5-year-old Ocean Beach boy exposes Microsoft Xbox vulnerability

A five-year-old boy who worked out a security vulnerability on Microsoft's Xbox Live service has been officially thanked by the company.

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windblowsagain1476d ago

Wow that's a very basic error.

But it's not a backdoor.

A backdoor is something put in by programmers, so they can access security that's been added on later.

That's more like a complete screwup.

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Ratty1476d ago

Exactly. The kid's pretty good too. I guess his young age enables him to think outside the box but he does seem to be a natural when it comes to security... according to his father at least.

frostypants1476d ago

My guess is he did it by accident...but it's still very impressive that he realized what he had done and kept doing it whenever he wanted to play those games. Too bad the poor kid got caught...the recognition comes with the fact that he can't pull this stunt anymore...LOL. Hopefully dad gives him some gaming time as a reward.

Ritsujun1475d ago

Don't give up, MS!!!!!!!!!

CrazedFiend1476d ago

It IS him.
He is "The One"

3-4-51476d ago

Crazed-^ that made me laugh harder than it should lol

Sheikh Yerbouti1475d ago

"M-M-Morpheus..." Thinking of Keanu's lines in Matrix tickles my inner giggle.

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Brief off topic rant: Alright N4G, the ads with sound that play automatically, and re-enable their sound as soon as the next ad rolls... That's some bullshit right there. This isn't examiner. If you have to blast loud commercials through my speakers every time I come here, I may have to stop coming here.

On topic: Microsoft... security... are any of us surprised a 5 year old cracked it?

air11476d ago

Umm... surprised? A little.. now if it was sony then it would have been no surprise at all.

LexHazard791476d ago

Yes, I am surprised! You act as if it gets hacked all the time or something!

fr0sty1476d ago

You guys act like Microsoft has a long history of secure operating systems that don't require constant patching to fix massive security vulnerabilities...

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@fr0sty - Wow, people still deal with ads on the net? Firefox + ABP with EasyList filters + NoScript = ad free internet.

Heck, even with ABP disabled I still see no ads on N4G thanks to NoScript.

You need to get with the times man, and I sure HOPE you still aren't using IE, lol.

OT: Pretty cool this kid figured this out, although I am surprised he gave up his secret! When I figured stuff like this out as a kid I kept it to myself so I could enjoy it!

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ITPython1476d ago

This is an interesting security flaw, I wonder if all it takes to get into somebody's account now is to know their email address used for that account, then use the same process this kid did.

Would be funny if this guys account gets 'hacked' since it clearly shows his accounts email address in the pictures, lol.

Back-to-Back1476d ago

Gotta love the terrible programmers at Microsoft. They offered me a job last summer and lucky for me I was able to turn it down because I got a better offer from another famous company.

Eddie201011476d ago

Microsoft often say after all we are a software company at the end of every sentence has made a boo boo in there software that was meant to keep someone from accessing an account, it was broken by a five year old child, very simply I might add.

The little boy is cute and very smart, but should this be taken as a ahh moment.

mrmarx1475d ago

gov spying you want links?

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barb_wire1476d ago

Nice they gave him some games and 1yr Live.. but considering the size of a security hole he exposed.. they were a little cheap.

vallencer1476d ago

They didn't have to give him anything. That's what's wrong with people now a days. You'll get rewarded for doing something or finding something that isn't supposed to be there but the rewards aren't enough. Everyone always wants more.

adorie1476d ago

He didn't have to tell them a damned thing either.

It goes both ways,and before you try to play the "some one else would have came along" card, they didn't.

frostypants1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Some people would have been tempted to leak this tidbit on a hacker forum and watch the chaos unfold. A reward is justified. That said, I think what they got is fair...though a small "scholarship" for the kid's future education would have been a nice touch.

nix1476d ago

it's like a kid returning your wallet which you lost because the wallet had your address in it. you gift him something (as a token of appreciation) because he valued the content in your wallet.

the kid could have just taken the money off the wallet and bought something for himself. why should he be bothered about your papers/money/id cards in your wallet?

you can evaluate the situation and have an option of saying just "thanks" or give him something.

GT671476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

50.00 and year subscription not bad for child curiosity.

but cracking security for cell phone by holding "Home" is special at age of 1

Sheikh Yerbouti1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

The pride he gave his father is priceless though...and I'm sure his father had something to do with MS being informed and the story getting out, good way to get his security company's name out too.

Me? I just wouldn't let the lil' prick play my XBox anymore and be done with.

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ZombieDust1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Didnt have to give him a damn thing... And assuming the 4 games he got were full price games, he got $350 in gifts, that's pretty generous.

Cathyvon1476d ago

Exactly! It actually was a little more than that but you are right!

ZombieDust1476d ago

Lol self entitled children are quick to hit that dislike button... I only say this because I am truely curious as to why you disagree and how you became a self entitled brat...

OhMyGandhi1476d ago

Hell, I figured Microsoft would throw in a five dollar coupon to Subway, not 350 dollar prize...

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grailly1476d ago

The security hole isn't that big...It's just logging into a local account, basically logging into the account of someone in your family.

It could be a problem in case of stolen or sold xboxs I guess...

Belasco1476d ago

And what would you suggest he receive? A scholarship? A million dollars? A new car?

DFogz1476d ago

A small scholarship fund would have been nice.

A lot better than giving a 5-year old a bunch of games when his dad was trying to get him to stop playing them in the first place.

Sheikh Yerbouti1475d ago

I think four games and free XBL for a year is plenty for a five year old. Plus it is a good start for he resume...

March 2014 - April 2004 Independent security consultant for Microsoft's XBox Live.

Aug 2014 - June 2015 Kindergarten.

aragon1476d ago

i agree he shoula got a console and accessories and a year of live and xbox music

maddskull1476d ago

It's xbox live support so I think that it is a miracle they gave him something

air11476d ago

They gave him $300 in games and live and through in another 50. How much more they should have given the 5 yr old?

TheSaint1475d ago

'cheap' and 'MS' are synonymous.

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this is why i choose to pay for xbox liv----