Wargaming Invests in World of Tanks' Future in eSports

Hardcore Gamer: Believe it or not, eSports are a thing. Grown men and women from around the world dress in sponsored sweatpants, sit in massive rooms and professionaly click until one of them is crowned the winner. Recently, Wargaming's popular title World of Tanks has experienced a rather surprising growth. At a press conference in Poland, Victor Kisyli, the CEO of Wargaming, discussed the different accomplishments of the title within the competitive circuit.

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ValKilmer1117d ago

I think it's crazy how much of Russian's male population consistently plays this game.

T1125P1117d ago

I play it, it's really fun. I'm in the US and not Russian :D

Mutant-Spud1117d ago

I've played it too, it's fun but the paid content is a rip off so I don't play it anymore.