The Witcher 3: Two Areas Are Over 52 Square Miles by Themselves; 3.5 Times Larger than Skyrim's Map

CD Projekt Red and Umbra Software held a presentation titled “Solving Visibility and Streaming in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with Umbra 3“ at the Game Developers Conference, and it included a very interesting detail on the size of the game's map.

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Crazyglues1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

-You beat me too it...

I was just about to say that, I mean this is crazy big... Wow..

It seems they have spent there time well, I hope this game turns out to be as good as it sounds.

Would really love to have a huge game to sink my teeth into on my PS4. -Something that will last a pretty long time- Like remember when it use to take you a few months to beat a game, not days... LoL
-(or hell these days, it only takes a few hours, to beat the entire campaign)

This though, looks like it will be a really good one.. Can't wait.

||.........___||............ ||

ZodTheRipper1385d ago

They are certainly raising the bar for next gen RPGs ...this generation is going to be breathtakingly amazing =)

Prime1571385d ago

How big is too big?

I think it sounds awesome, but sometimes I think when a game is too big I get unmotivated in single player games, lol

raWfodog1385d ago

I still got Witcher 2 unopened at home, begging me to play. I need to hook up the 360 this weekend and get started on it so I can be ready for this game. It looks to be bestial.

Thehyph1385d ago

Why don't they compare it to Daggerfall instead of Skyrim?

It would be a good way to gauge open world games if they just said what small fraction of Daggerfall's world size they've reached.

Ashby_JC1385d ago

I nice deep RPG is must needed on these new consoles!!

I only played W2 for a short period of time. I liked it.

Im sure I will like this game.

CJDUNCAN1385d ago

To be fair @Zod, CDPR raised the bar on RPGs way before this. I didn't get a chance to play the first Witcher game, but the second one was a masterpiece.

Pro_TactX1385d ago


Daggerfall's world is 62 square miles. According to this article, two areas in Witcher 3 equal 52 square miles by themselves. It is reasonable to conclude that the entire world map will be larger than Daggerfall's.

SilentNegotiator1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. If they don't do anything interesting with 3/4 of the map (and unless they give the game an extra couple years of dev time, they won't), who really cares?

Patrick_pk441385d ago

But will the whole map be detailed nicely? Skyrim had a lot of useless and non-used space.

aliengmr1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )


Umm I'm pretty sure Daggerfall was quite a bit larger than 62 square miles. Like a lot larger.

Daggerfall was like 62,000 square miles.

Just Cause 2 was 400 sq. miles.

So regardless, Witcher 3 isn't even in the same ballpark.

The title is a bit misleading as this was not actually confirmed by CDPR.

DOMination-1385d ago

Yeah the daggerfall map was comparable in size to the uk in real life. Pretty big.

fenome1385d ago

Daggerfalls map was over 62,000 miles squared. Here's a map comparison, it's kind of old though so unfortunately it doesn't have newer titles like GTA V or skyrim on it..

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GribbleGrunger1385d ago

Twice as big as Skyrim would be mind blowing but 3.5 times bigger ... 3.5 TIMES BIGGER? That's insane.

Snookies121385d ago

Yeah, and that's not even the whole game. That's just two of the areas in it.

Abriael1385d ago

Gotta consider the fact that Skyrim really wasn't very big. It used a lot of visual tricks to make you FEEL like it was big, but like oblivion, that was mostly illusion.

GribbleGrunger1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Any news on:

How many main quests
How many side quests
How many errands
How many tasks

... and

How many caves (I love caves)

Abriael1385d ago

They only said 50 hours for the story and 100 for the whole if I'm not wrong.

Speaking of caves, they said at GDC that they created a special tech to have "holes" in the map in order to seamlessly put caves in it.

whitefang19881385d ago

I just hope the ps4 can handle it, my PC sure can't!

aliengmr1385d ago

Well, lets not jump the gun here. CDPR originally said it would be 20% larger than Skyrim.

Not saying they couldn't have made it larger, but from 20% to 350%? I don't know.

There's the fact that these "maps" were used to discuss something (somewhat) unrelated to the actual game itself but a small part of it. Meaning it could have been that they were using tech and assets that they are using in an exaggerated way to show off the system the talk was about.

I don't know. Point is, lets wait for CDPR to confirm a 350%+ increase in the map size. I'm skeptical at this point.

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joab7771385d ago

My thought exactly. And unlike Skyrim, it wont level with you making leveling and combat pointless (with absurd difficulty spikes that made no sense). Also, on top of this, it will have a great story. Yeah, Skyrim has amazing lore but the same 2 ppl voice acting 100's of npc's gets old.

I cant wait for this.

genius1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

this is good news

but we sure want fast travel , really really game play , combat system and rich world with something deserve to look for in this big world

Rickgrimes951385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Article says there are 3 areas in total, remembered reading it awhile ago an I found it again. So that's another 25 square miles in the game I'm too tired to do the math but if two maps alone are 3.5x bigger then skyrim then I would guess if you included the 3rd area in total it's probably around 5x-5.5x bigger then skyrim an that my friends is amazing

Magicite1385d ago

anything bigger than skyrim is...HUGE!

Flipgeneral1385d ago

GOTY in any year it releases

Anon19741385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Looking forward to seeing more about this game, and that size is truly impressive.

Offtopic: Maybe this is just me being an old gamer, but does that picture remind anyone else of Sinistar? When I saw this article I initially went, "Cool! Sinistar!" before realizing that's not what it was. :)

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creeping judas1385d ago

That's huge!!! Wasnt Witcher 2 less of an open world game? I can't seem to recall?

Abriael1385d ago

It was. It had some pretty open areas, but was definitely not open world. According to CDP 3 is 35x the world of 2 in size.

Lilrizky1385d ago

I don't see this game doing anything wrong. So far everything on it has been positive.

Can't wait.

whitefang19881385d ago

I know I keep thinking the same thing, I just don't know how it looks so good compared to the competition. I just hope beyond hope it doesn't get a major downgrade for consoles, can't wait to play it though

mezati991385d ago

3.5 times bigger with no loading times....I AM THROWING MONEY AT THE SCREEN BUT NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!

gamertk4211385d ago

Save your money for the in-game escorts.

Kennytaur1385d ago

But is there content, or will the vast space just be filler? I wonder how detailed it'll be.

Lilrizky1385d ago

By going off how the previous Witchers were and from what the developers and journalists are saying it's going to be pretty filled with things to do

genius1385d ago

the content must be moderate not so much

for example : i don't want to search every single foot steps and at the end find something not useful

just make it ( moderate ) with ( valuable ) content

this will not make the player bored when he play it .

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