Adam Sessler Leaving His Days as a Video Game Personality Behind

Adam Sessler explains how he will be pursuing other career opportunities in the industry after sixteen years of being in front of the camera.

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aceitman1354d ago

I am happy about him leaving , he doesn't know how to act if things don't go his way, and then favors one over the other because of that and that is not true journalism .

pixelsword1354d ago

...So the position of "closet fanboy" is available.

slate911354d ago

Lol Ill never forget when he departed from g4 and everyone was wishing him the best of luck and praising him as a passionate video game personality.

...and then...resolution gate. Yall have been out for blood ever since haha
Just an observation

FriedGoat1354d ago

Bubbles pixelsword.
He's not even closet fanboy, he's in your face.

truefan11354d ago

What i have learned from the n4g boards is that Sessler had a valuable opinion until he gave infamous a 3/5. Now it seems some people can't wait to see him go.

TomShoe1354d ago

Looks like GAF got to him lol. Best of luck in his future endeavors.

cell9891354d ago


Thats the thing, when he was in G4 he was neutral and showed integrity.

When he left and started his own website REVGAMES, thats when he changed and became obvious he is out for the money and his true fanboy colors came up. With blatant signs of interest for the party he so vigorously defends.

thisminetile1354d ago

It's sad, but true, lol. He's probably tired of the (rightfully deserved) criticism he received for rating Infamous:SS 6, while giving Titanfall and Forza 5 perfect 10's, even though he did have negative things to say about them, as well. All I have to say is...Obvious fanboy is obvious.

TheGreatAndPowerful1354d ago

Sessler had nothing to do with the creation of Rev3.

Rev3 Founder(s):
Jay Adelson
David Prager
Kevin Rose

InTheLab1354d ago

When Sessler was at G4 he was exactly as he is now. Most of you probably never watched Feedback and believe he was the same guy as he was on Xplay but that couldn't be further from the truth.

He surrounded himself with Xbox fanboys and it was almost embarrassing watching him, Morgan, Abbie heppe, Nicole Z, and I forget the big girl with glasses name. Those were the worst of the bunch. When G4 died, most of the Xplay team were rabid fanboys. He really allowed that team to crap on Nintendo and Sony for the 4 years he was editor and chief.

I think people really took notice of how bad Adam was after that ridiculous bros before hos thing but everyone who watched G4 behind the scenes knew he went full Xbox fanboy when he dogged MGS4 in 2008 and made fable 2 G4s game of the year.

Here's a quick highlight of his bull$&&$

Gets called out in the killzone 2 review thread for being a paid by MS then asked "does you mom suck you d1&&??"
On multiple occasions suggests certain Wii titles would play better with a 360 controller
Bashes Kinect on Sessles soapbox but creates a catagory for it to win on Xplay. Yes kinect "won" most innovative game in 2010.
Regularly praised MS for the volume of games during the early years but jumped on the quality over quantity fanboy bandwagon in 2011 when the ps3 had 20 exclusives while Xbox had 4.
Bashes Sony for the breach when the news broke and said that's why he pays for Xbox live but reprimanded everyone a few weeks later when it comes out that there were no cases of fraud and that we all overreacted.
Heads up a panel and says Uncharted 3 is not worth $60 but has not problem with Titanfall missing 2/3 the content of other shooters.
Says he's tired of military shooters when Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm dropped but suddenly loved Crysis 2 a week later.

I can go on forever with this stuff but I'll stop at what comes to mind.

He stopped being respectable years ago when he forgot to respect fans of other consoles.

Good riddance.

Flutterby1354d ago

I am pretty sure MS have hired him as the head of PR and the face of xbone, they said because of his ability to tell the "truth" without bias he will be a welcome addition to the team /S sarcasm in case people don't realise that. It also makes it easier to send the checks out as he will be an official employee and also for tax purposes.

u got owned1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Sony fans going out strong tonight. Good luck on your new phase Adam.

Boody-Bandit1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

This is the best news I've heard this week on N4G.

Raider691354d ago

I will not miss him!Godspeed!

Gozer1354d ago

A lot of irony regarding fanboyism and the posters in this story.

Eddie201011354d ago

I have never thought he was a good games journalist, personality, even when he was with Tech TV, and I loved Tech TV.

GTgamer1354d ago

Thank god this is not a APRIL FOOL ARTICLE :D.
@Gozer your a fanboy calling out fanboys that's the only Irony here.
@InTheLab don't forget when he overreacted over the GOWAcension Bros before Hoes trophy can we really take this guy seriously.

Dee_911354d ago

wait so he made a tumblr just to post that? thats his only post, wouldn't he post something like that on twitter?
Something fishy about this

miyamoto1354d ago

good news for all gamers! woo hoo!

TheGreatAndPowerful1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Resgate is what did it for me..after that I just couldn't take the dude serious.

Boody-Bandit1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )


"Resgate is what did it for me..after that I just couldn't take the dude serious. "

This youtube video says it all.
I really hope this is for real that he is leaving and not just a rumor. He is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the media. A flip flopping sellout hypocrite.

MysticStrummer1354d ago

Ha If Sessler was in the closet he was in there screaming out his love for XBox.

@truefan - You have more learning to do. Sessler lost his rep a long time before Infamous.

SilentNegotiator1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

@slate91, truefanboy, other fanboys pretending like distaste for Adam Sessler is new

Don't forget how that white knight stirred up that "bros before hos" "controversy" (A phrase that has to do with putting friends before sexual partners, not something meant to be demeaning to women).

morganfell1353d ago

It is a little after 6 am but this calls for a celebratory shot of Fireball Whiskey. You will not find a post by me wishing him well when he left G4. It was more like good riddance. I can't help but take pride in the fact it was likely more than a few remarks by gamers that provided a much needed swift kick to the rear that assisted in his decision to leave.

warczar1353d ago

Good riddance, and he can take that stupid 5 star rating system with him. I always thought he was giving out ratings for restaurants.

DatNJDom811353d ago

Great! Maybe he can now get a job @ m$. Well, he can always get a job at an only xbox website. Im pretty sure he can excel there. That will be great for him. Regardless of how much of a fanbot he is, I wish him the best. At the end of the day he is a person with a family that he needs to support. Every man should be able to do that. Good luck Sess.

ZodTheRipper1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Best news all week, finally we don't have to deal with his so called "reviews" anymore. He could start as a janitor in Redmond I'm sure he would enjoy cleaning Major Nelsons office and it would be on par with his qualification. Big lol at his new consulting firm btw.

Gamer19821353d ago

Thank god.. It's a shame as he is a good reviewer in the way he lays out his reviews and there well thought out.. It's just ashame he's so damn biased.. Nobody does reviews like him and not many have been around as long as him hes a dinosaur of gaming. Maybe thats whats made him so grumpy and biased over time..

ThanatosDMC1353d ago

Glad he's gone. Good news. Wonder what the bad news we'll get today.

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nukeitall1354d ago

I liked Sessler. One of my favorite reviewers that isn't afraid to go against the hype!

sAVAge_bEaST1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Titan Fall 5/5

Second Son 3/5

Dude, Your so right!


MasterCornholio1354d ago

You only liked him because he favored the XBOX.


Septic1354d ago

People on here hate him because he reviewed Sony games low.


MasterCornholio1354d ago


I agree with you. He targeted Sony games with low reviews to damage the image of Sony first party studios.

Glad we agree on that.

A true reviewer should not care about who makes the games. Instead they should judge a game by how good it is than who makes it.

Why o why1354d ago

Sorry septic, by saying what you're saying you kinda imply you believe zero bias exists. Like this industry is so different from any other. . C'mon now

Adam sessler was talking about 1080p and 60fps being the defacto . . . . . When the x1 couldn't achieve parity with the ps4 he controlled the damage. . . Good riddens from gaming but hope he does well wherever he goes. . No ill health or harm wished upon his family or friends from me. . Good luck but good riddens

u got owned1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )


What about if it was the opposite, would you be complaining. Popke really showing their true colors tonight. Reviews are just opinions, take them as what they are.

tuglu_pati1354d ago


So what do you think about the 5/5 he gave to Last of Us.

DragonKnight1354d ago

@Septic: You know better than that.

Why o why1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

What do YOU think that means tuglu?

After that explain what you think about 'in the labs' list.

Surely you're not suggesting because sessler gave the game of the year and possibly gen, a top mark it exonerates him from his history of favoritism. C'mon man. Even polygon have giving a couple sony exclusives high marks and their bias is as clear as the 750 bags ms pushed their way. . . Please. Ive even heard some of the 360 faithful call him bias towards their favoured console.

MorePowerOfGreen1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )


Infamous scored around that universally from most reviewers. You're mad for nothing. You are blaming Adam because Infamous is a mediocre game? I think you guys are upset because Adam did not sugar coat or defend Infamous's mediocrity as the rest of the Sony bandwagon media has done in the past, although most are returning to normal.

MysticStrummer1354d ago


"Infamous scored around that universally from most reviewers."

Titanfall didn't, so what's your point? He gave a fair review to I:SS and overhyped TF?

badz1491354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )


TLoU? Why you ask? It's not like it's the most critically acclaimed and most awarded game in history or anything, right? /s

OT, I'm glad he decided to go away. He's nothing but an attention whore and often can't hide his fanboyism despite being a "self-proclaim" PROFESSIONAL!

LoveOfTheGame1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Simple, TLOU is neither of those.

IntheLab's list doesn't really say much:
There are several games on Wii that would have been better with a 360 controller, Zelda anyone?

He gave an award to something he didn't necessarily like himself, aka kinect, which means he didn't let his personal feelings get in the way. That's kinda the opposite of biased.

Uncharted 3 wasn't worth the $30 I paid for it, Titanfall isn't really missing any content from other shooters. Less guns but more maps.

I'm not too fond of the man myself, since the GOW: Ascension debacle, and while he was clearly a fan of Xbox, I never really saw a huge amount of bias coming from him.

Except the above mention of bashing MGS4, clearly the second best game on PS3 behind Demon Souls(or TLOU for others). Giving Fable 2, a good but not great game, GOTY is a little biased.

warczar1353d ago

That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. That's right up there with "Fox news is fair and unbiased."

ziggurcat1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@ loveofthegame:

"He gave an award to something he didn't necessarily like himself, aka kinect, which means he didn't let his personal feelings get in the way. That's kinda the opposite of biased."

does it really need to be explained as to what that means? hint: it's not objective, it's the opposite of professionalism, and it usually involves an exchange of currency.

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DrKarateChop1354d ago

I don't believe he ever claimed to be a journalist. A commentator and a critic, sure, but a journalist? Never. He's easily one of the most educated folks in what we call Games Press. Whatever he may have lacked in general game knowledge in the beginning (late 90's), he more than made up for by his first hand experiences over the years.

Now this idea of him being stubborn, or ignoring the truth in favor of his personal bias is flat out wrong. Not only because he only gave opinions, not facts, through-out his career, but many of his videos included him admitting surprise. Surprise doesn't come stubborn people. Also, he would regularly admit his predictions were wrong. I'm not sure where you got this impression of Sessler, but I completely disagree.

I'll miss him and I believe it's a huge loss.

FriedGoat1354d ago

People aren't saying he is stubborn. People are saying he is a hypocrite who says one thing and then goes back on it because the people who are writing him cheques and have the weaker console want him to. He is clearly leaving after his perfect scores on both forza and Titanfall sealed his fate as a poor journalist.

I have no beef with the Xbox one, I will pick one up when halo 2 anniversary comes out. I had an Xbox and a 360 before I even touched the ps3.

But if you can't see how slimy sessler is and how biast towards playstation, you must be blind.

InTheLab sums it up nicely in his huge post above, and all true.

UnwanteDreamz1353d ago

Man are you serious? Sessler produces absolutely nothing but opinion. He doesn't make games or fund them. What has the industry lost? Sheeple really miss their talking heads. Loss to the industry? What are you 10 years old.

3-4-51354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

I actually like listening to what he has to say most of the time even if I don't agree 50% of the time.

* He's made a lot of really good comments or points about random video game topics over the years, and I've enjoyed what he has to say more often then not.

When he was wrong though......He was REALLY wrong.

Good Luck Adam

Games_R_Us1354d ago

Its idiots like you who do nothing but complain and whinge thats probably pushed great talent like Adam Sesslers and more to the point of breaking.

There is only so much trolling one can take.

I'd like to see you or others do a better job and acheive what he has acheived and contribute to the industry in ways that these people do.

Gamers are so quick to cast a stone, and it makes me sick.

Wish you well Adam Sessler, your works will not be forgotten.

FriedGoat1354d ago

Sessler will be forgotten in no time, I barely knew who he was before a year ago and I've probrably been gaming longer than he has.

I could do a better job than sessler, I just need to go on twitter and start complaining that I PAID for all my consoles. WHERE ARE MY FREE CONSOLES?!?'

DragonKnight1354d ago

Please. Sessler was nothing. Hell, I've wanted Tommy Tallarico to come back to reviewing ever since he stopped because he really was the only one that I could say pulled absolutely no punches no matter what games he was reviewing, even if they were Spider-man related or Tron related, as those are two of his favourite franchises.

Sessler was a well spoken fanboy, simple as that.

Fez1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I kind of think Adam Sesslers enjoys the hate he gets. This can be seen in his I:SS review at the 6:37 mark. He includes this line of dialogue "Looks like the haters are getting ready for their big parade". This is placed in his review after a deluge of negative comments and is unrelated to the points he is actually making.

It is important to note that this section of gameplay must be near the start of the game due to the Sony embargo so when Sessler was playing through, he must have taken note of this phrase and thought "I'm going to use this in my review".

It is clear he is aware that lots of people won't like what he is saying, even before he has written his review, and is consciously playing up to it.

Even more interesting is the fact that he would be nowhere near the end of the game so has pretty much made his mind up long before completion. You could possibly let him away with that though because he'd have lots of pre-release hands on and first impressions of a game are important but it does raise doubts about the mindset he had when he went into the game.

From his review it is also very clear he was not happy with Sony for limiting the content of his review again raising questions of integrity.

It's a very fishy review overall.

Then there's the other controversies with Sessler like resolution-gate and GOW:A.

I like Sessler when he is talking about something non-company specific and that he is passionate about, but based on his actions his bias eventually shines through.

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thehitman13981354d ago

Thank you. A journalist can favor something more then another, but when said journalist interjects that opinion into their review/comments about the product their are judging, then that is where the journalist should not be allowed to review/comment anymore. Because people look at the reviews/comments as an un-bias standpoint. And don't give me this crap about, well I should have known better, that excuse does not justifie or make it OK.

Cryptcuzz1354d ago

I really wish this isn't another late and cruel April fools joke again!

Good Riddance I'd say.

Conzul1354d ago

I won't miss him either. His way with words was charming at first, but no amount of culture or book 'larnin justifies his obvious bias.

I hope Tara and the others hold down the fort and don't give up without him. Actually if Tara left I don't think I'd keep up with Rev3games anymore. Everyone else is just too airheaded.

trenso11354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

completely agree, i never liked him even on G4 his reviews never seemed to have the same forethought as Morgan Webb, and then with resolution gate he was just acting like a child who couldn't get his way.

solar1354d ago

idiots in this community have done it again.

ThatOneGuyThere1354d ago

He was entertaining on xplay. after that, he kind of went all game hipster and lost that magic that made him fun. Best of luck to the dude.

Orionsangel1354d ago

You mean his opinions are never your opinions and it pisses you off.

solar1354d ago

do you remember his rant about KZ2 and how he gave it a 5/5 and yet he got bombarded by Sony Extremists because his commentary wasnt "good enough"? the poor guy probably went insane because of all the insane fanboys extremists over video games.

BTBuck11354d ago Show
PudgeySan1353d ago

I think this is the right time, he is at the point where he has mastered his craft. Some might disagree and to be honest I wouldn't disagree with them. That said you could see it in him at Rev3. He has worn the position thin and there is no more stimulation there. Whatever he ends up doing I think he will do well.. and as much as I won't miss some of his opinions ill also miss his opinions I just previously said I won't miss.

TruthInsider 1353d ago

Crack open the champagne, nearly as good news as rabid Xbawx fanboy Tim Dog (@PNF4LYFE) buying a PS4!

Even the most diehards can't resist the power of PS4.

Never underestimate the power of Playstation.

andrewsqual1353d ago

Good riddance. Can hopefully stop seeing articles about him showing up here, whoever he is.

james0901621353d ago

aceitman, as far as favoring one over another, that is why it's called an opinion. And as someone who has followed him for years, I am sorry to see him go.

nosferatuzodd1353d ago

Good good never like this bias a hole anyways

Aceman181353d ago

Meh i'm not gonna lose any sleep over him quitting the biz. maybe now the whining will become less.

geddesmond1353d ago

That sessler dude wouldn't know a good game if it jumped up and bit him in the ass. I'm tired of these game journalists who think they are someone special because they over criticized this game or that game.

The industry will be much better without him.