Xbox Live Games with Gold: A Serious Revamp Is In Order

Xbox's free game services is put to shame by Sony's Playstation Plus. Microsoft need to take a step back and improve Games with Gold.

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Hands Up For Games1541d ago

GwG is changing. Phil Spencer has said as much already.

The one main positive that GwG has over the offerings of PSN+ is that I actually own the games i download and should I decide to cancel my Gold subscription, the games will still be sitting on my hard drive ready to play.

PSN+ is just a rental service, albeit an absolutely fantastic rental service that really does outshine the games offered on GwG.

In an ideal world, id like to have the best of both services and cut out the negatives both services have as well.

kreate1541d ago

The problem is... GoG keeps giving games I already got for free on PS plus.

Like this month, its hitman absolution. But I already got it on ps plus last year.

It defeats the purpose if they give me something I already got for free from Sony.

This is my individual case though.

xDHAV0K24x1541d ago

You don't think that some of the recently released games they offer thru ps+ ppl already own???

kreate1540d ago

ur missing the point. and I don't want to elaborate since I already stated, this is my individual case.

xDHAV0K24x1541d ago

I would love to see them allow us to choose one AAA game and one Arcade game

theirishbean1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Their getting better gradually, although I think Hitman was already in ps+. Either way free games are free games. Hope Spencer backs up his statement in May.