The best, weirdest, and most comforting theories about BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea ending

GamesBeat: We run through some of the most plausible and fantastic theories about Burial at Sea’s controversial ending.

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Sadie21001449d ago

It's funny that we could use these things to understand these BioShock Infinite stories.

ColManischewitz1449d ago

Still think BioShock would've made for a much better RPG series than a shooter series. Imagine if you had real choice!

-Foxtrot1449d ago

I like to believe in the circle of violence theory

To me though it's not really a theory, it's something that Elizabeth knows she's doing when she meets Atlas in the end. She knows Atlas is going to kill her but at that time she knows something else aswell when she see's a vision of herself on the Plane...Jack.

Elizabeth accepts her face because she knows that her dying and giving Atlas what he wants, his Ace in the Hole, will bring Jack to Rapture and he will finally end the circle of violence for good, saving Sally in the process as she is one of the Little Sisters he adopts.

It's like Daisy Fitzroy she is told that if she pretends that she will hurt a young boy she will die BUT her death will lead to the end of's exactly what happens to Elizabeth at the end, her death brings the fall of Rapture and saves all the Little Sisters.

I think she feels she owes not just Sally but all of them since she says in the game The Big Daddies and Little Sisters are basically Raptures version of SongBird and Elizabeth...constants and variables fitted for Raptures universe, which I'm guessing Andrew is Comstock, Atlas is Daisy and Jack is Booker.

"The main piece of evidence people bring up for this is Infinite’s ambiguous post-credits scene, where Booker wakes up in his office and checks to see if Anna is in her crib, but the screen cuts to black before we can see if she’s actually there. If you’re feeling optimistic, you could interpret it as Booker surviving the aftermath of Columbia and finally being able to raise his daughter in peace."

I like to think Booker survived at the end of the main game, the original Booker anyway. Elizabeth manages to survive because of a paradox the Lutece twins state. So what about if the Paradox moved Booker into a new/different universe. It could one or two ways in this universe.

1) Anna is there in her crib and he finally finds happiness


2) She's not there, it was in his head and something else will happen

With different universes and different versions of characters how do we know we were playing as the real Elizabeth, hell did the real one actually die at the start of the DLC.

What about her dying by Atlas hands causes another paradox and resets her powers....who knows.

I find it funny though she died by a wrench....Jacks first weapon in Bioshock