Terraria Updated On PC And Consoles, Several Changes Included

Terraria has been updated on PC and consoles. The new update includes several changes and fixes.

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Beetey1540d ago

How the heck did this get approved? This this is only the change log for the console update, we don't even have a release date for the actual update. Plus, it came to PC last year....

Talidan1540d ago

Man, I was excited and hopped to my Steam to see if anything was downloading.

At least there's the FTL update.

Foraoise1540d ago


Very misleading title. Who was the idiot who submitted this...?

bakagaijin781540d ago

I've been waiting on an update to fix the “Back for Seconds” Trophy bug. The work-around for it was just too much work and I pretty much stopped playing it around when I encountered it myself out of frustration.

Looking forward to diving back into it on PS3 once the update happens.

Skate-AK1539d ago

Awesome. I have been waiting for this for months.