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"Episode 2 of the Burial at Sea DLC makes the story of Rapture and Columbia come full circle, culminating in a satisfying second part since the cliffhanger in Episode 1. Bioshock fans will find a lot of nods and references to earlier games, making it worth the purchase price."

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CapnMikeM1515d ago

Sounds like I need to pick this up then. I really enjoy the franchise and it's been too long since I've dived back in. Thanks for the needed push.

Ajoyshop1515d ago

I liked the first Burial at Sea. A bit short. The one thing I disliked about Infinite was that it wasn't in Rapture. But Columbia does grow on you and I could see how being in the same place all the time could get boring after a while. We'll see if I enjoy the second one when I get it. :)

Bunnypoppop1515d ago

I've got this as part of the season pass, can't wait to play :P

Ajoyshop1515d ago

The last one I installed wipe out my BI save game. I hope this one doesn't. :(

AuXDubz1515d ago

I still need to buy the game altogether xD lol

AdamKoziol1515d ago

I wonder what the future holds for the Bioshock franchise

Ajoyshop1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Idk, they had a city under the water and another in the clouds. Maybe space is next? :p

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