Sheldon Will Try to Choose Between PS4 and Xbox One in Tomorrow’s Big Bang Theory Episode

If you want to have a laugh on the console war and like The Big Bang Theory, then you're in for a treat tomorrow with the new episode The Indecision Amalgamation, that will see protagonist Sheldon take on one of the hardest decisions for a gamer. PS4 or Xbox One?

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Yi-Long1478d ago

It's Sheldon: It will be a whole day of pondering and comparing, and in the end he'll be 'screw it, I'll just get a PC'... or 'Screw it, I'll just get both' :P

Can't wait to watch it :)

Snookies121478d ago

So looking forward to this episode, I don't care which he picks. I'm sure it'll be entertaining either way. XD

Godmars2901478d ago

I'm sure everyone here will hear about it whether they watch or not.

Snookies121478d ago

I don't get the hate for this show. I guess anything popular will be hated, lol. Their loss, I suppose.

chrismichaels041478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

For the last few years, they always show Sheldon playing Halo night on xbox 360. Now hes thinking about getting a PS4 instead. Art imitating life? lol

All joking aside, this episode looks like its going to be pretty funny to watch. And on a major TV sitcom...its going to bring a lot of free advertisement to both the PS4 and Xone.

Army_of_Darkness1478d ago

Guaranteed he will pick Xbone. After all, it's an American sitcom people ;-)

Bimkoblerutso1478d ago


I hate it because it is yet another depiction of geeks as pathetic beta losers that need to be socially "saved" through booze and vagina exposure.

...not that I mind the show's success. People like what they like.

Snookies121478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

@Bimkoblerutso - I've been a geek since the early days. When people who were gamers or liked computers were labeled as people who live in their mother's basement who can't get girlfriends.

I'm confident enough in myself that this sort of thing doesn't bother me. It's meant to be comedy, and that's all. If it were trying to be correct, it wouldn't be funny to watch a bunch of guys that are socially average like today's geeks/gamers are. It's playing out stereotypes, and it does it in a way that's both endearing and funny to those who are comfortable with it. Just like any other joke out there, they can be taken negatively or positively. There will always be something offending someone, no matter how big or small the issue actually is.

Bimkoblerutso1478d ago

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not insecure. It's just that we have been watching this same depiction of geeks since the friggin 80's. It's WAY past redundant at this point.

SilentNegotiator1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Gee, I wonder what he will pick? It's not like the show name drops Halo all of the time.

Either way, I'm sure it will be unfunny like all of the other episodes.

ShinMaster1478d ago

Depends if Microsoft is sponsoring the episode or not.

AceBlazer131478d ago

Let's see American series so i'm guessing he'll choose xbone at the end like every other show.If American TV was anything to go buy you'd think PlayStation didn't even exist.Any i love theshow so i'll watch it regardless.

Gekko361478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

It's a telly show, why would anyone care?... I just don't understand.

The Big Bang Theory is simple American humour, no offense to Americans on here, it's just basic humour like most American sitcoms are. If you want something different, try Phoenix Nights, Mrs Brown or The League of Gentlemen (not to be confused with that god awful film The league of Extraordinary Gentlemen).

OT: That said I love this program, all the references to Doctor Who are brilliant!. Personally I don't care what he picks.... because he's an actor... not real. LOL

Hellsvacancy1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I've tried watching The Big Bang Theory many times, I couldn't get into it, I love silly humour, i'm a MASSIVE Trailer Park Boys fan

It's the audience laughter that kills it for me

I also like brown sauce and fried egg sandwiches, someone here won't

zeee1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I think he'll choose bone. He likes to stay indoor and play those crappy kinect games.

Regardless, I love the guy!

zeee1478d ago

If you are married then you owe it to yourself to watch Everybody Loves Raymond. Best show ever!!

darthv721478d ago

I predict that no matter what he picks it will drive the sales of that system for a brief period of time.

Consumers are so impressionable, especially those who watch a very popular TV show.

optimus1477d ago

@SNOOKIES... what hate? it's the number 1 comedy in the country and "sheldon" won 2 emmy's for it as well as people's choice awards...what hate are you talking about??

optimus1477d ago

@shinmaster... i'm guessing it will be x1 only because microsoft does indeed sponsor several cbs shows already...hawaii 5-0, csi, and a few others.

Blacktric1477d ago

"I don't get the hate for this show. I guess anything popular will be hated, lol."

uheuheue I kno rite? BESPINGA! xD LOL WE'RE SUCH NERDZ!

Was that clear enough for you to make you understand why some people hate it?

frostypants1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

@Bimkoblerutso, I was just about to post that people don't like it because they think it denigrates nerds. It really doesn't. It portrays nerds/geeks as normal human beings. I think that makes some nerds/geeks even more insecure somehow. Frankly a lot of real life nerds have FAR more issues than the ones on this show.

UnHoly_One1477d ago

I hate it because it's not funny. Ever.

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-Foxtrot1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Man I hate what this show has become, the first two seasons were the guys making fun of geek culture but now it's just them making fun of themselfs for being geeks.

I mean don't get me started on the over the top laughter it Youtube without the LT and you'll see just how funny it really is.

Sheldon is like nails on a chalkboard.

JsonHenry1478d ago

Put a "real" man on the show and watch who becomes the favorite character quickly. Not every geek, in fact most I know, are not pencil thin dweebs. Most are also athletic and good with the ladies.

-Foxtrot1478d ago

I honestly don't get how this show is that popular I mean like I've said I watched the earier seasons but when they started to try to hard and make it into a typical sitcom by adding the girl "counter parts" for two of their characters it just went to crap.

I mean lets be honest if you lived with someone like Sheldon, you'd probably be arrested for murdering him after 2 weeks he's that annoying. I watched one once and he did something like pick an object up in the flat and the laughter track went WILD, I was like "Really? But he just picked something up"

Want an actually, funny geek the IT Crowd. Has a LT but not that bad to be honest

Bathyj1478d ago

I'm still trying to work out why Two and a Half men just goes on forever while Firefly only gets one season.

-Foxtrot1478d ago


Yeah thats another show, I mean Charlie and Alan were good but Jake later on...the actor is terrible.

Good shows get one series or two and shows like Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory get dozens.

T21478d ago

You do bring up a solid point whenever sitcoms bring serious crap like girlfriend and marriage, etc, they seem to go downhill. Think friends during the chandler living with joey vs. friends post marriage, babies, etc.
Seinfeld got it, no real life crap, characters don't evolve, go out on top.
Also honestly bigbang is meant for mainstream audiences not real geeks it appears... Seriously probably none of these dudes would get girls in real life let alone any attractive ones.

Joey_Leone1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

The Big Bang theory is complete garbage.

wsoutlaw871478d ago

im so sick of hearing people act jaded about things that become popular. The show is ok. Every sitcom becomes predictable after a while and the characters become much more "characters". Raj for example is way over the top. But the show is fine and theres no need to hate it.

starchild1478d ago


Couldn't agree more. This hipster contrarian attitude that everything successful must be hated on and bashed is getting really old.

-Foxtrot1478d ago

@starchild & wsoutlaw87

So if someone dosen't like something which is popular because of it's mainstream approach it's automaticaly them hating on it because it's popular's hated by people because they don't think it's good not just because it's "popular"

Don't use that line man to try and defend's such a lame excuse.

BlackTar1871478d ago

Bunch of Hipsters in here.

frostypants1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

@BlackTar187, they're not hipsters, they are all athletic, tall Adonis like manly men for whom women fall over themselves for, and they are not insecure at all. AT ALL!!! Ask them.


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Ashlen1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Well, since Microsoft hired Nancy Tellem former CBS Entertainment President I can pretty much guarantee the episode will be a Xbox One ad and that there will be an Xbox One commercial every break.

u got owned1478d ago

And that bothers you. It's just a show.

Godmars2901478d ago

Is she still working there? At MS.

blind-reaper1478d ago

He will choose the xbox one but some years ahead it will die and after many good memories and two kids he will be back to the PlayStation 4... and then the internet explodes!

press-start1478d ago

lol that would be funny if it happens.

rainslacker1478d ago

I've watched the show a few times, and every time they seemed to play a Wii. I do remember once they mentioned Halo.

aLiEnViSiToR1477d ago

I would love to see that :D

Geoff9001478d ago


IT crowd like a lot of UK sitcoms is filmed infront of a live audience, I can assure you.

-Foxtrot1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

...I didn't say they weren't

I even said

"Has a LT but not that bad to be honest"

Big Bang Theory just over does it to the max, they add it extra canned laughter over their live audience.

UK comedy just puts all US comedy shows to shame....even ones from the 80s and 90s.

BigErn1478d ago

-Foxtrot, while I can generally agree with you on the British sitcoms being superior to their American remakes (The Office), I still have yet to find a British comedy that could match the brilliance of Arrested Development.

-Foxtrot1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Better then Arrested Development

Only Fools and Horses
Vicar of Dibley
Men Behaving Badly
Dads Army
Father Ted
The Young Ones
IT Crowd
Faulty Towers
Red Dwarf
The Royal Family
The Office
Phoenix Nights
The League Of Gentlemen
Gimme Gimme Gimme

I could go on....pick and choose

If you still think NONE of them are better then Arrested Development please taken a moment to think about how despite it being better then those shows the UK still has got a lot more over the US.

Any of those shows in the list own Big Bang Theory 10 times over.

-Foxtrot1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )



If you honestly think none of those UK shows are good you guys are morons

Those UK sitcoms are the best comedy shows in our time. They are classics.

Americans...always want to be the best at everything and can't admit when they aren't lol

It's sad when you disagree without even reading the post....just because of the user.

ginganinja1478d ago

Let's not do the UK vs US thing. There's plenty of great stuff from both sides of the pond. And denying yourself something just because of where it comes from is just foolish.

Though, for me, BBT has watered down what made it stand out to satisfy a bigger market. It's fine for what it is, and I don't actively dislike it, but I'd rather watch something with a little more substance.

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avengers19781478d ago

Whatever one he picks will be the one that put the marketing dollars into the show, IMO he will go with the XB1, and yes the XDF will eat that up as some kind of sign of things to come

Azzanation1478d ago

The kid plays World Of Warcraft, He will def pick a PC over them both lol

MehmetAlperTR1478d ago

I watched all Episodes of TBBT. It's a nice sitcom. And about Sheldon :) He's my man. He'll choose PS4 for sure ( I d choosen PS4 :))

andrewsqual1478d ago

Well The big Bang Theory is a TV TV TV Show so I think its no guess what the writers will support.

assdan1478d ago

It looks like sony and MS might actually be advertising for the episode. I'm betting he chooses both.

harrisk9541477d ago

The problem with the story line (and the picture from the episode) is that in real life, there would be a pile of XB1s, but no PS4s... and, if there were any PS4s on the shelves, there would be 1 or 2 at the most. Certainly, not in the numbers shown! Notice how (I guess, to be fair??), they have the same amount of both systems on the shelves! (Well, it is a comedy!!)

SonyKong641477d ago

the only reason I can't and I'm sure many can't watch this show is the fake, pre recorded applause everytime a scripted joke is used (every 5 seconds)

I'm not sure how anyone can stand this.

ITPython1477d ago

I'm sure MS paid some big bucks for this one. It'll likely be a half-hour advertisement for the XB1, and every other commercial will be Titanfall ads.

MEsoJD1477d ago

It's a crime that such an unfunny show has continued for so long...

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Christopher1478d ago

Watch him go with the Sega Saturn or the N64. Not that I'll know. Don't watch the show. But, seems like something they'd do.

Abriael1478d ago

Haha he had a Nintendo 64. It was stolen alongside his other consoles when his apartment was robbed :D

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maniacmayhem1478d ago

I've watched maybe two episodes total and I have no idea either but it would be cool if he went retro and found more enjoyment with a ColecoVision.

DarkBlood1478d ago

@foxtrot and who are you to decide what qualifys in "good taste" ?

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multiplatgamer1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I'll look forward to seeing this. I'd like to see him pick up a Wii U instead as Sheldon is a Nintendo fan. That would be funny.

Abriael1478d ago

Funny thing is that Sheldon had every Nintendo console before the Wii U, but unless I missed it, he never bought one.

AWBrawler1478d ago

Be funny if he chooses wii u

rainslacker1478d ago

Yep. She's an actual scientist too. Neuroscientist if I recall correctly.