Unreal Engine 4 - New Realistic Rendering Room Tech Demo Will Leave You Speechless

Epic Games has released a new beta build for Unreal Engine 4 in which the company included a new tech demo, showcasing realistic indoor rendering. This tech demo uses Unreal Engine 4′s Global Illumination techniques, and sports some really high-res textures.

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yellowgerbil1296d ago

not realistic AT ALL, where's all the empty pizza boxes and cans of Mnt Dew???

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What? I don't really see they made an article about it. They already
made many articles about it. And this is not new at all, it was released
even before the release of the Engine itself which is at 4.1 version by
now. There is even a Night version of this room and if you play with it
and free roam, it looks spectacular and nothing compared to this low
res mess. Even the feet of the sofa reflect the world dynamaically or
the locks of the doors. The carpet has individual starnds of wool if
come up close to it. BTW , the elemental demo will be released at the
end of this month.

Did I mention that the Engine is at 4.1
version already? And it is getting updates everyday? We waited so many
years for Unreal Engine 3 to reach 3.5 version, but now within less than
two weeks of release, the engine is already at 4.1 build and even
supportes the yet non released Steam Machines. Trust me this engine is
groundbreaking. I played all batman games and Bioshock Infinte on Max
and they stutters on my PC while this UE4 runs just fine and everything
on max. Rocksteady should have opted for this engine. Expect Batman
Arkham Knight to run like hell on every platform while lacking so many
bombastic feature of this awesome engine.

Edit: I made an ingame screenshot of the night version:

ShinMaster1295d ago

These tech demos always look great. But actual games have yet to match these.

How old is that realistic floating head from Nvidia, for example.

CertifiedGamer1295d ago

The unreal engine can't match the frostbite 3 the new cry engine. Unreal was the best engine last generation but times have changed. Not impressed showing scenery is cool but what can it do. Mirrors Edge 2 demo show what frostbite can do but unreal engine hasn't shown anything worth debating over.

ATi_Elite1295d ago

yeh and crumbs on the keyboard lol

R-A-S-01294d ago

* jizz. Fixed it for you

AliTheSnake11295d ago

@yellogerbil I got bad news for you. People actually clean their houses.

ATi_Elite1293d ago

sure they clean their houses, I've been in some Emasculate houses only to take apart their PC only to have sand and tumbleweed come flying out lol

1295d ago
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NukaCola1296d ago

Unreal Engine is the #1 "Wet Clay" simulator for sure. Lighting is very nice though.

The_Infected1296d ago

I could care less about tech demos. When a game looks even close to tech demos and becomes a great game then it will leave me speechless.

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frostypants1295d ago

How much less could you care?

Applejack1295d ago

I don't think he gets it lol.

Newmanator1295d ago

He has a Crash Bandicoot avatar, he gets a free pass at not saying 'couldn't care less' like he is supposed to.

WeAreLegion1295d ago

Play Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain.

Belasco1295d ago

Impressive, but someone really needs to come up with a tech demo like this that looks lived in. This looks like a demo model home.

starchild1295d ago

I was thinking the same thing. The designers need to make it look messy and lived in, at least a little bit.

tee_bag2421295d ago

Thats exactly what I thought. Nice lighting though

Hazmat131295d ago

tech demo like this kinda cool. destruction/physics demos THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!

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