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DICE recognizes Battlefield 4 netcode issues

Official Battlefield Blog: "We’re unhappy with our server performance, so we’ll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience." (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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ATi_Elite  +   489d ago

Hopefully Battlefield 5 will NOT be made for the PS3.X360 so DICE can concentrate on better code optimization and debugging instead of making a game to run on EVERY platform ever made at the same time.
DarthZoolu  +   488d ago
To late I got rid of that game the day Titanfall came out. Still loving BF3 on PC tho
venom06  +   488d ago
STUPID TITLE!!!!! they said NOTHING about so-called "Netcode" issues in that blog.. the netcode is fine since recent updates.. that blog was about the RUBBERBANDING thats on some 64 player servers... what a dumb a#$ that created this title on N4G..
AgentSmithPS4  +   488d ago
Hopefully more than one new company makes a game similar to BF4 but without the BS. It's sad that the game can be very fun, but the amount of lag/bugs/etc they dump on me just spoils it.
micx  +   488d ago
I guess it's better late than never, or is it?
christrules0041  +   488d ago
Yes because they can fix the netcoding for the next game. If they don't realize it the next star wars game or next battlefield game could come out with the same crappy netcoding.
Patrick_pk44  +   488d ago
Well Dice isn't developing the next Battlefield, however, Battlefront 3 better have an amazing net code.
csreynolds  +   487d ago
DICE games have had poor multplayer coding for years. They've learned nothing.
angelsx  +   488d ago
I'm so disapointed.Never again pre order or premium
brich233  +   488d ago
I got my refund for BF4 Premium 3 days ago. I suggest you guys do the same if you are unsatisfied with BF4
BattleTorn  +   488d ago
I take it you give up the content as well?
brich233  +   488d ago
Not satisfied at all. I just got my refund for BF4 digital just now. So in total i got back 109.98$

The chat support person on Xbox.com said he can issue a refund because it was a know problematic game. The money was sent back to my paypal since that is what i used to buy it. The money for premium went into my microsoft account.
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T2  +   488d ago
I applaud you for this. It's unacceptable and id like to hear from people on this forum who keep coming into these articles saying "it's been fixed since Jan ". They should be banned.
I got the game free and upgraded to ps4 version for 9.99. That's all the money they are getting from me.
Bf3 I paid 59.99 plus premium.
Bf5 is wait and see. Not one cent until I see proof the game works with no lag, I dumped cod for same thing in bops2 and never went back.
ramiuk1  +   488d ago
i got my full refund back in december/jan for bf4,it was a complete mess after numerous updates.
is it still a mess now then?
brich233  +   488d ago
Yes. The new maps are glitchy. One of the maps would load up and u were walking on nothing until the graphics loaded fully. On the same map I spawned on someone and ended up underground in water, got out of it and killed a guy at least lol. Hit detection is still an issue too, dice made a comment on it recently. Its still an inconsistent game. One game me and my friends would have the best connection in the world and get high Kd's, the next game on the same server your getting dominated and going negative because of the hit detection.
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dazzrazz  +   488d ago
I've got my refund in February by selling the game ! 5 fucking months it took them to admit this shit was broken... FIVE !
dantesparda  +   488d ago
Meanwhile, im barely having any problems with it and loving it.
frostypants  +   488d ago
Cool story bro.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   488d ago
I'm not having any major problems either. I try and stay on the original maps, those China Rising maps lag like shit!!!That being said the game still does have its bad days when it just sucks! I guess I'm just not as die hard as I used to be, I just log off or play something else.
T2  +   488d ago
You aren't having any problems but avoid maps and log out on "bad days"???!!!
Cmon bro (not mad but it makes you think right?)

The primary reason I.play bf4 is 64 player conquest! None of those maps work.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   488d ago
well I play 64 conquest too. All I'm saying is the original maps seem to work for me just fine, but it does have its days when no matter what u do it just sucks. Now is that acceptable? no by no means, I'm just letting the guy know what works on my end.
Sadist3  +   488d ago
Unfortunately there's nothing else really out on the PS4 so it's kinda all I play, not gonna give the game away
dkgshiz  +   488d ago
They've finally admitted their game runs like trash. LOL, me and my friend have basically been waiting for them to fix the awful rubber banding and sound glitches since day one of the BF4 launch. Its quite sad that after a grand total of 11 patches (on PS4 version) it still runs like garbage. The new Naval Strike maps generally have just horrible rubber banding issues. I don't think I'm going to buy the next BF game on launch.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   488d ago
I bet those new maps do lag, that's why I haven't purchased any content for it. I just stay on the original release maps and it seems to play just fine for the most part. I also have a 85mbps connection I'm sure that might be helping.
T2  +   488d ago
Noone should buy dlc with the game like this plus I hear naval strike lags worst why would you?
ninjagoat  +   488d ago
Playing on PC and not having any issues yet hit detection isn't quite as nice as BF3 but all the rubber banding and that that's present in console versions aint an issue for the pc version off the game. As always its about knowing where to purchase your game. Only issue i had with the game was the delay on the DLC. But its out now and running a treat.
mochachino  +   488d ago
For the the 6th time.

It seems every month they recognize it, how about a fix.
Tru_Blu  +   488d ago
They are actually upgrading the servers this time, hardware wise. Not sure how it took them this long. I could have told them the servers they are using can't handle 64 players 5 months ago. Game runs ok with 40-50 in the server but once it nears 64 the rubber banding gets out of control.
Sci0n  +   488d ago
Bought the physical copy on the release date of the PS4, is there a way I can get a full refund?
AgentSmithPS4  +   488d ago
For me the lag gets worse in the afternoon, the stuttering lag made me angry so I played in Europe (from Florida) and the lag was a lot less, sigh.

I'm still disgusted anytime I see someone with premium dog tags, throwing money at the crooks that didn't give us good quality 64 player servers. ea/dice are like cancer and all those premium-whipped guys are like the blood vessels that are keeping it alive...
Austacker  +   488d ago
Gave up on this game long ago.

I was the former world #1 with the M60E4 and just couldn't stand this crap anymore.

I'll never pre-order another DICE game, I'll never buy another DICE game day one.

I no longer listen to 'we're sorry' or 'we know what's wrong'

All I can say to DICE now is 'MAKE ME' want to part with my money for your products by practise, not promise!
ClevelandSteamer  +   488d ago
Im done with Battlefield, BF3 and especially BF4 have ruined the franchise. Bad Company was so much fun, very bummed. I hope they learn from this disaster and solve the issues for Star Wars Battlefront, but I have serious doubts and will not be there for launch week.
csreynolds  +   487d ago
No truer word said. Bad Company 2 was the highlight of the Battelfield console games IMO, and as soon as that team fell apart so too did the franchise. BF3 was a mess for months until DICE finally got things (just about) stable, and BF4 has followed suit almost identically.

DICE, I'm done. Thanks for the laughs.

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