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Unreal Engine 4 - New Realistic Rendering Room Tech Demo Will Leave You Speechless

Epic Games has released a new beta build for Unreal Engine 4 in which the company included a new tech demo, showcasing realistic indoor rendering. This tech demo uses Unreal Engine 4′s Global Illumination techniques, and sports some really high-res textures. (PC, PS4, Unreal Engine 4, Xbox One)

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yellowgerbil  +   513d ago
not realistic AT ALL, where's all the empty pizza boxes and cans of Mnt Dew???
tinajohnson788   512d ago | Spam
PLASTICA-MAN  +   512d ago
What? I don't really see they made an article about it. They already
made many articles about it. And this is not new at all, it was released
even before the release of the Engine itself which is at 4.1 version by
now. There is even a Night version of this room and if you play with it
and free roam, it looks spectacular and nothing compared to this low
res mess. Even the feet of the sofa reflect the world dynamaically or
the locks of the doors. The carpet has individual starnds of wool if
come up close to it. BTW , the elemental demo will be released at the
end of this month.

Did I mention that the Engine is at 4.1
version already? And it is getting updates everyday? We waited so many
years for Unreal Engine 3 to reach 3.5 version, but now within less than
two weeks of release, the engine is already at 4.1 build and even
supportes the yet non released Steam Machines. Trust me this engine is
groundbreaking. I played all batman games and Bioshock Infinte on Max
and they stutters on my PC while this UE4 runs just fine and everything
on max. Rocksteady should have opted for this engine. Expect Batman
Arkham Knight to run like hell on every platform while lacking so many
bombastic feature of this awesome engine.

Edit: I made an ingame screenshot of the night version: http://i.imgur.com/Yd72rs2....
ShinMaster  +   512d ago
These tech demos always look great. But actual games have yet to match these.

How old is that realistic floating head from Nvidia, for example.
CertifiedGamer  +   512d ago
The unreal engine can't match the frostbite 3 the new cry engine. Unreal was the best engine last generation but times have changed. Not impressed showing scenery is cool but what can it do. Mirrors Edge 2 demo show what frostbite can do but unreal engine hasn't shown anything worth debating over.
ATi_Elite  +   512d ago
yeh and crumbs on the keyboard lol
R-A-S-0  +   512d ago
* jizz. Fixed it for you
AliTheSnake1  +   512d ago
@yellogerbil I got bad news for you. People actually clean their houses.
ATi_Elite  +   510d ago
sure they clean their houses, I've been in some Emasculate houses only to take apart their PC only to have sand and tumbleweed come flying out lol
RosemarieTMerkel   512d ago | Spam
NukaCola  +   513d ago
Unreal Engine is the #1 "Wet Clay" simulator for sure. Lighting is very nice though.
The_Infected  +   513d ago
I could care less about tech demos. When a game looks even close to tech demos and becomes a great game then it will leave me speechless.
Howard_Beale   513d ago | Spam
frostypants  +   512d ago
How much less could you care?
Applejack  +   512d ago
I don't think he gets it lol.
Newmanator  +   512d ago
He has a Crash Bandicoot avatar, he gets a free pass at not saying 'couldn't care less' like he is supposed to.
WeAreLegion  +   512d ago
Play Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain.
Belasco  +   513d ago
Impressive, but someone really needs to come up with a tech demo like this that looks lived in. This looks like a demo model home.
starchild  +   513d ago
I was thinking the same thing. The designers need to make it look messy and lived in, at least a little bit.
tee_bag242  +   512d ago
Thats exactly what I thought. Nice lighting though
Hazmat13  +   513d ago
tech demo like this kinda cool. destruction/physics demos THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!
captain_slow82  +   513d ago
this is for mobile gpus IE games for phones an tablets
GentlemenRUs  +   512d ago
Urgh, PLASTIC look.

No mud, no mess, no trash... Need's more detail!

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it?
DoctorJones  +   512d ago
'Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? '

Yes it was worth it, because I disagreed with what you said.
WeAreLegion  +   512d ago
It's a decent tech demo, but I think they can do better. After watching The Dark Sorcerer, you'd think most companies would stay away from tech demos for awhile.
DoctorJones  +   512d ago
What, you think they couldn't do something similar with this engine?
WeAreLegion  +   511d ago
Honestly, no. I haven't seen anything from UE4 that can touch it yet.
Activemessiah  +   512d ago
Tech demo =/= Gameplay
PLASTICA-MAN  +   512d ago
TO EVERYONE! You think this is only a video. This demo begins with a video and then you can free roam inside it and see every detail. There is even a night version of it too and looks more spectacular. In the Editor you can fiddle and modify and add everything to it, SO IT IS GAMEPLAY.

Edit: I made an ingame screenshot of the night version:

#9.1 (Edited 512d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Activemessiah  +   512d ago
I'll believe it when I see it in a game... too many lies these days, upgrades then downgrades... nah.. not buying it until proven. Sick of being taken for a $7 prostitute nun.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   512d ago
There are even more impressive demos within the editor like Reflections and Cave demos which look beyond that and run very fine. It is your problem not believe it, but the engine can do wonders and ingame.
fenome  +   512d ago
Playstation Home would take on a whole new meaning if it looked like this while wearing 'Morpheus'. Food for thought...
tee_bag242  +   512d ago
Being able to fiddle and edit objects doesn't make it 'gameplay'. Just about every tech demo and engine has an edit mode where you can move around assets.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   512d ago
At tee_bag242

There is a shipping game compiler mode in which you can run the demo as an exe on any PC without needing any editor, which means you run it and PLAY IT like a REGULAR GAME on ANY PLATFORM TOO. iN THE EDITOR YOU CAN RECREATE THE SCENE FROM SCRATCH , add any character to it etc and then play it AS A GAME again. I don't blame you, you enever worked with any game engine.
WeaseL  +   512d ago
Nice room but like what everyone else is thinking
beatled  +   512d ago
not impressed

the witcher 2, crysis 2 and 3, metro last light and 2033, hard reset, bf3 and 4 and so many other pc games already totally destroy this

doesn't even look current gen, my ps4 has games that already totally smoke this

jaggies and artifacts everywhere

totally UN impressed
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ATi_Elite  +   512d ago
Looks like GTAIV PC with the icenhancer mod on Ultra.
kydrice  +   512d ago
How is this at all impressive? First of all, a demo is worthless. We've seen millions of "demos" but unless we're playing it, it's just useless eye candy. Anyone remember Sony's millions of rubber duckys demo? What the hell was the point of that? It proved nothing. This demo proves nothing too. It looks like a slightly updated Playstation Home. Let's not set the bar so low for "Impressiveness".
BitbyDeath  +   512d ago
70's porn music ruined it for me
tee_bag242  +   512d ago
Lol.. clearly you've never watched a 70's porn..

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Sci0n  +   512d ago
That's how PS Home on the PS4 could look.
xc7x  +   512d ago
looks nice but not too realistic
porkChop  +   512d ago
The lighting and reflections look great, but some of the textures need some serious work.
Pathosverdes3  +   512d ago
Bad 80s porn music still better than dubstep..
Meltic  +   512d ago
Yeah the plant and the books need better Visuals.
i8urCAKE  +   512d ago
they make the tech demos look good, then when you play the game and zoom in on a picture/art it's ugly as fuck.
PS4FEVER  +   512d ago
i prefer kojimas office.
SpecialK  +   512d ago
Impressive. Its gotten to a point where these are starting to match still renderings we see for products/ building modelling which is awesome considering these take beastly machines hours to render.

Problem was though it was very static. There should have been movement from the plant as wind comes through, and changes in light from clouds outside etc.

Its too static. Have the tv playing, things moving, mess etc. It looked like a great rendering, but lacked the realism of imperfections.
TWB  +   512d ago
Looks good but nothing ground breaking.
hkgamer  +   512d ago
i mean fox engine looked fantastic aswell. i think people showing off engines should not bother with these realistic rooms.

i also wanted to add that rooms will never look like that because they would probably not bother making mugs or vases with so much detail.
hkgamer  +   512d ago
i cant help but say that epic logo on that tv screen was ugly.

apart from that its got lots of great effects going on. loved the lighting reflection off the sofa cushions.
theXtReMe1  +   512d ago
Ive never been impressed by any iteration of the Unreal Engine. It seems as if it is always playing catchup to other engines, like Cryengine. Not much is impressive about the video. Wood looks like plastic, fabric looks like cardboard. The most impressive aspect of the entire thing is the glass vases and lighting.

I think Epic just relies on their recognizable name and implements Madden-like mini upgrades every so often. Just enough to make developers feel as if they are still supporting the game engine, but no major improvements that separate one generation from the next. Other game engines are much more scalable and impressive. Tech demos do not make great games. They just show off what is possible, when you strip a game down to only its visual elements. When AI, controls, physics and scripts are added back in... Unreal Engines weaknesses tend to become very apparent. Then, Epic moves onto create the next big tech demo, showcasing the next big industry buzzwords that will take generations of hardware to actually be viable with gameplay intact.

Cryengine may take the highest end PC hardware to be fully realized... But Crytek always delivers on their in-engine promises. Epic delivers hype, then plays catch up the entire generation... until they release a new unobtainable tech demo, for the next. They arent the only company guilty of this, but they do tend to make themselves the most noticeable.

Under promise... Over deliver. Not the other way around.

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