!
Lifeof419  +   604d ago
Lifeof419  +   604d ago
It is Bruce lee and the release date of the game is June 17th
thelaughingwiseman  +   604d ago
Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.
Adolph Fitler  +   604d ago
"The man can do a THREE FINGER push up ONE HANDED. If you doubt his legendary status then Youtube the fight between him and Chuck Norris"

Yes, because youtubing a fightscene from Way Of The Dragon, that is a completely fake, movie fight will prove just how dumb Bruce Lee fanboys are, & how they think Bruce's movie achievements were in any way related to real fights.. Bruce may have been able to take a dumbarse down in 60secs, but when he tried taking on a BJJ champion, he had his arse handed to him, & therefore went to learn off said champ....that is how he rolled...he was definitely awesome, & realized that there was NO SUPERIOR fight style, but more you had to incorporate anything & everything that was effective from any & all styles..... But he was NOT invincible, as his over zealous fans seem to think....He was shown up by several various martial artists, & he would go back to them & try learning as much as there styles as he found useful. For Bruce to compete with the modern MMA fighter, Bruce would have to dedicate himself to JUST being a professional fighter, as actor/filmmaker/dancer/fighter DOES NOT WORK... He was a phenom for his time....But to see clowns comment in here that he would destroy ANYONE in the MMA, INCLUDING heavyweights....haahahahahaah. .That comment just makes me feel sorry for the retarded, that comment on the interwebs, before knowing the 1st thing about fighting, outside of a videogame.
OneShotThrill  +   604d ago
The man was a movie star...MOVIE STAR. A great martial artist yes but some of you are delusional if you believe he could just beat anyone of any size with just JKD.
cell989  +   603d ago
Not any weight class, but definitely his class.

Also he was ahead of his time, the first to incorporate different styles into one, rather than sticking to a single discipline. It pisses me off when Rtards try to down play all his accomplishments as if there was actually someone else in his time that did it better than him -__- Dana White has said many times Bruce Lee is the godfather of MMA. There's a reason for that. Only because he was a movie star does not take away the fact that the man was ahead of everyone in the martial arts world back in the late 60s early 70s and he was a phenomenon. His training regime was extremely physical I doubt many of today's martial artists can do what he was capable of.

He had insane speed and power, I don't give a fudge if you try to debunk that, numerous people that LIVED in his time have attested to that. People that only heard of Bruce Lee and his accomplishment tend to down play him with out really diving into all his phylosophies. His mental state was extremely strong, his physical attributes for some one his size was impressive. Let's not forget there was no TRT bs back then, it was all natural yet he was in better shape than some MMA fighters today.

The game has evolved no doubt the world finally caught up to his ideal. It will continue to evolve past his limitations, but fu*k you if you try to debunk him or try to take anything away. You were born way after he died and unless you really learn about his legacy, accomplishments, and tribulations STFU
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DragonKnight  +   603d ago
The ignorance is amazing.

OneShotThrill  +   603d ago
First off no disrespect to Bruce but I was just correcting some of the absurd things being said up above about Bruce beating any man of any size in today's MMA. Also Bruce was not the FIRST to ever start incorporating and comparing styles into one. There have been records of crossover martial art training from as early 20th century. Bruce just was the most popular martial artist of all time...ya know because he was a movie star. You assume way too much about who youre typing to online
cfc83  +   604d ago
No UFC fighter at any weight would be brave enough to get in the ring with Bruce Lee. It would be bad for their commercialism, health and ego.
InMyOpinion  +   604d ago
I remember the UFC game for the Sega Dreamcast where the final boss was Big John McCarthy. And he was a bad mofo lol.
Gamerita  +   603d ago
i want FIGHT NIGHT not this crap.

i'm fan of the ufc & mma in general but i hate mma games they play badly no fun at all. PS4 & xbone need FN5 the king of knockouts. PC also does need a boxing game but no developer love for this poor sucker.
Lifeof419  +   603d ago

my local gamestop. Like I said the game releases June 17th and the fighter is Bruce lee
wannabe gamer  +   603d ago
i doubt they stick to that date, esp since its obvious that its a sticker and they can peel it off and replace it
GSKerns  +   603d ago
No stranger than the Predator in Call of Duty I guess...
wannabe gamer  +   603d ago
yea its cool bruce lee is in the game and all that i like it too. however they need to start showing the game and the gameplay and stop distracting people with this smoke and mirrors and stuff. they have been reluctant to show a lot of gameplay and true looks at the game itself. they have done some videos yes but its cherry picked stuff and they need to just open up about it in general. the more they drag this out the more worried i get that we will see another flop with tons of exploitable mechanics that killed off the other games
cell989  +   603d ago
FU*K YEAH!!!!! This is awesome news!!! Well played EA well played, you have my money secured. Now if only Fedor came in a season pass or something, I'd jump on that as well lol
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