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Activision To Change Lead Platform For CoD to PS4

Frugal Gaming's Mark Kerry ponders on the shift in publishers allegiances between Microsoft and Sony? (Activision, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Neonridr  +   485d ago
Makes sense. Always start with the most powerful hardware and work your way down. Not that the 360 was necessarily more powerful than the PS3. But it was easier to work on because of it's architecture.

However, now that the PS4 and XB1 are so similar to PC's with x86 architecture, you would think that PC's would become the lead platform and it would filter down.
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Mikelarry  +   485d ago
I just find it a bit weird now that MS has put all its billions to support TF is the time activision now wants to be chummy with sony. Personally forget COD ( no offense to the cod players)i hope ps4 is the lead platform for destiny
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pedrof93  +   485d ago

Actually its all about sales.

I have a feeling I'll go more mainstream this generation.
abzdine  +   485d ago
they already confirmed it some time ago.
PS4 lead platform it is!
thereapersson  +   485d ago
Wonder how many people who hated CoD before will change their tune? Me? I haven't enjoyed a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare, so this news doesn't affect me any. Actually, I partially take that back, as World at War's zombie mode was pretty fun. I'd like to see another version of that, if anything.
IG-88  +   485d ago
I think that the PS4 is the lead platform for destiny. I also believe that the PS4 is getting the DLC first as well.
MWong  +   485d ago
Yup PS4 is lead platform for Destiny. I think most of if not all the footage we have seen so far was from the PS4.
truefan1  +   485d ago
Smart move by Activision, they know XB1 gamers aren't going back to COD from Titanfall. I wonder how COD will sell because of Destiny and potentially Halo 2. Hopefully Activision isn't too mad about MSFT backing EA and Titanfall, so it doesn't affect future games.
BlackTar187  +   485d ago


TF isn't going to stop more then a very small marginal % of people from playing COD.

nice try.
georgeenoob  +   485d ago
Everyone with an X1 abandoned CoD after Titanfall. There's no way anyone can go back to that borefest after playing Titanfall. It makes you realize how the hell Activision got away with copy and pasting the same game for years since MW2.

If Titanfall 2 goes to PS4, that will be the end of the Call of Duty series, period. Just like Guitar Hero.


The only people that'll keep playing CoD are those who never played Titanfall or casual gamers oblivious to the game. So mostly PS4 gamers, considering TF sold 1 million copies on X1 alone excluding PC and 360 sales.
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WickedLester  +   485d ago
Pretty sure PS4 is the lead platform for Destiny.
MysticStrummer  +   485d ago
@true and noob - Yeah we'll see you guys when the next CoD releases and check those numbers. You're talking about a game that sold like crazy every year despite being basically the same game as the previous edition. Many many people will be playing CoD on XB1, guaranteed.
calis  +   485d ago
It's wishful thinking to say that CoD will be abandoned because of Titanfall (or any game really).
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Copen  +   485d ago
First off MS hasn't spent billions on TF okay millions yes billions no but they have sided with EA since the end of last gen. I think the former MS execs who are at EA have something to do with them being so chummy and giving MS preferential treatment when it comes to Sony vs MS but that's my opinion but i do feel it's a little more than a coincidence. Since MS has thrown their lot in with EA who is Activisions direct competitor they leave Activision little choice but to go with Sony and it makes sense on a few different levels. With the PS4 having the bigger install base thus far and looking like the clear cut winner out of the gate it is prudent on Activisions behalf to do what they can to make the most money in spite of all that has happened. We see Destiny has exclusive content for the PS4 and them switching the lead platform for COD to the PS4 and it's EA and Activision going at it tit for tat and if i had to choose out of those 2 publishers id probably take Activision because they put out quality games while EA has no problem taking our money and shoving unfinished work out the door leading to problematic releases.
kreate  +   485d ago
I kinda think they should start w the weaker console (x1) and make their way up. Just like last gen.

But that's just a horrible way of making games as is gamer unfriendly.

And not making the best use of a console's capabilities. Good for x1 and Microsoft though, cuz the game would look and feel more identical.

Imagine if most games look better on ps4. X1 is doomed.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   485d ago
LOL @ people thinking EA will or is already allying with MS... BF4 parity says a lot, no wait... Anyway, Titanfall was obviously a disappoint as far as EA is concerned (not that the game sold bad, EA expectations were unrealistic, they wanted COD numbers from the COD guys), just watch as the next Titanfall goes multiplatform.

And this isn't about they favoring PS4 or whichever is more powerful or easier to develop for... EA and Activision don't give a rat's ass, they'll just follow the money.

More people are buying PS4s and attach rate this time around is also better or equal on Sony's platform, so they'll focus a little more on it, but don't worry, it not like they would ignore the other fronts (we're talking about the whores of gaming industry, if you can make a toaster that run games, EA and Activision will support it).
Geoff900  +   485d ago

It's a little more than just sales, since right now these consoles are very early in their life cycle, it's now that's a deciding factor for companies.

After a decade or so, new hardware comes to bear fruition, new contracts are made, that's all that's happened, and since EA have gone with MS, Activision have gone with the later.
avengers1978  +   484d ago
At noob and true fan, check your sales figures COD: ghost sold more than TitanFall on the XB1. I could see your point if TitanFall ends up selling better, but as of now it's about 1.5 million less than COD
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   484d ago
Now COD does not matter...Only here on N4Xbox...
noctis_lumia  +   484d ago
ps4 is the lead platform for destiny
all the exclu deals etc etc since it was announced make it so
christrules0041  +   485d ago
The less powerful hardware needs the most work because they have it optomize it more to squeeze every bit of power out of it. With the Xbox 360 you need to squeeze the most out of it to get it to look it's best. With the PS3 having the extra month is like a bonus because they can just focus on the ps3 version then. But since it was more powerful you don't need to squeeze everything out of it to get it to look as good or better then the xbox 360 version. Most likely the extra month was good for coding.

Then now with the ps4 developers only need to manage one pool of data and make sure the right data goes to the cpu or gpu. But now with the xbox one they have the ddr3 system ram and there is specific data that has to go through the system ram to get to the cpu. Then have to make sure the right data gets to the gpu or GDDR5 that is baked onto it.

Just ultilizing 1 pool of data is a heck a lot easier then utilizing 2 pools of data.
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Neonridr  +   485d ago
agree with your PS4 comments, however I have to disagree with your PS3 remarks. Developers used the 360 as the lead because it was easier to code for. The Cell processor required extra optimization in order for it to truly shine. Developers like Bethesda were notorious for doing a terrible port job with their games, hence Skyrim being virtually unplayable on the PS3 at one point. However when utilized properly (GTA V), the PS3 version can truly shine.
christrules0041  +   485d ago
That is why I said that the extra month was most likely used for coding. But to get it as good or better then the Xbox 360 version they didn't need to use all of the power of the ps3. Needs different coding but didn't use all of the power. Sonys first party studios definately did get close to maxing it out.
system22  +   485d ago
the power differences between the two consoles are for the most part negligible. again - the problem with x1's launch titles is simply that its a pain in the ass to squeeze the horsepower out of the x1 so early in the release because of its separated esram/ddr/architecture - similar to the ps3 on the last go. this is already changing with new sdk's etc. i think the motivation here right now is sales numbers. the ps4 is simply just selling more and is probably easier to get a good result out of. maybe they just like the console more and its as simple as that. something tells me that money/units is the driving factor here, just like how at launch the 360 was outselling the ps3 for a while - coincidence that it was the console of choice then?
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Neonridr  +   485d ago
fair enough, but ease of development has to play a factor too. The Cell processor was sort of an enigma for developers for a long time, hence why a lot of games that were coded on the 360 didn't run or look as good on the PS3. Poor optimization on the developers part.

PS4 and XB1 are more similar now than ever, so porting shouldn't be too much of an issue. Dealing with a few of the XB1 limitations shouldn't require that much of a workaround.
Copen  +   485d ago
The differences are definitely NOT negligible and you're outright false for saying so. The difference's like 30 fps vs 60 fps is a HUGE difference in the games where that gap is. The other issue of 1080p vs 900p and 720p is more of a sliding scale as far as differences go i personally don't think 1080p vs 900p is a huge difference BUT MS is peddling a 500 machine that can't do most games in 1080p/60fps in 2014 and that is because of the limited hardware. Sure you can chalk some of the issues to optimization and matured tools BUT while the X1 will get better it'll never be on par with the PS4 and their tools and optimizations will improve as well which common sense says will maintain or widen the gap we already have. Microsoft is limited by their hardware choice that's something they absolutely cannot change and for that reason alone no matter what they spin or what they say or what people like you try to mislead people to believe the Xbox One will NEVER be on a level playing field with the PS4.
raistra  +   485d ago
They want the system where the most money is to be made to be the best. There is barely any money to be made for them on the PC because the demographic of CoD isn't a big part of the PC demographic. That's why it isn't the lead platform.
Neonridr  +   485d ago
yet Ubisoft builds games like Watch Dogs and The Division on PC and ports down to the consoles.
DanteVFenris666  +   485d ago
All games are built from PC. This is bull if they say otherwise. I code and have used unity. Your making the game on the computer first because that's your only option to make it on. Then you port it and I'm no PC fan. This is just how it's done. You also test the results of new material on your PC. Or else you'd have to port it to a disk(loading time) and set everything up to test every simple thing you made. Bigger companies probably have more efficient methods but nothings better then testing it right within your game engine
fr0sty  +   485d ago
Neon - They can never target max PC specs though, that is one thing many PC gamers seem to overlook. They have to make their game able to run on the majority of PC's that came out within the last 3-4 years or so, in order to be able to generate enough sales to make the PC port worthwhile. Only a small fraction of the total number of PC gamers have a rig that will still be more powerful than PS4 is after you factor in DirectX and windows overhead (yes, you, PC gamer reading this, are a small fraction of the whole of the PC market). So, It makes sense to target the most powerful closed architecture instead.
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lfc_4eva  +   485d ago
The PC usually is. They can render at highest possible for pc, then reduce the assets to suit ps4 and xb1.

You need to take into account that the software tools are on pc!
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Geoff900  +   485d ago
Activision go where the money is, and since EA and MS have partnered this time, Activision has gone with the other company 'Sony'.

This always happens every generation, if EA does a deal with Sony, Activision go with MS and vice versa.
shivvy24  +   484d ago
Wasnt sony partnering with ea for bf3 or moh at one point against cod and ms
troylazlow  +   485d ago
Activision still hasn't come out and stated this as fact. Just speculation until confirmation. Please report facts not feelings
Azzanation  +   485d ago
PC will have the lead platform. All COD games offer the best experience on PC. History will repeat it self again because the PC will again have the superior looking version and controls regardless if Activision say they change lead platform to PS4. Also I doubt the PS4 will control better then XB1 because most COD fans would be used to the 360 controller and the XB1 is similar in design and improved on all fronts.

For me, the next COD game will belong again on my PC where Key/Mouse setup with enhanced visuals is the way to go.
imuze  +   485d ago
too much piracy will make it hard for pc market to become more profitable than console.
tiremfej  +   484d ago

I have a X1 I abandoned Call of Duty after MW3. I didn't purchase TF. But hey it's usually safe to stereotype and make generalizations about people.
shivvy24  +   484d ago
Dude mw3 was garbage, was glad I borrowed it from a friend.
TheXgamerLive  +   484d ago
The article is from a butthurt fanboy. No need to lie. If this happens then it happens everybody will still play the same game so no problem. Fyi lead platform would mean nothing regarding who gets DLC first. MS could still do with another agreement. TitanFall could of brought some jealousy and that could cause a change.
PridedLlama  +   485d ago
As you say in the article it all comes down money but not necessarily the way you think it will. All though Microsofts long term deal ran out in 2012 they have gone year by year since then I believe. If Microsoft continue to throw more money at Activision than Sony will for call of duty it's gonna stay the same as it is now. Regardless of which platform is lead it still sells shit loads on the other platforms regardless so it's about who will offer them the most money.
mark3214uk  +   485d ago
be good,i hated it when i had to wait for new maps when id payed the same price as xbox users

although sometimes i think ms release these articles so we get our hopes up then at e3 they announce they have parntered again with ms

ms then think we wil lsell our ps3/ps4 and buy a xbox lol

bit like the gears of war rumour
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NegativeCreep427  +   485d ago
From the article:. "Also, Microsoft and Activision’s Contract is up, the contract which named Microsoft as lead console and scored priority DLC, actually expired end of 2012"

End if 2012? So why did Ghosts' dlc come first on Xbox One?

Edit: I understand what you're saying, but that sounds like an even more ridiculous and counter-productive reason. Even without the great console sales gap between the ps4 and the xbox one in ps4's favor it sounds ridiculous. Because it makes it sound like activision made PlayStation gamers wait...just for the sake of making them wait.
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Omar91  +   485d ago
sales were probably expect to be better on xbox then ps so therefore they would give the dlc to the horse they been betting on for years already
GoogleYourMama  +   485d ago
I think the contract was up but why would Activision change there contract when the larger demographic of households have an Xbox 360, for which Ghosts was actually made for and then ported on to XB1 etc.
Therefore DLC is easier to port on to XB1. not to mention it still probably has sold more copies of the game collectively through Microsoft (that is not a fact i have researched). As i state in the article, its all about the money.
Geoff900  +   485d ago
Most likely an extended contract, or depending on when the game was made it still may have the contract(s) remaining for the Xbox.
UglyGeezer  +   485d ago
I think EA already realise their mistake on this. They fully expected the Xbox One to be the market leader, these allegiances will change again in a year or so I would imagine.
Geoff900  +   485d ago
Six months in, and you have already declared a winner...

Sorry but businesses don't work that way, they do long term contracts, which are decided based on a lot of various factors.

Yes the Xbox One isn't doing that well, AT THE MOMENT, however much the like the PS3 it had a lot of negative press when it launched and like everything things change come 2-3 years the Xbox might have a lot of amazing title.s
UglyGeezer  +   485d ago
I haven't called a winner at all, that's not what I said.
Business in conducted on forecasts and projections, I was saying that ES's projections were probably off the mark.
BG11579  +   485d ago
It seems that for the moment being, EA has already declared a winner, again.
ASTS_1992  +   485d ago
If this is true i hope people know this only means ps4 will get early DLC. It doesn't mean that MLG and UGC will have CoD tournaments on ps4 instead of xbox one.
shivvy24  +   484d ago
I honestly dont get the point of timed dlc's for new maps like in cod or bf , imsure most of us can wait like 2 weeks
candy_mafia  +   485d ago
But will it make COD a better game?

I don't think PS4 will change that....but this is good news for PS4 owners I guess ;)
Transporter47  +   485d ago
It will probably mean you finally get to see a prettier game. Also its up to the developers to make a better game not platform its developed on..
candy_mafia  +   485d ago
That's precisely what I meant, maybe I communicated it wrong.
testerg35  +   485d ago
How? I believe they've been using the same engine.
raWfodog  +   485d ago
@ testerg35

That's his point. It's up to the developers to decide that it's time to start using better developing tools/techniques in order to make a better game.
Geoff900  +   485d ago
Erm, it's cod...
bessy67  +   485d ago
Famousmortimer was just completely discredited. He's a fake insider. Take anything he said with a huge grain of salt.
ASTS_1992  +   485d ago
Im glad he is finally gone now thuway needs to get banned and everything will be better.
Nicaragua  +   485d ago
He wasnt fake, he was right about 95% of the time.

He just ran his mouth off and acted like a tit - that's why he was discredited.
bessy67  +   485d ago
He was discredited for spewing false information.
malokevi  +   485d ago
"Industry insider – FamousMortimer"

You mean that one guy who was discredited, shunned, and banned for life from the Sony temple for an act of unmitigated deceptive doochebaggery?

Oh, alright. Glad we are still heading his word.
scott182  +   485d ago
He was correct in his information about the exact COD res difference between systems before it was announced...
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GoogleYourMama  +   484d ago
right and this post isn't in the opinion pieces section?
read the post, does it anywhere state this is a FACT? NO
does the post state this IS a Rumour? YES
Did FamousMortimer CORRECTLY leak details on CoD resolution differences? YES
Is there enough reason to believe this could come to fruition in any way ? YES
Not to mention the fact i actually uploaded this post 2 weeks ago for reviewing so its old news anyway.
Oh well, It got you mad enough to then comment.
Darkfist  +   485d ago
and just like the previous gen i wont care about it
Yo Mama  +   485d ago
Although I would love for this to be true I just don't see it happening. Think of all the relationships, business wise and casual that Microsoft and Activision has with professional gamers because of the COD World Championship. Do you think Activision is going to go and tell them they have to switch now? I doubt it.

If anything they'll just drop the exclusive DLC and make it available on both platforms at the same time.
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WeAreLegion  +   485d ago
Why wouldn't PC be the lead platform?
shmeedy24685  +   485d ago
I think all DLC should be released at the same time for everyone, makes it more fair and then everyone's happy!
Omar91  +   485d ago
And just like that ladies and gentlemen, every PS fanboy from now on can't wait for the next COD
xDHAV0K24x  +   485d ago
*applause* the #'s are gonna soar!
BlackTar187  +   485d ago
I find it hilarious you think PS fans didn't like COD(Which they did) becasue it wasn't the main platform.

When you're drowning reach for something a little more sturdy.

I'm going to pretend it was all a joke and that you don't really believe that so that i don't have to go thru the process of trying to explain to myself how it went so wrong.

Lifetime sales ps3 vs 360 COD Ghost not included
360:71.42 Million Games SOld
ps3:57.93 Million games sold.

Yea, You're right Ps fans didn't like it.


LOL. What do you need an explanation on? The fact that you implied "Every PS fanboy" hates COD? Or maybe it's that you implied "Every PS fanboy" only hates the game becasue it was not the main platform?

Which one?

Also since writing isn't your strong point and neither is reading "so that i don't have to go thru the process of trying to explain to myself how it went so wrong." Read the last part outloud and tell me where i said i was explaining it to anyone buy myself.

See unlike you i know what i implied.
#13.2 (Edited 485d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Omar91  +   485d ago
no please do, continue, I wanna hear your "explanation".

I never said that was the reason why ps fans hate COD, but I would love for you to go through the process of explaining how I went "so wrong"
XtraTrstrL  +   485d ago
LOL, while you're at it, can you fix the performance and framerate issues on Ghosts - PS4? It's nauseating when it goes on for long periods at a time. I told myself I was done with COD after MW3, and skipped BO2, then got this just because there was nothing to play yet on PS4 and my nephew had it also. I hate their force advertising they do now in Ghosts with the permanent placement of unbought store items in my main menus that I have to scroll past since I don't own or plan to buy them. If you wanna put half-assed camos and characters out, fine, just don't force them into my game without me having an option to atleast hide them.
KNWS  +   485d ago
Big mistake most of the Youtubers play x box and advertise the game there. Esports is virtually non existent on the Sony platform. COD will be a shadow of itself in a few years
ASTS_1992  +   485d ago
Its still a rumor started by famousmortimer and he has now been discredited so this rumor has nothing to back it.
GoogleYourMama  +   484d ago
Not entirely, you can't really say it has no back when he has correctly leaked CoD info before regarding resolution differences between consoles.
but i agree, it is a rumour regardless. it will be an interesting one if it does become fact though.
one thing i wonder is if it does will everyone still hate on FamousMortimer? i can say that "leakers" don't really interest me but if it does come true he must have an inside source at Activision.
Neixus  +   485d ago
most youtubers chose a ps4 over an xbone this gen so far.
andreasx  +   485d ago
Somehow... this pleases me
KillerPwned  +   485d ago
Great and all I gave Ghosts on PS4 a try and just did not like it at all. Still with PS4 being lead platform I'm gonna really stay away from COD games. I want more creative and ground breaking games. This is just staying in tune with last gen I feel.
Tempest317  +   485d ago
How does ps4 being lead prevent creative and ground breaking games? Being Call of Duty, they haven't been creative or ground breaking since '03-'04. This has no effect on the actual writing/development of the games, so I don't really understand what you're trying to say.
KillerPwned  +   485d ago
I think you misunderstood what I meant. What I was saying is that I want to see developers create creative and ground breaking games. Not the same old titles like your yearly COD and so on. Every generation is different of course in terms of hardware but when we talk about software I felt since last gen developers have really created one thing and just stayed with that instead of trying something new.

We did have our motion based gameplay that worked out a little bit but not enough to fully lift off. Now we are talking about VR and consoles being of the same build as PCs which in return is opening up new boundaries so I feel developers should be as open as possible and if they can take those risks into giving the consumer something new.
#17.1.1 (Edited 485d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Team_Litt  +   485d ago
Now it will no longer be cool to hate CoD.
MysticStrummer  +   485d ago
Oh well I'm a PS gamer and hated CoD before it was cool to hate CoD. I was sick of it when MW1 was still THE game to play.
xDHAV0K24x  +   485d ago
GOOD! We've had our fun with her. Your turn Sony. Enjoy!
Gravity_DoGG  +   485d ago
Will you say the same about titanfall next year ;)
xDHAV0K24x  +   485d ago
I will always play TF. I'm done with COD. There's the difference. So to answer your question, nope.
ger2396  +   485d ago
Makes sense, since Microsoft is now in bed with ea. Regardless of what people think of cod, its still a money maker. If true this could be devastating for Microsoft. Not only can ps get early dlc, they could also get exclusive content just like Destiny. Microsoft bit the hand that fed them.
KNWS  +   485d ago
Microsoft has Sunset Overdrive (no out yet first party exclusive) a shooter. Halo, Gears of War and Titanfall, all AAA shooters.

Maybe some others shooters not announced yet.

Sony, has Killzone, first party.

Destiny is a multiplat so is COD. So the x box platform still will remain the leading platform for first party shooters and third party shooters.

I highly doubt COD would switch to PS4. They lose lot of deals they had with Microsoft.
Delsin_Rowe  +   485d ago
. Bungie and Activision announce that destiny PS4 will be the lead platformer and because PS4 Cod sold better than Xbone, Xbox have bonded with TitanFall that it probably have bother Activison to much that they want to change to the Leading Ship.
ATi_Elite  +   485d ago
..........and this means what to me?

COD is made to run smooth on the lowest spec console since Modern Warfare. always has been always will be.

PS4 may get DLC first BUT Activision will still program for the XB1 first then port around.

If they beef up the graphics and Program first for the PS4 then the XB1 version is gonna be OBVIOUSLY GIMPED. So far NO publisher has been brave enough to BLATANTLY use one console to the max while embarrassing the other.
MysticStrummer  +   485d ago
"Activision will still program for the XB1 first then port around."

That would make XB1 the lead console.

"So far NO publisher has been brave enough to BLATANTLY use one console to the max while embarrassing the other."

Parity has nothing to do with which console is the lead.
UsUcK  +   485d ago
So cause MS have moved on to titanfall you now coming running to Sony. Sad lot.
Delsin_Rowe  +   485d ago
Hope so Microsoft will know that they won't DLC early for now on and will release for PS4 first a month early. Anyway TitanFall is better and every know, it will challenge it one TitanFall 2 release For PS4 too.
Malacath  +   485d ago
It's not just about which console sells the more units.

It's about which console manufacturer pays Activision for the exclusivity deals.

If MS offer Activision enough money the DLC deal will stay with Xbox.

For the ps4 to be the lead platform Sony would have to give activision a lot of money.

Would Sony be willing to do that?
They are not exactly financially healthy. Only recently they have been laying off people in their own first party studios.

If no company pays up for the deal then we will see both consoles getting DLC at the same time.

Personally I don't care which console becomes lead because I own both an x1 and ps4 and I will buy games for whatever platform gets the exclusive content.
Dorwrath  +   485d ago
Last decent COD was COD4, after that, its crap I don't buy. Just rent it from Redbox, finish the Single Player in 4 hours and drop back in the next day.
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shivvy24  +   484d ago
Yeah lol, I only look forward to tteyarch cod
Predaking  +   485d ago
Right now Sony is in a position where they can say to Activision "hey, I'm not gonna pay you any exclusive deal" because with or without deal, Destiny and COD will sell better on the PS4 no matter if Microsoft have some timely exclusive deal.

As it was said, the PS4 is selling beyond the expectations of everyone even Sony. Sony expected to sell 5 million at the end of March and I'm sure they reached 7 at the end of March.
Yaay4me  +   485d ago
Interesting development i guess. Im personally not into these war games. Unless the next one is a vertual reality game which would be cool to experience war without actually being shot at (:
S2Killinit  +   484d ago
VR has a lot of potential. Hope they dont gimp out on it
static360  +   485d ago
i don't get the point of a lead platform tho, in activision case the cod looks the same on all platform. the DLC thing is a timed exclusive thing so playstation gets it eventually its not like there is some exclusive content or something so what is the point of designating a lead platform?
NeloAnjelo  +   485d ago
This isn't a surprise. Also, most Multiplats are showing PS4 gameplay, i.e. The better looking versions.
#30 (Edited 485d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   484d ago
Not sure why you got disagrees, its a fact
#30.1 (Edited 484d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NeloAnjelo  +   484d ago
Yeah I know right? Anyways thanks for the agree
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