Xbox One Game Install Sizes

Just how big are those Xbox One game downloads? GamePointsNow takes a look

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hulk_bash1987813d ago (Edited 813d ago )

Hey Microsoft, how about an upgradable hard drive? It's kind of interesting how they didn't include this feature out of the gate. Especially considering they originally pushed for an all digital future.

3-4-5813d ago

*Now thinking about it, how did they expect to go full digital on only a 500 GB, when games are 5-45 GB each?

gamer7804813d ago

I'm waiting for external drive support

BlueCroup813d ago

Same here, will certainly make things easier

Sayburr813d ago

Yeah, both MS and SONY installed small hard drives. I am sure MS did it so they can build an add-on later, afterall, that is smart business even if it is bad for the gamer.

Grown Folks Talk813d ago

They announced external hard drive support before the system even launched. Just a matter of when. Most likely finding the best solution to avoid game sharing by copying from external to internal.

SegaGamer813d ago

And this is one reasons why i don't support a digital only future. Imagine downloading all of these games, it would fill up your hard drive in no time.

Grown Folks Talk813d ago

You have to install the games anyways even with disc.

SegaGamer813d ago

Yeah, but at least we don't have to download the things. 40GB downloads could take a long time for people who don't have fast connections and a limited broadband usage.