Infamous: Second Son Proves Games Have Outgrown Good and Evil Morality

Second Son’s good and evil choices seem archaic when the game’s character writing seems to have improved leaps and bounds past what the first two Infamous games had to offer. Is it time for the series to drop what was originally one of the series’ defining mechanics? Or perhaps all it needs is a little bit of modification?

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Shadonic1448d ago

No it just needs modification, the story didnt really even have any sort of additions that would provide for different conflicts that could lead to impacting decisions.

An Infamous where if your good or evil was dependent more on how you played instead of what decisions you made would fit second son more maybe.

Either way you need a good story thats flexible and has both good and evil moral decisions that fit unlike in Second sons. Everything evil just felt shoehorned in.

DanielGearSolid1446d ago


I hate knee jerk reactions like this..

A morality system can still work if done right

moujahed1446d ago

I'm playing the good role, but if being evil doesn't change his dialogue as your fighting, his demeanor or his appearance at all then I feel that it's pointless to even include that. Fable is the only game I can think of that did it right.

ScareFactor1446d ago

It does change his appearance and dialogue

moujahed1446d ago

O_O Gadzooks!!! So wtf is the article complaining for?!?

SSJBen1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


All it changes is the color of his sweater, not his face. Cole in inFamous 1&2 at least has his skin and outlook changed.

And his dialogue, no it doesn't change. Don't bs please.