Amy Hennig's Star Wars Game to Match Uncharted's Genre; Will Have "Unprecedented Visuals"

Former Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig joined Dead Space developer Visceral Games to work in the same capacity on an upcoming Star Wars title, and two career opportunity ads seeking a Senior Design Director and a Senior Art Director have popped up, giving more information on what said game might entail.

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Abriael1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

It's the same genre as uncharted. Surprise surprise :D

Anthotis1016d ago

I hope the main character is a Twi'lek

hay1016d ago

Here's hope for proper Force Unleashed. This idea was so promising it hurts it didn't really deliver.

ShinMaster1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

Star Wars 1313 WAS like Uncharted...
Set pieces reminiscent of the collapsing building or falling planes in the Uncharted games, the platforming, yeah

3-4-51016d ago

Sounds good. Uncharted + Star Wars should be pretty solid.

alexkoepp1016d ago

Sounds good. Uncharted never appealed to me being a tomb raider clone with a male character, should be good being star wars instead. Really a shame 1313 isn't coming.

ShinMaster1016d ago

@ alexkoepp

Ok we get it, you love Xbox. At least make realistic comments.

Rhaigun1016d ago


All I heard in your statement was, "I won't play Sony's Tomb Raider clone, but I'll play the Star Wars Tomb Raider clone."

So hypocritical.

Morpheuzpr1015d ago


Funny thing is the new Tomb Raider has more of Uncharted than Uncharted had of the original Tomb Raider.

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KendrickLamar1016d ago

I thought EA was working on Battlefront from DICE.

Why didn't she just jump onto their project instead if Visceral's?

Abriael1016d ago

because Ea is working on several Star Wars games

Sevir1016d ago

They have the Star Wars ip for 10 years. And most of their studio are working on Star Wars games. DICE, Visceral and Bioware all have Star Wars games in devrlopment! I'm excited for this game! It's gonna be awesome.

joab7771016d ago

And theres an fos star wars being made by DICE.

Isnt it strange how we all wanted a Star Wars like Uncharted and now Hennig is working on it. Wierd!!

Ipunchbabiesforfun1016d ago

A good star wars game is needed

deathisgamesok1016d ago

I think Star Wars 1313 looked to have similarities to Uncharted gameplay wise. That's what got me excited about that game. And it looked really great graphics wise too. This has the potential to become a really great game.

Dirtnapstor1016d ago

Yes, if she has her hands in it, good things will come.

Clown_Syndr0me1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

Edit: Wrong post.

deathisgamesok1016d ago

Even though it's sad that she left Naughty Dog I'm very excited about this game.

andrewsqual1016d ago

This should be great. Would have been even better if she went back to Crystal Dynamics after so many years after working on games like Pandemonium, Soul Reaver and the Legacy of Kain games :)

joab7771016d ago

Me too. But Druckman is capable. He wrote some little game that won a couple awards last year I!

And Naughty Dog also snagged the person responsible for how Halo 4 looked on 360.

And we gonna get a proper Star Wars game too.

CrossingEden1016d ago

Could it be...the return of Star Wars 1313? Please let it be true. ಥ_ಥ

WeAreLegion1016d ago

The creative director on that works at Sony now, ironically enough.

andrewsqual1016d ago

Hopefully not, we don't need another Unreal Engine 3 game.

MidnytRain1016d ago

You kidding? That E3 vid was sick.

joab7771016d ago

I know that there are a ton of Jedi games. But now I want another one! But 1313 would be cool too.

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