Microsoft Employee Reveals Info on Xbox One Background Tasks/Music & Spotify

We're getting early evidence Xbox One functionality is going to match your desktop PC sooner than later.

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Goku7811510d ago

Will it run MS Office and allow you to print? I could use a cheap computer at this time minus that huge camera, but if not still not interested. If they dont score Vanquish 2 then I still have no reason to want one.

Docknoss1510d ago

Well that response was as lame and cliche as your Avatars name.

Conzul1510d ago

Well actually it would be handy to have Word/PDF viewers on consoles, since there are already browsers on each.

Some guides and manuals and stuff are in those formats. Couldn't hurt.

mrmarx1510d ago

same here. i would just the money xbone costs and bild a gaming rig. no need for a xbone from me.

1510d ago
Baka-akaB1510d ago

Need need need ... you buy an xb1 (or ps4 or any other) if you're interested in the game they provides ... END of STORY .

If you dont , it's because you dont want those games , or wanna pretend you dont need it (wich is however sad)

shinrock1510d ago

So, why r u in this thread?

redwin1509d ago

Ha! The xbone gets better and they still talking $&!t about it. These people are so transparent .

Razputin1509d ago

@Baka-akaB I was going to agree, but then you had to say that last line.

I have yet to see either console release a real killer APP -- game, for me.

I bought a PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4 but also mainly because the 60GB was going to be discontinued and wanted a cheap Blu-Ray player.

PS4 and Xbox One don't have any must have games right now.

Nothing is enticing me like MGS4 did, or how The Last of Us recently prompted me to get another PS3 after 3 of mine died years ago.

Baka-akaB1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Then you just enter he first category , you just dont want the games available yet , that's all .

There are people here that are posers . They bite their tongue and would rather pretend there is nothing good on the "rival side" . THose people will recognize themselves , and speak another language entirely

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No_Limit1510d ago

That is the weirdest response ever, LOL. Some of the excuses some people are using to not buy a XB1 are ridiculous.

VoiceMale1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Yea I know right.... people find time to find articles about stuff they are not interested in just to tell every body how wise and important they are by not buying something they don't want...... what????????

U know how many articles I post on PS4 on N4G???? Zero I spend my time reading about my interest not my disinterest

I love my xb1 and am glad it's functionality is becoming closer to my desktop.... without good software, hardware is useless.... MS gets that

BattleTorn1510d ago

Almost as strange as saying I don't want the Xbox One cause it does cook waffles.

What else does he want it to do? Run photoshop?

SonofGod1510d ago

Then I why do I have to buy a PS4 when I can play a shit-ton more games on PC with better graphics and play music at the same time?

That's how stupid you sound.

Dread1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

What a waste of a bubble and our time. But, I guess if i lived in a cave or under a bridge i would not need an xbox one either.

Gamer19821509d ago

Why not just get a PC?? It can basically do everything MS wants the Xbox to do and with everything there adding it will eventually be a non upgradeable PC. People want consoles for simplicity it's as simple as that. You want an all in one box that can play 1080p 60fps titanfall? PC does that and all for under £400 (same price retail of an xbox one) if bought shrewdly.

nunley331509d ago

Ps3 has printer support and when it had other os you could load linux on it and some got windoes on it. Pdf suport would be great and games guides i download are pdf it would be a useful ps4 update. The rest of ps3's apps will eventually move to ps3 for more background options

Azzanation1509d ago

Didn't gamers want a pure game console. I thought this multimedia stuff was a bad thing right?

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GearSkiN1510d ago

yes spotify on my xbox one!

Septic1510d ago

Yeah this is pretty cool. I wish we could play music during our live streams on Twitch though. It would b fun, taking requests etc.

GearSkiN1510d ago

i have the membership so lil extra thing i can do with spotify im happy.

thereapersson1510d ago

Really wish they had Spotify on PlayStation 4. That's a feature I'm envious of on the One. Gotta get a One some day...

Blaze9291510d ago

" I wish we could play music during our live streams on Twitch though."

Unless Twitch licenses every single song to date for use - they would just be sued and shut down then.

Clown_Syndr0me1510d ago

The xbox has so many features it makes the PS4 feel empty.
That's not a bash on my PS4, just the truth. Its odd, cause with the ps4s owed you would think it would have more features as it can obviously handle it.
Bsckground music is one I've wanted since day one!

Clown_Syndr0me1510d ago

*power not owed, sorry I'm on mobile and my screen is smashed lol.

Dudebro901510d ago

Use the mobile version of n4g?

Clown_Syndr0me1509d ago

@Dudebro90 Doesnt change the fact my mobile phone screen is smashed and I can hardly see what I'm typing lol.

Gotcha51510d ago

Yeah.. feels so empty where sony boybands together and whine about copy cat features they want on thier PS4. Dammit I bet if Sony do a PS4 slim that they will add an HDMI inport to the system. Mark my words?

Prime1571510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Considering they struck a deal for streaming tv? Doubtful about the hdmi in. says, "as a cloud-based offering with both live TV and video on-demand" as well as many other websites saying the same. It would be silly to add hdmi in.

akaFullMetal1510d ago

PS4 does have a form of background music through Music Unlimited if you used that.


I have just been using my PS4 for Netflix. Not super happy with it yet.

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xX1NORM1Xx1510d ago

Thank god the snap feature is good if ur playing and watching something but it doesn't make any sense with Xbox music cause it just shows the artists face I really hope they add a system music player on my 360 I stream music from my phone with an ios app called airmusic and that needs DLNA support and obviously somewhere to access it from such as a system music player

Kayant1510d ago

Interesting MS employee.... Am genuinely surprised they have already approved spotify.

Will be interesting to see what other apps they approve.

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