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1UP Previews: Metal Gear Solid 4 updated

By Jeremy Parish

Metal Gear Solid 4 is being billed as the conclusion and culmination of the series, but that's not to say it doesn't bring a few new ideas to the franchise. While most of the game's additions are essentially evolutions and refinements of Metal Gear concepts, one stands out as something unprecedented in 20 years of tactical espionage action: The Drebin Shop.

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Bellic Jr  +   2596d ago
I love the smell
of fresh MGS4 news in the morning. intersting to see how the weapon trade system and upgrades will pan out. As long as there is no shortage of amo, im good!

Drebin Points for the post Surfman.
Mercutio  +   2596d ago
Did you know that, if you go loud and bang everyone and use your weapons a lot, there is something called "War Economy" which basically means that weapons will get more expensive because you use them against the PMC, they need to upgrade their weapons, which means demand. Because of the demand weapons get more expensive!

Also, you are advised NOT to carry heavy weapons around too long, and when you use them you should lie down. OR ELSE THIS WILL GIVE SNAKE A HERNYA throughout The game!

Bellic Jr  +   2596d ago
I didnt know all of that but it sounds sweet and very cool. especially the heavy guns causing Hernya to Snake. I like that! In all honesty I have been TRYING to stay away from to many details for MGS4 but the CLOSER IT GETS The HARDER IT GETS for me not to click on anything that says MGS4!!
ice_prophecy  +   2596d ago
the term you are looking for is hernia.
jkhan  +   2596d ago
Well 1UP is now just picking up stuff just for the sake of criticizing it. I mean so far all they are doing is pointing out at random stuff and say this could possibly be a problem. Bunch of hypocrites:@
The Wood  +   2596d ago
'It seems an odd fit for a Metal Gear game, as they tend to pride themselves on sporting at least a semblance of realism'
i could swear that killing a floating guy that used telekinesis was all the realism i needed *scs*

are well at least 1 up are consistent and by that i mean full of sh*t
Bacon  +   2596d ago
You know, honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if 1up gave MGS4 bad reviews. They've always been full of sh*t when it comes to most PS3 exclusives.
Teh-Venom  +   2596d ago
i wonder if by unlocking this weapons in SP, will it be available once you get to MP or will it be different?

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