All The Secrets of Ryse’s Amazing Character Technology Revealed with Data, Artwork and Renders

At the Game Developers Conference CryTek Senior Character Artist Abdenour Bachir held a presentation titled “Play the Cut Scene: The Characters of Ryse: Son of Rome” in which he showcased the rather amazing character technology used for the game.

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christocolus1352d ago

With all these articles talking about ryse tech,i sure hope we will be seeing a sequel very soon with a more improved tech behind it. Cant wait.

hello121352d ago

Was there not a sequel been planned? Ryse Knights of England

christocolus1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I know about that bro..i just want the game out sooner rather than and thanks for the link been searching for it for a while now.

NeoTribe1352d ago

Doesnt need improved tech. Plus x1 cant handle anymore than that. Ryse had horrible fps. What they need to improve is the gameplay. Was a chore and boring to play.

christocolus1351d ago

You really think ryse graphics is the best the xbox one can offer? Lol. That was a launch game ported from 360,Developed on the 1st set of sdks and rushed to market to meet launch dead line. You really think a sequel wont do better? .......They always do bro.

Bathyj1352d ago

Im often amazed with games and movies just how much work goes into it that people never really think about. Its incredible these things get made at all given the sheer labour involved.