Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Ep. 2 | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

AWESOMEoutof10's Adam DeMarco dives right back in to Rapture for Irrational Games' last piece of downloadable content for Bioshock Infinite. "Clocking in at roughly five-to-six hours, Episode Two has significantly more content than Episode One. Much like Infinite and Episode One before it, this instalment isn’t perfect, but it’s flaws are outweighed by its strengths. For this reason I recommend Episode Two, as well as the Burial at Sea DLC at large, to fans of the series. If nothing else, long-time fans will want to experience Levine’s send-off to the storied franchise for themselves, and there’s enough to like about Burial at Sea to make playing it a worthwhile endeavor."

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