Here Is How inFAMOUS: Second Son Looks With and Without its Advanced Lighting and Reflection Effects

inFAMOUS: Second Son looks absolutely stunning, and it owes part of its beauty to its advanced lighting and reflection effects. At the Game Developers Conference Lead Engine Programmer Adrian Bentley showcased a few pictures of the game with and without some of those effects.

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KingKelloggTheWH1538d ago

Opening the gifs really helped, but dang this game looks good!

I can't wait to get my stupid backlog out of the way and play it.

MRMagoo1231538d ago

best game this gen so far imo, and i have played all new releases wince the new consoles came out. As far as graphics go nothing on console touches it not even killzone and considering its open world and part of the first wave of games on the new consoles it is mind blowing to say the least.

BattleTorn1538d ago

Just got my Platinum an hour ago :P (PSN: Battle_Torn)

LOGICWINS1537d ago

Best game this gen so far? Yeah, I'd agree. Its the first game this gen Ive spent 8 hours straight playing.

Kidmyst1537d ago

I wished SP had included fan made missions like I2 had, people made some crazy missions. I am on my second playthrough and want to keep going but want to also wait for some added powers in DLC like finishing paper trail. Too much fun to be had and enjoying my powers!

IcarusOne1537d ago

Such a pretty game. And my god, the sound design is the best I've heard, especially on a 7.1 home theater. The sound imaging is immaculate. Every time a mobile command units blow up or a checkpoint crumbles it's ear candy. I agree with some of the reviews that the gameplay takes a half step back from I2, but I'm just nitpicking. I also platinumed recently.

Also the best written game of the generation. They kept it simple and really just focused on making Deslin and his brother as likable they could. Which really paid off toward the end for me.

megadrivesonic1537d ago

Guessing you havent played a pc game before

MRMagoo1231537d ago


Maybe read my comment again, im not sure how many times i used the word "CONSOLE" but i am pretty sure it was enough to get the point across i was talking about console, get your fanboy head out of your arse.

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akurtz1538d ago

Playstation 3 backlog? Same here, but i dont even own a ps4 yet. Lol

Thatlalala1537d ago

Fuck your backlog. If you have a PS4 and you haven't played this, your doing it wrong.

leemo191538d ago

For a open world the game looks fantastic can't wait to see what SP does next.

himdeel1537d ago

Better story and more content would be awesome for the next game. I expect they'll be optimizing the hell out of their engine for the next game if they choose to continue the series.

ibrake4naps1538d ago ShowReplies(3)
vikingland11538d ago

And in other news here's how a car looks without tires.

GeofferyPeterson1538d ago

An airplane without wings is a yard dart. The More You Know.

Bathyj1538d ago

What really amazing is that these are no bullshots either, thats what the games really looks like when youre playing it, except ad in that its as smooth as a velvet child and has amazing destruction.

I cant wait til the no hud patch comes in, but I wish they had a totally free roam 1st person view spectator mode to really take some special screenshots.

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The story is too old to be commented.