Star Wars Republic Commando 2 Possible; Star Wars 1313 Can Live On In Spirit

Star Wars HQ reports: A brand new, triple-A Star Wars game is coming in the next 2 years from famed developer Visceral Games (Dead Space franchise).

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Neixus1692d ago

I'm really hoping for another republic commando.
And considering that Amy Hennig from Naughty Dog joined visceral games, the campaign might be really good!

*continues day dreaming about star wars games with modern graphics..

Tripl3seis1692d ago

If they make another star wars republic comando i will go crazy just saying

pompombrum1691d ago

While I'd love another Republic Commando game, it just can't compare to how awesome Star Wars 1313 would have been. I think playing a Bounty Hunter would make for a much better experience than playing a Republic Commando and would make for a much more unique playing experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.