Diablo 3: RoS - Rakkis Run Video - PowerLeveled

FrostyMcNosty makes a quick video showing you how to level up really fast in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Currently the "Rakkis Run" has not been hot fixed by Blizzard.

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JoeIsMad1054d ago

Too easy. Leveled up from 50-70 in a few hours.

ROQFrost1054d ago

Yea it only took me like 8 hours to get all my characters to level 70. Love the Rakkis Run!

HexxedAvenger1054d ago

and now it shall be nerfed soon

ROQFrost1054d ago

Use it while you can lol!

JoeIsMad1054d ago

This weekend is a 50% bonus XP weekend.

ROQFrost1054d ago

Oh snap! You could easily level all your characters and make a huge dent in your paragon this weekend!