First Project Morpheus PS4 Game Announced?

PlayStationing Writes: "Despite Sony’s virtual reality hardware just being announced, Project Morpheus looks like it is already getting the attention of the developing community, with a popular Kickstarter game already wanting to use the headset in their game."

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IronFist815d ago

Dementium: The Ward was actually awesome, didn't play the second one. But got high hopes for this.

UltimateMaster815d ago

All in due time, we'll see what they've got at E3.

gaffyh815d ago

I swear E3 feels like it comes around quicker and quicker.

hellzsupernova814d ago

I believe project cars was it already said they were supporting this device

Zeixama815d ago

Hope, I am not the only one that the thought of The Matrix's rude-awakener man with cool glasses is constructed into my mind artificially when reading "Project Morpheus" . Probably, but I want to learn the background story of choosing "Morpheus", like the story of the guy who designs button icons of dual-shock. It is interesting.

Ninjatogo815d ago

They explained the choice of Morpheus at GDC. They apparently chose it a couple days before the show; they chose it because Morpheus in Greek mythology is the god of dreams.

gaffyh815d ago

It's odd they went for a Greek name though, maybe there's some GOW coming?

BlueTemplar815d ago

Ether One will probably use it as well, it was demoed using oculus rift at EGX Rezzed.

jay2815d ago (Edited 815d ago )

Ops wrong comment.

weirdo815d ago

give us virtua racing pls

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