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First Project Morpheus PS4 Game Announced?

PlayStationing Writes: "Despite Sony’s virtual reality hardware just being announced, Project Morpheus looks like it is already getting the attention of the developing community, with a popular Kickstarter game already wanting to use the headset in their game." (Project Morpheus, PS4)

IronFist  +   299d ago
Dementium: The Ward was actually awesome, didn't play the second one. But got high hopes for this.
UltimateMaster  +   299d ago
All in due time, we'll see what they've got at E3.
gaffyh  +   299d ago
I swear E3 feels like it comes around quicker and quicker.
hellzsupernova  +   298d ago
I believe project cars was it already said they were supporting this device
Zeixama  +   299d ago
Hope, I am not the only one that the thought of The Matrix's rude-awakener man with cool glasses is constructed into my mind artificially when reading "Project Morpheus" . Probably, but I want to learn the background story of choosing "Morpheus", like the story of the guy who designs button icons of dual-shock. It is interesting.
Ninjatogo  +   298d ago
They explained the choice of Morpheus at GDC. They apparently chose it a couple days before the show; they chose it because Morpheus in Greek mythology is the god of dreams.
gaffyh  +   298d ago
It's odd they went for a Greek name though, maybe there's some GOW coming?
BlueTemplar  +   299d ago
Ether One will probably use it as well, it was demoed using oculus rift at EGX Rezzed.
jay2  +   299d ago
Ops wrong comment.
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weirdo  +   298d ago
give us virtua racing pls
GrimbleGromble  +   298d ago
Survival horror is not my first choice for a VR game. Broke my head set playing the first game I played on Morpheus. No thanks.
GrimbleGromble  +   298d ago
Okay thumbs down people. Go play outlast with your very first brand new 7.1 surround sound head set, and don't have a incredible urge to "throw" them off your head. And that's not VR!
jujubee88  +   298d ago
Nice KS page. Renegade Kid's stuff seems like a worthy investment.

I'm donating! HYPE!
Yaay4me  +   298d ago
A horror game will demonstrate the sense of immersion offered by VR to those who havent experienced it yet.

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