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Next Grand Theft Auto Release Set in Liberty City?

The rumour mill is already starting to spin in regards to the setting of Rockstar’s (as-yet) unannounced follow-up to Grand Theft Auto V.

In a recent interview with hip-hop music producer, Whoo Kidd, published on Baller Status hints that the next open-world adventure could very well be set in New York City. After getting Kid to open up about his experiences at the SXSW music festival, Baller Status goes on to ask about his involvement in video games.

“What video games were you in?”

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Rockstar games officially announced back in 2009 that they won't be returning to Liberty City again , so this rumor just can't be true
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just a little tip as well, it's DJ Whoo Kidd, not just Whoo Kid - I did laugh a little at that
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Community1297d ago
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-Foxtrot1298d ago

Hopefully not.....Liberty City has been done, move on.

We want Vice City, it's the last one which hasn't gotten the HD treatment

Imagine the tec we have now behind the re-imagining of Vice City.

I could picture Vice City updated as we used to know it in the bottom corner of the map but then you have a huge number of other islands around it with a massive main land at the top of the map with different cities.

hay1297d ago

There have been plans for Liberty City in GTA5 as a DLC after the North Yankton. This could be stand alone expansion, and I am hoping for that, but knowing life, this could be next iteration.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1298d ago

Rockstar games officially announced back in 2009 that they won't be returning to Liberty City again , so this rumor just can't be true , don't worry guys :)

MrBeatdown1298d ago

They've actually hinted at Liberty City being a possibility recently...

"Rockstar has revealed the hope behind Grand Theft Auto Online is 'to create an entire Grand Theft Auto world that consists of everything we've done or are going to do then let the player freely move between them.'"

I'm sure they won't set another full-fledged GTA there, but I could see them doing a shorter episode like Lost and Damned set in Liberty City as GTAV DLC and as a way to get it into GTA Online.

minimur121297d ago

We'll find out in about 4 years time, or maybe 5, or 6. You never know lol

SolidStoner1297d ago

R* still works on GTA5, and they still polishing it for PC.. I bet if next GTA is Vice city we will see it after 5 years or more.. but if it is Liberty city it could be ready in 2 years...

AliTheSnake11298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

What if it's a DLC. Liberty city in GTA Online on Next-gen would be great.

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1297d ago

I don't know about GTAO but they announced that their future games wouldn't be set in Liberty City...Stop believing whatever you hear , it's official

hay1297d ago

And this is most likely how it'll happen. Unless R* pushes it back into next iteration.

Joey_Leone1297d ago

Vice city on the next gta would be a dream come true.

3-4-51297d ago

GTA is kind of "ehhhh" now IMO.

GTA 5 kind of ruined my future excitement for the series.

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CGMagazine1298d ago

I'd sure like this to be a Vita game, PSP had one!

yeahokchief1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

psp had 3 actually and you can play them all on the vita.

chinatown wars

liberty city stories

vice city stories

agrees for everyone because i also would like another gta on the vita

PoSTedUP1297d ago

psp actually had FOUR. china town wars, liberty city stories, vice city sto- .... ;)

JetsFool35001297d ago

Been wanting a gta game since the vita was announced it would Definitely sell millions of vitas imo

minimur121297d ago

I agree,

It'll be called'Vita City' lol

Outside_ofthe_Box1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I would rather they do Vice City or another city altogether, but if this rumor is true I wouldn't be too upset. Despite enjoying GTA4, I felt like it didn't do NYC justice the way GTAV did LA so well. So I wouldn't mind Rockstar having another go at it, but I'd definitely rather they do Vice City or a new one.

XiSasukeUchiha1298d ago

Vice City+Roland Lee=GTA VI

TheFallenAngel1297d ago

I hope not. I hate liberty city. So boring and dark.

ivan5101297d ago

That's a pretty dumb assumption. It was only dark because they added a filter to make the city look dirty like irl. Liberty city has a lot of potential but a new city would be better. Miamai, Hawaii, Chicago, etc.

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