Should Sony Fans be Worried by The Recent Happenings at Sony World Wide Studios?

What do the recent layoffs, personnel departures and closures mean for Sony’s First Party Studios?

PlayStation 4 may be selling above projections but the last few months have not been great for its first party studios. A string of delays, high profile departures, layoffs and restructuring it may be that there is some trouble in paradise after all.

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Mikelarry1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Personally i say no, why you might ask is because the company is restructing to better achieve thier goals and keep the company in profit, while it is sad some people lost thier jobs due to this looking at this from a business perspective if the team/ studios were not delivering/ bringing in profit whats the point of spending all that money on them why not " trim the fat" to focus the company and resources.

the only time i would say sony fans should be worried is when

1) third party all but dries up on the platform
2) all console shifter games get cancelled
3) rediculous price cuts happen

but till then just enjoy the games and " Please be excited for e3" :)

KingDon1594d ago

But cancellations and major names leaving while working on projects that are not even finished does not seem to bode all that well.

xHeavYx1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

You mean only 2 cancelled games, one if which costed Sony $100M?

Mikelarry1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

While it does look bad only sony santa monica game was cancelled other have been delayed. yes its a bit unsettling that amy henning etc up and left we dont have full picture and will never know why those "major names" were let go i say it a bit premature to worry.

Kayant1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Do you know how well that project was going because according to leaks it was supposed to be *revealed* at E3. For a project to be dropped like that if the hearsay is true means something wasn't well with the project/continued investment wasn't worth it for the return to them.

I mean this is the very same studio that recently moved to a bigger complex. You don't just cut a sizeable chuck of your workforce after moving. I mean why move in the first place if not to further expand?

In general I don't think people should be too worried just yet until E3 and Gamescom have passed. Driveclub's game director's departure has taught us that some of these high level departures might not be as clear cut as they seem. Yes it's easy to say it's some kind of *tin hat* co-incidence in line with the layoffs and major restructuring at Sony at the moment but seeing as they are not mass closing studios/laying off people in the same light as their other departments then it's safe to PS department is not as affected. Let's also not forget there are also hiring at some of those affected studios.

The case with Naughty dog and UC4 is understandable seeing as the two major leads have left but we don't know how far in development it is none how much groundwork they have put in the project to say the project is some serious danger.

GortJester1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

@KingDon Not sure why anyone would disagree with your statement...

MrSwankSinatra1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

@xHeavyx sorry but a rumor doesn't mean it's constituted as a fact.

OmegaShen1594d ago

The person that left the studio that makes Driveclub said it was because of his son. I think people look to hard into things.

Nintendo is the only one in trouble.

chrismichaels041594d ago

Like i said in another post. Big studios are all losing key employees....not just Sony. The newest departure happened in Bungie. Plus Microsoft just announced today they suffered some layoffs as well. The gaming landscape is changing and evolving. It seems like only Sony is losing so many people because they have a lot of studios.

Case in point, Gears of War and Halo are two of the biggest known xbox franchises. But when Epic lost Cliff Blezzinski or Bungie lost Dave Mongan, it didnt look bad on MS because they dont own those studios and farm out most of their games through 3rd party studios.

Same thing if tomorrow Dead Rising 3 studio Capcom or Titanfall studio Respawn hypothetically announce losing people. My point is we cant make a big deal about studios losing people because that is just the unfortunate nature of the industry.

Kingthrash3601594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

fact of the matter is, this is common and nothing to worry about.
people like change...some devs leave for new jobs some leave to retire and some leave because they didn't like the direction of a company. look at rare most that staff is long gone, but people still want a rare game.
i wont get into cancelled games because that happens frequently....this news is overblown. i aint got no worries.

us_army1594d ago

People have to realize something about the entertainment industry, hell even the arts (blend the two).

So many projects are scrapped, it is crazy, but the ones that are further along are the ones that gain attention cause they most lkely have had exposure. But the talent leaving is nothing new and in all honesty, should excite us. It means Sony (MS today) cleaning up and tightening up is meaning they are wanting more quality and less quantity, and that means less of these mediocore titles to fill shelves that they pump out as fast as possible.
Also- with talent behind these projects, once someones role is fulfilled with a set project, your work is done. The company does not need to keep you. Artists are seen as "free lancers" more than anything, and will be let go when they complete their work, unless they are cherished and wanted for something in the future.
Trust me- it isnt easy, but its the nature of the biz

SilentNegotiator1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

The only reason this is even being seen as some massive, unprecedented upheaval is because sites like IGN and "insiders" see the hits in creating Sony FUD during their LOOOOOOOOOONG needed cuts, even if they have to pretend like a person - leaving to take care of their diseased son - was let go.

Army_of_Darkness1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I don't really care... I'm just a gamer anticipating Sony's next upcoming game :-D as long as these lay-offs don't effect the actual games and release dates like they say, it's non of my business and not my problem to be concerned about.

morganfell1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Henning was incredibly upset when they wouldn't let her kill Elena in UC2.

Maybe those jumping to wild conclusions should ask themselves if Henning actually has an ego and how far would she go in an office fight if she didn't get her way a second time. B

But no, they wouldn't do. Jumping to conclusions is only worthwhile when it bodes a Sony disaster. They couldn't kill the black box last gen and it has to be devouring some people alive to Sony crushing challengers this gen.

DragonKnight1594d ago

How many times does it have to be said that Sony has already addressed this?

They didn't like the way game development was going so they began a restructuring plan designed to streamline development so there are less complications and less money being needlessly spent.

People keep making mountains out of molehills. We have no idea as to why the people who chose to leave did so, only they know why.

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Abash1594d ago

Sony has so many studios that there are bound to be a lot of reports, I don't believe it's as worrying as the headlines try to make it seem. As it is, both the PS4 and PS3 are selling fantastically

Cha0tik1594d ago

I'm not worried till I see it effect the games. Right now Sony seems to know what they are doing and I won't doubt them because of any opinion piece or any internet news but by the performance and post effects.

Anon19741594d ago

I'm not worried in the slightest. When a company like Sony restructures to become more efficient, of course there's going to be casualties. Sony warned of this ages ago when they started restructuring the company.

As for people moving around within the industry, I don't even know why that's news. Game Developer Magazine used to have a section in the back every month of notable moves within the gaming industry and the types of moves we're seeing are pretty common. I just don't quite understand the focus we're seeing on Sony moves recently. They're happening all the time, why does the game media suddenly care now?

AceBlazer131594d ago

I think no because , it honestly has nothing to do with us, the end users, yet at least.A game we never knew existed got cancelled, big whoop.Should the quality of games and the ps4 begin to suffer because of it then I'll begin to worry.

AngelicIceDiamond1594d ago

I'll say I'm cautious, but not really worried. This E3 will tell if Sony is in a hole but realistically these recent problems aren't affecting all of Sony's studio's, some are intentional lay offs due to restructuring and some not so intentional Evolution studios boss and Amy Hennig leaving.

Just like @Mike said it really sucks to see these people lose their jobs in the process but if this will make Sony more affective and better manage their 1st party muscle then you have to do what you gotta do, realistically.

Overall Sony knows what they are doing and they will drop bombs at this years E3, almost like nothing happened.

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Plus other unnannounced Ip's Sony's got this.

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DanManDantheMan1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I don't think PlayStation will ever go away. Worst that can happen is that Sony's IPs will be sold off.

This isn't as bad as Nintendo IPs being sold off because Sony games aren't unique to it's hardware.

hankmoody1594d ago

The only thing one should ask for is respect for the DriveClub director in leaving the project to be with his son who is sick. Any father would and should do the same, regardless of the project or company.

WeAreLegion1594d ago

Absolutely. "Well said" bubble.

hankmoody1594d ago

Thanks for that. Next round of bubble ups on me. ;)

candy_mafia1594d ago

That's awfully nice of you hankmoody.

You got a "Well said" bubble from me too...unfortunately, there wasn't a "Considerate" bubble option to choose :)

mrpsychoticstalker1593d ago

Whoever disagreed with you is probably pimpled face or not of legal age to watch a PG 13 film. My respects to him as well, i hope things get better for his son.

Blackleg-sanji1594d ago

simply put no!!! its happening everywhere in the gaming industry except ironically nintendo hasn't made any changes