Graphically Impressive Open World Games For PS4, Xbox One And PC That Will Blow Your Mind

"Perhaps one of the best things that next-gen consoles and high enc PC gaming will offer are wide and vast open world games. Last year's Grand Theft Auto 5 and 2011's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gave us our first look at what open world games could potentially look like on next gen consoles and high end gaming PC."

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redwin1476d ago

Ahhhh, the witcher and the division are my favorite. It is too bad they are not coming this year, I might have to settle for destiny for this year.

ScareFactor1476d ago

I consider that a great settler

Longshot281476d ago

Was it ever officially confirmed The Division wasn't coming this year?

OpieWinston1476d ago

It's never been officially confirmed...People love to speculate and assume that Massive is going to delay it.

cfc781476d ago

Hoping mad max turns out to be a great game and stays somewhat true to the first 2 films pitty the original interceptor won't be in it but maybe a dlc or something later on. with all the great games being shown it's hard to pick a favourite at this time.

OpieWinston1476d ago

Is it just me or does "IndefinitiveRespawn" ; always post terrible comparisons? Especially after that awful Watch Dogs "PS4" comparison which just compared video gameplay at different points and no DIRECT comparissons.

And now this? They show Alpha footage of games and expect some of these games to look the same when finished. None of these games except TESO are finished (Which is amazing looking for an MMO...just not to be considered "Graphically impressive"

Down voting this awful site.

BattleTorn1476d ago

I would argue that Dragon Age is a little more Open World than Mirrors Edge. but w/e

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