Dark Souls 3: Seven Changes We'd Like To See

Play magazine takes a look at seven things we'd like to change in a theoretical Dark Souls 3. Praise the sun!

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ZodTheRipper1510d ago

Change #1: Make Demon's Souls 2, not Dark Souls 3

Or am I the only one who enjoyed DeS much more than DaS & DaS2?

Blastoise1510d ago

I can never tell if I prefer Dark Souls or Demon's souls, I do know though that Dark Souls 2 is my least favourite of the three.

ZodTheRipper1510d ago

For me it's the same, DaS2 felt kinda strange.

But I prefer Demon's Souls for many reasons. I loved the Character/World tendency stuff, the separate worlds, the amazing bossfights, the better crafting system, the overall darker tone of the game ...I could go on and on. A Demon's Souls 2 announcement would make my heart stop for a second that's for sure ...another Dark Souls wouldn't excite me at this point.

Darkfire3691509d ago

I loved all of them, but I have to admit, Dark Souls 2 grew on me. I find it better than both DeS and DS because it improves upon a lot of things. I also enjoy the environments, the world, the lore, and the enemies. In the end, it doesn't really matter because I could play all of them and enjoy them all the same.

PurpHerbison1510d ago

I used to say I enjoyed DeS the most but after Dark Souls 2, I have grown a greater appreciation for the first Dark Souls. It's a tie between the two now with Dark Souls 2 coming in last place.

Swiggins1510d ago

Both have things they did well, but what puts Dark Souls over Demons Souls was the vastly improved PVP.

Dark Souls 2 by comparison has lousy PVP. Thankfully I don't think it's unsavable, it's in dire need of rebalancing and tweaking.

Also, Soul Memory is a load of crap, what the hell were you thinking From Software?

Hellsvacancy1510d ago

Soul Memory is by far the worst thing to happen to the Souls games

Blastoise1510d ago

I agree with you both ^

Why add rings that help co-op with friends and then add a stupid soul memory system that makes it completely pointless?

gameslayer24111510d ago

No, I definitly agree with you on that regard, Demon Souls was by far the BEST souls game, took me 72 hours on my first playthrough and that was the most satisfactory feeling ever, finally beating the final bastard. The other Souls game just didn't give me that ultimate challenge that the first one did, but oh well, things will only get better from here.....I hope...

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Swiggins1510d ago

I don't know what this guy is smoking, Clerics are without a doubt some of the most powerful builds in the game.

You can lightning spear just about any boss to death and they get amazing weapons later in the game (Defender's Greatsword anybody?)

LAWSON721510d ago

Yeah I did a lot of coop and them clerics are insane when it comes to dishing out damage.

Dark111510d ago

how about anew IP?..oh who am i kidding they will milk the souls series to death.

xActionBasturdx1510d ago

Althougj i prefer demons souls...dark souls 2 actually feels like demons souls...theybadded im the mechanics i missed atleast like the health penalty for dying and the edible healing items...only difference is that demons souls had the moon grass and dark souls 2 have the life gems...i still prefer the grass lol :)

ziggurcat1510d ago

the only things i want to see:

less focus on PvP. it's the worst part of the game, in my opinion. focus more on co-op if you're going to increase MP functionality.

re-implement the ability to play hollow/spirit form without the risk of being invaded.

Timesplitter141510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Hell no. The forced PvP makes this game so much more exciting. Also, without it, it takes forever to find someone to invade.

ziggurcat1510d ago

i'm not exactly saying to decrease the PvP opportunities, just perhaps increase the co-op opportunities.

xActionBasturdx1509d ago

I love the pvp in Dark souls 2. I bounce between being a blue sentinal (the guilty shall be punished >=]) and being a sunbro praise the sun) but invading someone is the best...especially when you get a runner lol

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