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Amazon reveals its streaming and gaming console – first pics of console and controller

"After a lengthy introduction that showcased Amazon's approach to searching, improving connection speeds for streaming devices, and the need to improve the ecosystem of the systems, Amazon has revealed its new gaming console and streaming device. The approach is to "Invent and Simplify." One thing's for sure - it's a beauty. Named Amazon Fire TV, the box promises to be Amazon's adventure into the ever-growing market of instant streaming devices. The best part - by next month, thousands of games will be available to play." (Amazon, Android)

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Axonometri  +   517d ago
I was about to ask, why do I want this over a tablet? Then I saw $39.99. Yep, if you have no tablet and or console, this is priced to sell vs. the other Android gaming consoles.

After being pointed out that I missed the fact that the controller is 39 and the box is 99, I retract my statement.

At near $150, it's just another grab in the bag.
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Ilovetheps4  +   517d ago
The system is $99 and the controller is $39. Just letting you know
Axonometri  +   517d ago
Hey thanks. I missed that indeed.
ZodTheRipper  +   517d ago
After they aquired Double Helix I was hoping for a real gaming console tbh ...now I'm definately not interested anymore. And the name sucks, "Amazon Fire TV"?

ThunderSpark  +   517d ago
Is it just me or does the controller look similar to a Xbox controller?
alexkoepp  +   517d ago
Xbox has the best controller layout, no surprise they copied it
Rainstorm81  +   517d ago

Nice way to pass an opinion off as fact....SMH
dmeador  +   517d ago

You're really shaking your head that he didn't put 'imo' when he clearly stated one?
VforVideogames  +   516d ago
The controller has the PS4 design and the XB1layout
palaeomerus  +   516d ago
"The controller has the PS4 design and the XB1layout"

Nope. It looks like the Onlive controller only with spit thumb sticks.

il-JumperMT  +   516d ago
Remind me why playstation controller has grammy awards and xbox one doesnt
Ritsujun  +   516d ago
LOL @ alexkoepp's taste.
frostypants  +   516d ago
Living room devices that are media first, gaming second never succeed. This is the 3DO all over again, albeit cheaper.
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nrvalleytime  +   517d ago
That's the kicker - by itself, the top set is just $99. You'll get your value from there if you want it just for top-set purposes.

But the controller is an additional $39.99 - that is where Amazon will make money. I can't imagine the controller components cost that much initially, so, combining purchases on the game store and the initial purchase of the controller, you're looking at quite the back-end profit.
thehitman  +   516d ago
xbox and playstation controllers are $59.99 so no I dont think the profit is in the controller. Its just an add-on that adds value to the box as a gaming device for your tv. This is probably very smart by amazon because I dont think they could just jump in head first spec for spec against the ps4/xb1 and gain market share. They would have to invade living rooms another way and gradually work their way up.
kayoss  +   517d ago
its a Vita Tv??? no its a flatten Ouya??.. wait its only $129.99!!!
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snyder2nyce  +   516d ago
The hardware is two years old most flagship phones from late 2012 and later destroys this thing. Snapdragon S4pro+adreno320= Nexus 4
frostypants  +   516d ago
@snyder2nyce, yep! There's a reason why they showcased Minecraft. Fantastic game, but it's about as much as this thing could pull off.
Back-to-Back  +   517d ago
Makes no sense for amazon to make a set top box.

Gamers will choose xbox one or ps4.

The apps they offer are on most smart tvs. Ill bet any money amazon wont support this thing for more than 6-12 months.

And btw that might be the ugliest controller I have ever saw. It manages to take the onlive controller and make it worse(hard to do).
ger2396  +   517d ago
But not everyone owns a smart tv. The controller somewhat resembles the Xbox one controller.
cyguration  +   517d ago
ger is correct. A lot of people only have HDTVs, so instead of buying a new TV to watch TV on your TV, you can just buy the Amazon set top box.
Rainstorm81  +   517d ago
Or buy Google Chromecast which is cheaper than the Fire TV controller if u just want streaming capabilities
xActionBasturdx  +   516d ago
This interests me alot because i was going to buy a vizio smart tv for like $700...but with this i can keep my regular samsung hd tv and make it smart for a fraction of the price. I might look into getting this in a few months, just gotta see who's gonna support it
avengers1978  +   516d ago
Well I think there going for non gamers here, they compare it to Apple TV, or a rokou box, but added games to it. It's a set top box first, and a gaming machine second.
They really have the name recognition to make this work, but to get the full value out of this device you need an amazon prime membership too, so really your looking at a 240$ investment if you want the whole shebang.
frostypants  +   516d ago
@avengers1978, but that's just it...someone who cares about games is likely going to run with a PS3/360/PS4/One. Someone who mainly cares about streaming is going to buy a Roku or Chromecast. The only niche this appeals to are people who want streaming and very casual gaming, AND want to pay a premium for that very casual gaming. I don't doubt that there are people like that, but hardly enough to make this successful. Hell, I already have Amazon Prime and I'm not even a little bit intrigued.
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Aleithian  +   517d ago
As they say, it's meant for people who don't have consoles. As it is, I have consoles, can stream TV and movie content, and don't give two craps about Android gaming. I'm pretty sure my sentiment is repeated by many millions of gamers. So they might find themselves with a niche market, but they certainly won't be challenging X1, PS4, or PC in any sense.
rdgneoz3  +   517d ago
If you checked the specs out for the system (2 GB ram, 8 GB storage), don't think they'll be challenging any PC or next gen console.
chaosdemon09  +   516d ago
Bingo. Android gaming no where's near the gaming we have now on the ps4,PC or xbone. As I stated before this is a swing and miss. Yes they made there own games and have EA signed on. If they made this thing just as powerful as the ps4 and said we have alot of devs working on games for us. Revealed some exclusives from big company's like EA that ps4 and xbone used to have then that be a game changer. This thing in terms of streaming and gaming does less then the ps3 and Xbox360 does. I get there trying to get in the gaming market but seriously no one in that office said...gamers are nuts.. You can't come at them with last gen specs and think your going to win them over. I just can't understand what goes though these billion dollar companies heads. Stick to what your good at and make it better. Trying to get in a market you have no clue about is dumb. With all there money they could have bought Sony and then shook up the gaming industry but this is just going to get people hooked in for streaming. Not gaming.
Magicite  +   517d ago
meh, nowadays almost any big corp wanna make an android console.
3-4-5  +   517d ago
* So they are going after the people who don't like gaming enough to buy a console, buy offering them.............A console?

* Once somebody goes from mobile only to playing with a controller, they will then realize there are better consoles, with better games, and better controllers, for not much more.

* For $150, I'd rather have a 3DS/Vita b or put it towards a Wii U,XB1,PS4
Mystogan  +   517d ago
For some reason. Every controller that has asymmetric analog sticks "look like" Xbox controllers.

this controller looks nothing like an Xbox Controller. Only the analog sticks are placed the same way.
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miyamoto  +   517d ago
Yup the sega saturn came up with that analog placement for their 3D controller and the Sega Dreamcast put real triggers on it and reduced ABC XYZ face buttons to just BA YX which MS copied to this day.
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ITPython  +   517d ago
Oh I dunno, perhaps the same exact lettering on the buttons has something to do with it as well. And the analog stick placement... and the d-pad placement... and it is just as bulky... and it has the same battery configuration/look (check the last pic in the link)...

Also the controller even has the same styling/shape on the parts which rest in your palm. The controllers silhouette is a near perfect copy of an xbox controller.

Although they did use the R1/R2 wording for the triggers vs whatever the heck the xbox uses.

It's a xbox controller clone without a shred of doubt.
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Bigpappy  +   516d ago
@Mystogan: I agree. Most here are saying they look alike because the sticks are in similar positions. But even if it resembles the Xbox controller, that is doesn't suddenly make it desirable. The big draw to the Xbox controller is how comfortable it feels while using it. The only thing about the looks of it that stand out is the high quality of the finish. The comfort even after many hours is what amazes me the most about Xbox controllers. I tried some cheaper clones, and the OEM versions are worth the extra coin. No even close.
Tiqila  +   516d ago
It resembles the onlive controller. There is only very slight similarity between this one and an xbox controller.

Unlike the xbox controller this one looks cheap and uncomfortable.
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ITPython  +   517d ago
Wow, the controller couldn't be any more of a xbox clone controller. I think that confirms that they were really thinking about buying the xbox division, and may confirm that it still could happen (makes for an easier transition when the customers need to start using the actual xbox controller). Plus the device fits well with the MS mantra of TV TV TV TV TV TV!!!!
frostypants  +   516d ago
People who want to see Xbox controllers see them everywhere. It looks no more like an Xbox controller than the Xbox controller looks like an N64 controller.
sentury111  +   516d ago
At least Amazon got the Controller analogue layout correct.
TAURUS-555  +   516d ago
fire tv...XD

sound like something related to hunger games fire whatever
kalbo14  +   517d ago
would be nice to compete with ouya..if this is running on android i might pick it up..

speaking of controller. can someone tell me which one is a good ps4 charging station?.
2. sony official
3. power A (sony licensed)
4. nyko

thanks guys
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Detoxx  +   517d ago
5. The cable you get with the PS4.
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kalbo14  +   517d ago
i wont be bothering asking for a suggestion if i want to use the cable..simple stupid logic brother use the brain one time.. april fools has pass and your still acting as a fool wake up
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nunley33  +   517d ago
Lol i say neither but i did see someone putting out an extended battery for the DS4.
rdgneoz3  +   517d ago
Here's a cheap idea:

get an extension cord and buy a USB wall charger (both of which are cheap) to hook the cable you got with the PS4 to it.
dmeador  +   517d ago

I think logic would dictate you not ask questions about the best PS4 charger on an article about a new Amazon console. Also thanks for my daily dose of irony in your post, haha
SheenuTheLegend  +   516d ago
lol, damn funny truth
ThatArtGuy  +   517d ago
I have the official Sony charging station. It's pretty nice and does its job.
kayoss  +   517d ago
I had good experiences with Nyko. I have one for my PS3 and PS4.
R-A-S-0  +   517d ago
I don't have one but I've heard the official Sony one's the best way to go. Hard as balls to find here in the UK though
Kidmyst  +   517d ago
I used to charge my PS3 controllers with the USB on my Charter Motorola cable box. But when I plug the PS4 controller in, well it re-boots the cable box :) kinda funny really.
ziggurcat  +   517d ago
unless you have multiple controllers, a charging station is unnecessary - in which case, the cable + standby mode is your best option.

however, if i were to get one once i got around to getting a second controller, it'd likely be the official one.
arkard  +   516d ago
I got a cheap chinese one off of ebay and got a usb wall charger for it. Cost about 10$ total and lets me charge 2 controllers at once. Works great!
WeAreLegion  +   517d ago
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ArbitorChief  +   517d ago
Sounds interesting if you want digital media content, but if you have a console already or a Tablet, you don't really need this, but it's cool to see Amazon entering the gaming industry.
YodaCracker  +   517d ago
I like the analog stick placement on the controller.
DigitalRaptor  +   517d ago
Do you have asymmetrical hands? Or just what you're used to?
matrixman92  +   517d ago
Ouya 2.0 confirmed...incoming flop
xSHADOWx  +   517d ago

I see where this could be going.
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D-riders  +   517d ago
what is the purpose of this
MegaRay  +   517d ago
Wasting money! :P
Aleithian  +   517d ago
ginsunuva  +   517d ago
For people who do not have any of the following:

A tablet/phone/laptop to hook up to a tv.
A console
A smart TV
Some other streaming box device or a chromecast

A demographic growing smaller every day.
Dlacy13g  +   517d ago
Basically a $100 for the box that gets you Amazon Streaming TV/Movies and games but no controller(thats an extra $40) to me is way over priced considering I can access the Amazon TV stuff through many other devices already and the game they have to offer are pretty much already available on my tablet & phone. No thanks.

Also I am pretty sure you will need to subscribe to Amazon Prime still to get their Prime stream service so with out Prime you are basically able to rent movies/tv series like any other one of their competitors including the cable offerings.
Software_Lover  +   517d ago
Dont tell Amazon you need prime to use their box. They will think you're a Microsoft fanboy
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   517d ago
Their policies actually make this an impossible sale for anyone outside of the U.S. I doubt they got the same library country to country.
mixelon  +   516d ago
I have prime, i got it when it only meant "free" next day delivery.. Was surprised when it meant i could stream tv and movies too.. I'm in the UK
B1uBurneR  +   517d ago
Smells like fail to me
aquamala  +   517d ago
just too expensive with a controller
Software_Lover  +   517d ago
So its a black Vita TV?
Aleithian  +   517d ago
Don't be racist.
Software_Lover  +   517d ago
pabadamus1  +   517d ago
This is definitely not for me. I do not want to play android games on a large screen. I am not going to cry doom and gloom just yet but once you remove mobility from a platform born out of that necessity everything else becomes redundant and underpowered regarding the hardware in most modern households. Most will not embrace mobile games on an immobile device. Ouya is all the evidence we need to illustrate that point.

On the surface this looks like a half baked attempt to push Amazon streaming services into homes that do not have a streaming solution in the living room. There are not many of those types of homes left which leads me to question this strategy. It is obvious games are not the focus just by looking at the interface. Games are 4th or 5th on the list. Amazon has aspirations to dethrone Netflix as the streaming solution of choice and are attempting to do so using similar tactics to what Netflix has employed in the past. Netflix = Roku and Amazon will now equal Fire TV...that also plays games.
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christheredhead  +   517d ago
Essentially, the way I see it, this device competes with Apple Tv, Google Chromecast, Roku etc, only difference is that Amazon's device has games as their own niche to the market. It won't be their main selling point, but it will be what makes them different from the rest. It will move units for them in the long run though, especially with families. A little something for everyone basically.

This is not a gaming device though so I don't think it appeals to anyone here on n4g, but it will help them gain momentum in a market that is already crowded by the top dogs.

I really have no interest in the device as its not for me. So, not to worried about how this plays out.
pabadamus1  +   517d ago
I agree with the assessment. I just don't see how mobile gaming serves as the most effective differentiator/Trojan horse into this space. Maybe I am viewing this from the perspective of a gaming enthusiast that sees no value in mobile gaming outside of mobile. Casuals are most likely of a different mindset.

Again, for the most part we are in agreement. I just don't believe making a box that does the same thing as every other STB, with the exception of lite gaming, is going to compel many to discard the myriad of devices they already own or buy an additional, redundant device.
jacksons98  +   517d ago
Amazon console $99 + $39 for controller = $138
PS3 /w controller $199

Not sure why anyone would go with the Amazon controller.
AnEwGuY  +   517d ago
Yet another company ripping off the XBOX controller layout and design...Nintendo and Amazon being the most blatant offenders.
christheredhead  +   517d ago
Not really such a bad thing though. Especially seeing as how Microsoft ripped off their controller design from Sega.

Long live the Dreamcast!
Nero1314  +   516d ago
Yeah but the 360 controller is 10 times better .
EximiusNebula  +   517d ago
False, Xbox controller design was taken from Sega.

nunley33  +   517d ago
Ms and sony ripped off nintendo. Zelda oot z lock,analog stick,rumble pack, the list goes on. It wasn't just those 2 that adopted z lock,everyone did. I remember nintendo being laughed at for its rumble pack,right after they adopted rumble too. But hey i love nintendo and sony so it's all good, well old ninty pre-wii. I wish nintendo would copy them and make an online network and online store accounts tied to you know online and not the system.
MCTJim  +   517d ago
Pass from me since I'm already a prime member and own a console.

Its pretty cool in terms of those without consoles..It may sell rather well based on price.... But I see no mention of built in wireless card on the device...If its just Ethernet...cant see it as a huge seller.
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Juiceid  +   516d ago
Built in mimo wifi.
MCTJim  +   516d ago
Cool. Then I may pick one up for my bedroom TV.
RE_L_MAYER  +   517d ago
there is only so many choices for a controller design...all othet has been made so relax about the controller,i wander if i can play ps3 titles on this thing
franwex  +   517d ago
ABXY buttons. I suppose we are still emulating the SNES controller to this day! Not sure why they just don't choose a different letter scheme.
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Predaking  +   517d ago
Don't know how to feel about it but at least is a sign that the console market is strong and growing.
maniacmayhem  +   517d ago
A lot of companies getting into the set top streaming market. Seems like a waste that they bought out Double Helix just to develop for this system though.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   517d ago
Dude...I think it has the same specs as my phone...
GentlemenRUs  +   517d ago
At first I thought "For £25 you can't go wrong!"... Then I saw the real price...


Also the TROLL's took my bubbles away... Can't wait for the NEW N4G!

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? Reply to why you disagree with me.
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mixelon  +   516d ago
That sig is a sure fire way to get almost infinite disagrees.

I also disagree about it flopping, i see this being pretty successful, just we aren't the target audience so much.
PersonMan  +   517d ago
CONFIRMED: Watch Dogs was downgraded to run on this!
RE_L_MAYER  +   517d ago
i heard watch dogs has 2 disks too)))
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nunley33  +   517d ago
I seen the specs for this and it's above ouya and maybe on WiiU's level. Streaming video is the main feature here and games secondary. It's competitors will be apple tv and roku boxes, i'm more likely to buy a roku in the future than this.
sonicsidewinder  +   517d ago
Console Trash.
Godmars290  +   517d ago
My deciding factor with streaming devices will always be Blip and/or Dailymotion. Something that's easy to use with them anyway. And this doesn't seem to have either.
Reddzfoxx  +   517d ago
SMH @ Amazon.
extermin8or  +   517d ago
Sony should have released PS vita tv in the west... at least in january, they'd already have this market cornered and with ps now and ps tv streaming services on the way... fools. They gone messed up.....
Godmars290  +   517d ago
Except that its a crippled device. A Vita that can't play some Vita games. Which streams like a Vita rather than a streaming device.

It may still sell if its ever released outside of Japan, not that its doing well in Japan to support such a move, and I dearly would like a western version, but with this where the PS4 likely has nothing to worry about, this has likely killed the PSVtv.

Unless Sony does some heavy pushing for it as a satellite device for PSTV.
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Edsword  +   517d ago
Wow, where did this come from. It feels like a flop to me, but who knows.
Gotcha5  +   517d ago
You get Nvidia Shield or Mad Cats Mojo with Tegra 4 from Newegg at $199 to $169 with code.
chaosdemon09  +   516d ago
My friend gave me that.. I loved it at 1st but android gaming just isn't there yet in terms of gameplay.. And the streaming games they had on there to play where ok. If I had a compatible PC I would have kept it. So I sold it on ebay for 183 bucks. And with that money I bought a vita with a 16gb card. My gf has a vita so when we wanna game together we can a hoc away and have fun . Had enough money left over to buy a case, pouch plus 35 bucks left over. While I wait for the vita to come in the mail in a few days ill be playing on my gfs the j stars victory game bwahhahha. But my point is..anything with android in terms of gaming just isn't there yet.

Amazon will get some people to bite but in terms of a gaming machine? Nah. It would have had to have the same set of specs the ps4 and xbone have. And make there own games that outshine Sony and Microsoft.

Yes they made a game and signed on the likes of EA. It's not enough though. This would have worked great when the ps3 just came out. Hell they may have knocked Sony and Microsoft right out of there shoes. But that was what? 6 years ago? 7? Just goes to show ya sometimes these companies swing and miss. This is a miss. Sorry to say cause I love amazon there customer service is A+. There the reason I got my ps4 day one. But this isn't a console. It's a streaming box. There's android hdmi sticks that do the same thing. Gaming wise and have actual android on it.
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