You think you’ve seen everything? How about a video game toothbrush

Venture Beat: "This morning started out like any other. I woke my daughter up, we exchanged hugs, I got her dressed, she told me about the wonderful dream she had where we went on a magical adventure together, we exchanged sickening-sweet I-love-you’s, I walked her to the bathroom … and then I put her in a head lock for the routine tooth brushing battle."

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deantak1537d ago

Like Jesse Schell predicted at the Dice Summit a few years ago.

ColManischewitz1537d ago

I am proud that I have my 16-month-old kid already trained to brush teeth.

midnightambler1537d ago

When I was a kid, I just had to brush my teeth. Not everything has to be a game...

josephayal1537d ago

I hope it comes out on Next Gen

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