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Firmware Updates: Sony, We Need More Than Stability

PlayStationing writes: "Last generation, it is safe to say that Sony’s firmware updates were far too frequent, and provided little to no new features with each release. However with the PlayStation 4 I’d argue that the updates are far too infrequent, and the dreaded word “stability” is stated too often." (PS4, Sony)

Mikelarry  +   513d ago
I really hope sony does not wait till e3 or after to add mp3, dlna and the suspend and resume functions.
Neonridr  +   513d ago
while it's great to have all these new features and options to enhance recording and streaming videos, it's odd that they are choosing to ignore basic functionality like dlna support. I stream stuff from my PC to my TV all the time. I currently do it through my Home Theatre system directly because Sony is so finicky about .mkv support (my TV is Sony but won't play those files, my home theatre system is Sony also but will play the .mkv filetype - ironic). I would love to be able to do it through my PS4 instead for convenience.
XtraTrstrL  +   513d ago
I still say the mp3/audio cd/media server support is all missing as of now for them to have time to hook as many people as they can with the fully functional Music and Video Unlimited services. Cuz there's really no other reason those wouldn't be in by now, it's not things that would take them any significant time to add. They actually had to go out their way to take out audio cd playback 'n whatnot.
AstroCyborg  +   513d ago
the ps4 is a gaming console not a media center thats the xbox 1
Neonridr  +   513d ago
@AstroCyborg - people loved using the streaming features in the PS3, since a lot of people used that as their primary blu ray player. Why can't we expect the same from the PS4?
WeedyOne  +   513d ago
The biggest problem i have that needs to be fixed via firmware update is a fix for 5.1 surround via optical cables.

Currently if you have your PS4 hooked up to you TV through HDMI and route an optical cable to your receiver for sound, it will not output 5.1 digital surround for movies even when you have primary sound through optical selected. It does output 5.1 for games but not movies! WHY?!?!?!

This is my biggest beef with the PS4. Also an update to play 3D blu-rays would be nice...
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gaffyh  +   513d ago
@Weedy - I don't think that affects that many people. I agree it's stupid, but most people are content with HDMI audio out, there's relatively low percentage with a full surround sound system. That might be why they aren't bothered about it at the moment, but it probably will be fixed pretty soon because movies are a major business for Sony.
Neonridr  +   513d ago
my HDMI audio out goes into the TV which then reverse feeds via ARC back to the surround sound system. It's probably not the best way to run it, but it works, and I am getting 5.1 sound.
WeedyOne  +   513d ago

Wouldnt my receiver have to accept HDMI for ARC to work? Im using optical because i dont have HDMI ports on my receiver.
kreate  +   513d ago
Im not buying a ps4 until I can transfer video files over from a external hdd. And when the price drops to $299.

Can I transfer video files over on the x1 from a external hdd?

Anyone know?
Neonridr  +   512d ago
@WeedyOne - yes it would. Sorry I didn't clarify that. ;)

Shame that it doesn't support 5.1 via optical currently for movies. Seems very odd.
Naga  +   513d ago
Weren't those features promised to arrive shortly after launch?
Azuske  +   512d ago
It's still is shortly after launch to them. I honestly feel like we should be patient because I know I don't want to rush an update and have a bricked PS4 as the gift for being impatient.
us_army  +   513d ago
Just putting this out there, but Sony posted on their blog like a week and a half ago that a big update is coming very soon, and detailed some of the features. This included, streaming additions with editor, twitch improvements etc. Not to mention adding ability to use seperate capture card and can upload files to any external device to be out on youtube etc
Neonridr  +   513d ago
those still aren't anything close to what Mikelarry mentioned in his original post.
Snookies12  +   513d ago
@Neonridr - Yeah, but we don't know what the full update will contain. Those are just some of the features being added. The ones Mikelarry mentioned might be included as well.
WeedyOne  +   513d ago
Those features are all crap social features that I dont give 2 poops about.

Fix 5.1 audio for movies using optical cables!
Give me 3D Blu-ray support!
Show me some MP3 and DLNA love!

Those are features people REALLY want. Not more ways to be social. If i wanted to be social I wouldnt be playing video games damnit!
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Illusive_Man  +   513d ago
It's about games. That stuff is unnecessary.
Lockon  +   513d ago
No way we need more stability updates!
Majin-vegeta  +   513d ago

And thats not even half the stuff
GribbleGrunger  +   513d ago
Is this an old article? I find it weird that Sony just announced a huge update recently that didn't have anything to do with 'stability' and then an article like this pops up. Very strange timing ...

"This upcoming update will add a rich video editor with a simple tool to personalise your video clips, and you’ll also be able to export to and save the videos and screenshots you create by pressing the Share button to a USB drive," a blog post explains. "In addition, this update will add an HDCP off option for capturing gameplay via HDMI, a feature we’ve previously said would come after launch.

"We recognise that some gamers want to record and share longer clips of their gameplay sessions, and we’re excited to deliver this option with PS4. There’s a lot more coming in this update as well, so stay tuned for more — there will be plenty in the update to excite everyone."
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xX1NORM1Xx  +   513d ago
As much as I enjoy new features added to my consoles at this point in the life cycle I think xbox one and ps4 need stability to be successful what good is new feature after new feature if they don't work properly and crash constantly but would be good if they could assign more people to stabilising new features so we could get them quicker
xx4xx  +   513d ago
The PS4 hardware is top notch. While the X1 has received numerous new features and upgrades since launch. This is the trade-off.

Sony is a hardware company.
Microsoft is a software company.
jacksons98  +   513d ago
Too bad MS sucks at software.
xx4xx  +   513d ago
While i wont hold Microsoft to some gold standard, they apparently are not as bad as Sony.

And to make matters worse, according to the article AND comments...Sony is slow to support.
Gamer666  +   513d ago
Your comment is lacking this little thing called proof and facts.
Solitaryswordsman  +   513d ago
Get the stability and security right first, everything else is gravy. I guess it wasn't top of sonys priorities to include all the addons at launch, making sure the the console worked and did not overheat was.
blackblades  +   513d ago
Yeah stability and security should always come first.
JuJuRMJ  +   513d ago
I'm hoping to hear something soon regarding that damn error code ce-34878-0 that kicks me out on certain games when playing. I don't really want to replace my system to just only have the issue to continue to persist.
dantesparda  +   513d ago
hm, sorry to hear that, but i havent seen that code in what feels like months. Hwta games are you getting this on? Same with BF4, runs pretty stable for me now, havent had a problem with it for a long time now
JuJuRMJ  +   513d ago
BF4, DC Universe, Warframe even Mercenary Kings, Balcklight, etc. BF4 recently I can't even finish a rounds worth of playtime, and Warframe...Man I would have love to enjoy that game like everyone else unfortunately for me I can just get to title screen and get booted off instantly. It sucks really and hope this can be remedied through an update, patch etc. Don't really want to send my system back but will if needed be.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   513d ago
yeah JuJu I haven't seen that error in a while. But when it was occurring it was mostly on BF4 and a little bit on NBA2K. What is your internet speed? Have u tried deleting your updates and reinstalling? But that being said, it would be cool if they gave you a list of error codes and the possible causes for receiving them like on a car.
JuJuRMJ  +   513d ago
I've done everything there is to do when it comes to solutions as stated on PS support forums for this error but to no avail. Judging from the multiple threads associated with it I'm not the only one. Granted there are many more where the error appears little or not at all, but there's some of us out there who can't enjoy a game as it will boot us off.

My playtime is limited so it truly sucks when I have that opportunity to play, I can't. Here's hoping Sony addresses this for those affected soon.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   513d ago
yeah dude I'd save all my game data or whatever and reset to factory.
isarai  +   513d ago
They've already made it pretty well known they are working on fan demanded features, shit takes time. I hate that everyone just keeps focusing on what the PS4 is missing compared to PS3, but what about what PS4 has that PS3 doesn't? i think the pros far outweigh the cons in that regard, and seeing as how Sony has already said they will be adding these features, those few cons won't even be a factor sooner or later
candy_mafia  +   513d ago
Most, if not all, and more options currently enjoyed by PS3 owners (myself included) will come sooner or later. I remember it took at least 3 years for PS3/UI to evolve to what it is today, so I for one have confidence Sony will continue to listen to, and evolve PS4 :)
Jsoc  +   513d ago
I agree with you , why are gamers acting like the PS4 has been out for 2 or more years.... It's going to hit 5 months ....why can't gamers just enjoy why they got the PS4 in the first place and that is to play games.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   513d ago
Yeah people are nuts this gen. All I hear is a constant groan over the games that have been released. For gods sake this is SONY were talking about, the games will come gents. The system just came out I think they're doing just fine.
malokevi  +   513d ago
Frankly, I'm happy with pure stability. My Ps4 is a gaming machine. I got it for exclusives. My Xbox One will do all the fancy stuff. And so it was written.
BitbyDeath  +   513d ago
PS Blog said about a week or two ago that we'll be getting an update on the new firmware in a few weeks time.

Sucker Punch said we'll be getting a new feature in April that will allow for pre-downloading of games.

Therefore unless delayed it should be out this month.
Edward75  +   513d ago
Yep, shouldn't be long now. It'll be nice when the features get on par with the ps3.
AstroCyborg  +   513d ago
who cares about casual media features the ps4 is a gaming console first if you want the media you should of just got a xbone the media center i personally feel gaming features are far more important than casual media crap
Shad0wRunner  +   513d ago
"Who cares about casual media features?"

A lot of us do. More than you realize. Like one of the posters above said..."The PS3 was chock full of media features from MP3 playback, MP4, Divx, Avi, Mpeg-2 video files, the ability to download from the browser, the ability to stream media from a USB storage device, the ability to copy media from a USB storage device, the ability to READ USB storage devices, and much more. SO...if the PS3 was able to do all that, why should we come to expect any less from the PS4?

It would stand to reason, that the PS4 should be able to do everything the PS3 can do, PLUS more! Theres no reason to gimp media features on a next gen console. When will you people get it thru your heads, that as time and technology advances and evolves...so do our standards and needs for these devices. The more they are capable of doing...the more we WANT them to do. The days of a game console JUST being a game console and playing JUST games, are over! That died out with the PS2, before that even...cuz the PS2 was also being viewed as a DVD player, back then.

Todays gamer wants the core media features from a PC integrated into their next gen consoles....and we shouldnt have to be directed to the XBox One for it!

If all you want is a bare bones console that JUST plays games, good for you...but you dont speak for the rest of the community, pal. I want the whole 9 in mine! ^_-
AstroCyborg  +   513d ago
like i said who cares about casuals from day1 the ps4 was marketed as a GAMING machine
welly300  +   513d ago
It takes time for perfection...
JediDiah  +   513d ago
Did PS4 ever get YouTube app or Dolby Digital for Netflix yet?

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