Ryse’s Armor Compared Between 130 Million Polygons Per Character and the Final 85,000 on Xbox One

During a presentation at Games Developer Conference CryTek Senior Character Artist Abdenour Bachir showcased a few pieces of armor from Ryse: Son of Rome as they were modeled in extra high resolution for pre-production, a phase during which characters easily reached 130 million polygons each, and the final version that actually made it to the game on Xbox One, with Marius’ character optimized down to 85,000 polygons.

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christocolus1354d ago

Thd higher res armors(130mill) look really sharp. Seeing all this makes me long for a sequel so bad.

Fireseed1354d ago

I'd love to see q sequel too but trust me when I say we won't be seeing a game with anywhere near that amount of polys for characters for a LONG LONG time lol

UltimateMaster1354d ago

Not in our lifetime...
Not in real physics game play.

Tontus1354d ago

Don't get the down votes, are people really so naive that they believe 130m poly models are achievable in the near future?

Normally the increase from gen to gen is around 200%(maybe higher), say like a good PS3 model is 30k and something on PS4 is 90k. That would mean PS5 = 270K, PS6 = 810K, PS7 = 2.430m etc...

We probably won't get to 130m in our lifetime.

elhebbo161354d ago

@Tontus maybe not for consoles.

Enyxodin1354d ago

I think we will see hundreds of millions of polygons sooner than you think! The cloud will provide a boost in power in the near future! Okey latency can be bad but the majority of people already experience input lag from Tv:s so it will not be a big diff! And already with ps4 we are being told that the dark sorcerer ran with nearly 1 million polys on the character, so yes it will be feasible with ps 5 maybe

Reverent1353d ago

I think we'll see it sooner than you think, but it will have nothing to do with "the cloud". It will simply be in thanks to the advancement of technology. Technology evolves rapidly, especially after a break through, which there will surely be some in the near future.

Enyxodin1353d ago

@reverent The cloud will have a major role in the future...give it a couple of years. It may not be possible fully at the beginning by who says it will not be in the coming future where internet have advanced rapidly. The average internet speeds in for example my country Sweden may be low overall but they count in the population that lives in the "outback" where the majority are non- gamers or seniors so they dont care anyway and that is a setback for the average internet speeds. If you instead count the average with urban major cities the internet speeds are much higher and are unlikely to be under 10 mbit/ Sweden internet speeds have increased rapidly from usually 4-8 mbit/s ADSL in Stockholm to around 50-1000 mbit/s in just 5-7 years. And if you look up statistics you can see that web connected devices in the world have risen from 2 billion in 2010 to 5 billion units in 2014 in just that time. Internet users have risen in 2010 with 2 billion to 3 billion in 2014.

Prime1571353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Tontus, according to Moore's law ( ) it will be about two decades for that 160 million mark if polygons also double every two years like most technology trends seem to do.

Edit: I'm not saying it actually will. I'm just saying that, as of right now, Moore's law has been right whether it can keep going or not.

And I'm not really talking about consoles TOO much as they pace more according to the markets.

Fireseed1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Okay so I'm just gonna chime in here, maybe the thoughts of a 3D character artist would be of some merit... but idk sometimes N4G thinks they know better than people who do this for a living.

Not only is it technological difficult to accomplish, but working with that many polys is just unnecesary. You can already discern very little geometric difference between 130 mil and 85,000. I can almost guarantee you we would never need any more than 500k per character. Were still a ways off from that... but hundreds of millions of polygons for an in game asset is just unnecessary. Not to mention time consuming to distribute that polyount out evenly.

But let me put this another way... 1080p looks great, 4k looks even better, but 8k on a average sized monitor would provide such a high amount of ppi that it would absolutely indiscernible to the human eye. 8k is 7680 pixels x 4320 pxels. So if any advancements past that would be unnoticeable... why would anyone ever need anyhting past that. Point being anymore than 500,000 is just a waste (except for artists purpose).

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LackTrue4K1354d ago

Between the 130 Million Polygons Per Character and the Final 85,000....
....does the game become fun?!?

Dlacy13g1353d ago

Yes, game is actually quite fun to play.

UnHoly_One1353d ago

Yup, the game is a blast.

I've put tons of time into the multiplayer with my friends, and played the campaign a few times.

Don't believe the bogus reviews, the game is really good.

Bigpappy1354d ago

I am a huge hack and slash fan. This game hit the spot with those executions. Sword fighting needs to be brutal to be satisfying. Beautiful game to boot.

christocolus1354d ago

Im not a big fan of hack and slash but this one really impressed me and the story coupled with the graphics really made it stand out. I believe crytek and ms will do a lot to make sure they improve on a sequel...a really nice game.

Trekster_Gamer1354d ago

Yes, this game was awesome in just about every way!

Timesplitter141354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

This is so misleading it's actually making me angry...

Creating a high-poly sculpt (several million polys) is the NORM for all current-gen games and even past-gen games. The 130 million poly model is the base model they made on their workstation PC to later create a low-poly model and a texture out of it. This is the standard 3D modeling workflow for games.

This is in no single way linked to the Xbox One's power, or DirectX, or the skill of the artists, or anything else really. Anyone can make a 130 million poly model... you just click the subdivide button a few times in ZBrush and you're done. It's just Crytek boasting about things that don't mean anything because the average person isn't aware it's completely meaningless.

See, this is the initial sculpt for Joel in TLOU. It must be several dozen million polys :

This video explains the process :

Volkama1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

It is that misleading. It's quite concise and accurate, and doesn't contradict your more in-depth analysis.

No doubt some people will go into "huh that means XBox One sucks" or "Ryse is the prettiest thing ever" rants but those people aren't being mislead, they are seeing what they want to see.

Don't be angry :)

Dee_911353d ago

Yea I originally thought, the 100 million polys was like on a pc or dev kit or something actually running.Modelers always makes these high poly models in something like zbrush or mudbox, along with the "low poly" version solely for maps.
As for your claim that its just crytek boasting and a few clicks in zbrush, I don't agree with that.They have to model in every single detail,every single chain link. Clicking a button doesn't do that.These models are something to boast about.You can't blame crytek because we like to jump to conclusions.

abstractel1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

We were doing 40 million poly characters on the very first Xbox. It means shit all. It gets turned into a normal map and in some rare cases a displacement map (which was not possible on the first xbox). But every single game out begins by modeling characters (and a lot of props) in programs like Zbrush and Mudbox and they end up at 40-100+ million polygon model that is then projected on to a low poly (these days they range but leads are usually 40,000).

Anything to get attention to Microsoft's "powerful" system I guess. Yes I produce art for games. this isn't guess work. Ryse was a beautiful game tho (But SS is quite a bit nicer).

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christocolus1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Cry engine + dx12 + Tod pappy = Ryse on steroids (gfx + gameplay) and mythical beasts.

AutoCad1354d ago

sounds good to me lol.

MeLoveRamen1354d ago

sounds like god of war to me

UltraNova1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Exactly like god of war!

Cant wait for the GOW 4 reveal!

Maybe Kratos invades Rome? or defends Greece from Romans? (its a game guys forget historic timelines)

That would be priceless (imagine the polys on those roman soldiers on the ps4 from Santa Monica no less!)

Volkama1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I'd like Ryse 2 to be a lot like Ryse, not GoW.

A longer campaign with some branching, more in depth character advancement that introduces weapon types and variety, a complete rethink on the multiplayer. The rumoured "Son of England" setting sounds fine.

God of War 4 can be like God of War.

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1354d ago
corvusmd1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

The game looks awesome, but isn't this a repeat post, I swear I've seen it already

That being said, this game still looks amazing, I can't wait for the second one...hopefully it's more open-world though.

@Abriael Ahh...thanks that must have been the difference.

Abriael1354d ago

No. You haven't. These pics have never been shown. You may have seen the numbers. Not the pictures.

Eonjay1354d ago

Well, you can definitely see a degradation in quality from 130M pixels, but this is to be expected. You can also see where they made the final version more flamboyant. This is pretty much par for the course. Find me a console, or consumer level computer than can handle 130M pixels and I will send you the bill lol.

Pandamobile1354d ago


And it's a natural part of a game art pipeline. Everything is sculpted at super high resolution and then decimated for games.

Eonjay1354d ago

Thanks you for that correction I am very buzzed

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