Deus Ex: Human Revolution Looks Stunning In UE4, Shows Amazing Reflections & Metal Surfaces

There is no doubt that Unreal Engine 4-powered games will look stunning. Although they may never come close to the Infiltration tech demo, the visuals that indie devs and modders have achieved in due time are simply gorgeous. Today, we bring you an image from a Deus Ex: Human Revolution map that was created in Unreal Engine 4. Created by Polycount’s member ‘Disting’, this map shows incredible reflections and metal surfaces.

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JCOLE131951511d ago

Wow. Great way to give us a taste on how it would look in a game.

starchild1511d ago

Looks very nice, but I believe that the next Deus Ex game will look even better than that.

Septic1511d ago

Yeah looks very clean...a bit too clean. It seems to be a trend with UE4 showcases so far. Still, I would eat porridge off that floor.

frostypants1511d ago

Now, lets see it in motion. We won't, of course, because even on the creators system it probably runs like garbage (if this isn't a doctored image). It'll be a little while before actual games look this good on reasonable PC hardware.

Qrphe1511d ago

Why not show even a short clip?

Did the guy's work go into making this one screenshot or a render? A short demo?

One can't make the claim a DE game running on UE4 would look like that if his approach wasn't from a game development's perspective.

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malokevi1511d ago

Reflective metal is lame.

FantasyStar1511d ago

I just remembered Killzone 2's reflective mud. Haha...'so shiny you can eat off it!'

SteamPowered1511d ago

My PC is ready whenever you are, unreal engine 4.

frostypants1511d ago

Your PC couldn't run this. No PC could run this currently at a good fps.

SteamPowered1511d ago

Unreal Engine 4 works on PS4.
And you dont even know what Rig I have. My PC could be powering the next Space Launch for all you know.

xx4xx1511d ago

If it's not 1080p or 60fps it's not next gen.

tuglu_pati1511d ago

well i guess only PC will be the true next gen

Qrphe1511d ago

If it's not 4k nor 120fps it's not next gen

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