The Top 5: Reasons why we got a PlayStation 4

Now that the whole staff at Gamer Horizon has a PlayStation 4, they each weigh in as to why they bought the console to begin with.

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ZodTheRipper1481d ago

Naming Naughty Dog as number 1 reason sure is funny ...I would rather say "First Party Games" in general. At least that's my reason for going with Playstation again, most of my favourite games of last gen were PS3 exclusives. I can't wait to see what these studios come up with, hopefully we'll get a glimpse in a few weeks at E3.

Transporter471480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Naughty Dog have proven themselves. So picking it as a reason i say regardless of number its a great reason.

tommycronin1480d ago

I just got my ps4 cause xtra vision was selling it. Really don't see why people need to justify buying their ps4 with reasons.

corvusmd1480d ago

There is NO reason not to get a PS4, just like there is NO reason not to get an XB1 or Wii U if you're a gamer (not to mention playing on PC is awesome too if you can afford a good enough rig). Follow the games, not the brand.

Budobear1480d ago

I completely agree about not following the brand but I just don't have the money or time to game on more than one machine, so I have to research my purchase 1st. So that's my reason for not getting all 4 (including Pc)

Zenith4k1480d ago

Compleatly agree with all the 5 especially naughty dog, uncharted and last of us are games iv never played but can't wait too when playstation now is released. Go Sony ( glad to leave my Xbox days behind)

christian hour1480d ago

Zenith... I seriously envy you, I wish I could forget I ever played any naughty dog games last gen, jsut so i could experience them for the first time all over again.

I was in the habit of loanign out my ps3 to my 360 only friends so they could see the exclusives they were missing, I am ASHAMED of whoever your ps3 friend is for not doing the same for you last gen :P Same way I'd hope your xbox one owning friends would loan you their console so you can catch up on yr gears and halos this gen ;)

Unless you've convinced all yr xbox friends to buy a playstation this time, thats what I kinda did just by loaning out my ps3 now and then oevr the last 7 years :P

Zenith4k1480d ago

Tell me about but who's knocking on my door now waiting to play second sons. Ha ha ha. Peace out

iceman061480d ago

It's funny that you say that because I have a hardcore Xbox fan as a friend. Often, he would shy away from EVER playing anything Playstation related, even though he was just as hardcore about PS2. But, getting him to see Uncharted (the first one even) had him blown away. He eventually sold his Xbox 360 and invested in PS3 and PS+ and is now firmly in the Playstation camp. That being said, I used to visit him a couple of times a year and have gaming vacations. He'd play all of my stuff and I'd play all of his. It was a good way to experience both consoles while only really being able to afford one.

christian hour1480d ago

Iceman06 glad to hear it :) Growing up with games as a child, my brother bought a sega, our neighbours had nintendo, we swapped all the time. There was never a single mention of someones console being more powerful, just a desire to play the games we couldnt get.

I've felt with the ever increasing use of the internet these days and a whole new generation of teens raised on high speed broadband trolling, the practice of swapping consoles with friends had died down. Good to hear theres still some people out there holding the torch :)

I even remember having a ps1, and going to a friends to play golden eye, and if my friend was on holiday, i'd rent an n64 from the local video store (who remembers those? :P) and spend the weekend catching up on missed games.

For me I feel things got really out of hand with the arrival of online multiplayer to home consoles. I dunno why but it seems like it introduced a whole new breed of player in to the ecosystem, a very competitive ignorant bigoted kind of player :P The kind that swarms to N4G daily to dismiss facts and twist truths to their benefit. Of course I understand this thing is a fecking behemoth and theres nothing I can say or do to stop this trending behaviour. I'm just gonna vent where I can, and keep my head low and game :)

N2NOther1480d ago

There are 4 top 5 lists here. Lol.

All of the editors at the site posted a list.

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