GPS Visualiser coming to Gran Turismo 6 on April 7th

VVV: "GT developer Polyphony Digital has confirmed its GPS data visualiser system will be added to Gran Turismo 6 on April 7th, as part of the '1.06' update.

Allegedly a feature that's been in development since 2007, the GPS Visualiser will allow players to import driving data from compatible cars into the game via a USB memory stick, and display it as a replay in Gran Turismo 6."

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memots1348d ago

"compatible cars" F... that sh*t make us a damn Android/ios version. what the hell

The_KELRaTH1348d ago

Give me the track editor and updated multiplayer frontend!!

hkgamer1348d ago

LOL... I wonder what the userbase for this would be.

hay1348d ago

Only one person comes to mind. Kazunori Yamauchi.

hkgamer1348d ago

I don't think he plays gt games =P