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Are ported games bad for the industry?

Do rehashed titles like the next-gen version of Tomb Raider damage the industry? (Industry, Next-Gen, PS4, The Last of Us: Complete Edition, Tomb Raider, Xbox One)

TrueJerseyDevil  +   487d ago
Depending on how late they were released during the last generation. The Last of Us is okay because it came out a couple of months before release of the new console's. If a game came out a year or two ago than i don't agree with it, but I guess it is okay for people who didn't play it the first time
randomass171  +   486d ago
Actually I think it's even worse with Last of Us's case. If they're going to bother porting game months after the original release, there really should be new content in the game and a discounted price.
sobotz  +   486d ago
The Last of Us is okay I think, because there's a lot people who haven't played it yet. Mostly people who skipped PS3 and jump straight to PS4. I just hope it's a good port like Tomb Raider Definitive Edt.

But you're right, they must at least release it at a discounted price.
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ArchangelMike  +   486d ago

How do you know that The Last of Us next-gen won't have new content? We have no information about the next gen port. Heck Sony haven't even confirmed it.
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batbatz  +   486d ago
worse?, why not give former XBox only gamers the chance to play one of the greatest games or recent memory on their PS4?, whats wrong with that?
theshonen8899  +   486d ago
I still don't understand why this is a topic for discussion. I feel the same way about ported/HD remaster/remake games as I do about classic movies remastered on blu-ray, a new model year of a car, or the next iPhone. Why does it matter to me if a game I played is getting ported or remade? It's still my decision on whether or not I think it's worth it. And it always will be.
Sharky231  +   486d ago
There giving you left behind! If you haven't played it before you get a little extra for 15$ less.
Cobra951  +   486d ago
sobotz, batbatz and theshonen: thank you! My thoughts exactly. This will be very good for some of us, and it won't hurt the rest of us. So why is it being treated as controversy?
randomass171  +   485d ago
It's not being treated as controversy. I just think it's not worth focusing on ports unless there is new content or a big graphical upgrade. It takes resources away from other games that the devs could be working on. All that is called my opinion.
incendy35  +   486d ago
I think it is the opposite. Old games being remade with new engines is fun. Re-releasing new games that just came out is an obvious cash grab.
Venox2008  +   486d ago
I dont mind a good port..plus there will always be people who maybe didnt have a console at that time, so if devs can earn some money on this, why not? plus that money gonna go on their future projects, plus I have always wanted after playing Last of Us, to see it how it will look on PS4 and if it will be released on PS4, then I will get to play DLC as well, since I didnt buy it on PS3
Stringerbell  +   486d ago
So long as they take advantage of said systems capabilities then why not? The Dreamcast at the time was the king of enhancing titles back in the day. For instance games like Jedi Power Battles, Episode 1 Racer, Rayman 2,(unofficially) Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, and Tekken 3 all ran superb. In an ironic twist of fate, Dreamcast ports to the PS2 and XB were more often than not inferior. Capcom vs SNK 2, Crazy Taxi (these titles had more to do with the lack of NAOMI tbh), Grandia II is the standout though. That PS2 version is just god awful.
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mmc-007  +   486d ago
yea ofcours.. Grandia 2 was ported from the Dreamcast version.
MasterCornholio  +   486d ago
Developers shouldn't focus their expenditure on ports but I honestly dont see how its a bad thing. For example if Rockstar made a PS4 version of GTAV I would buy it since I never played the game before and it must be fantastic to play it in 1080P with a stable framerate.
Flo-con  +   486d ago
Ported games, are they worst than cancer? - random website
mmc-007  +   486d ago
aslong as it's not full priced like Tomb raider, I would buy TLoU for 40-30€ not for 60€.
batbatz  +   486d ago
DanielGearSolid  +   486d ago
This is all that needs to be said, next topic
Stoppokingme  +   486d ago
Porting should become less of a problem when last gen is phased out.

There's a transitional phase going on and some people may have missed out on last gen games and wish to experience them this gen, and I don't see a problem with that.

However it's a kick in the nuts to some who payed 100AUD for a game only for a refined edition with extra content to be released just after you've finished the original version.

I personally like the idea of anniversary editions like 343 did with Halo, so many studios could kill two birds with one stone: reviving old classics while generating revenue.
Dynasty2021  +   486d ago
PC gamers have had to deal with shoddy PC ports for the past 5 or so years, and it's disgusting.

Deus Ex Human Revolution was successful, even though 1/3rd of the game leaked online as a press version.

In fact, it was successful BECAUSE it was leaked, as everyone thought it would be a shoddy PC port.

Another PC game ruined by consoles.

But for once, it wasn't. They had a seperate team developing the PC version, and it was fantastic, so the leak got everyone's assurances up and pre-orders went through the frigging roof.

I don't care about PS3 games being ported to PS4, as console owners are dumb enough to buy it even though they've owned the PS3 version. It's an easy cash-in for the devs, and the only people to blame are the people buying this crap.

I'm more concerned about terrible PC ports out of dev laziness.
Phoenix76  +   486d ago
Depends on your own POV when it comes down to ported games. Personally I think the are a waste of money really for us gamers whilst being an easy cash cow devs. About 2 months ago a work mate of said he was going to be buying TR for his ps4. I said he would be better paying for a ps+ instead, but he chose to buy the game instead. 5 days later, TR was given away for free to ps+ members. My mate realised he had made a mistake and could of got upto 4 games for the price of one! Something that he deeply regrets now.
anesthesique  +   486d ago
Not a huge fan of ported games, even the great ones. I'd prefer the developers behind them working on bringing a sequel or something completely new to next gen, focused solely on the capabilities the new consoles can bring out, rather than recycling old games for easy money.
Tempest317  +   486d ago
I don't really see how more options for gamers could possibly damage the industry. Every single gamer has the option to either buy or pass, and ports just mean they have more choices, possibly of games they weren't able to play. The author call the port of tomb raider "lazy". Seriously? Upgraded textures and lighting all around, with added functionality (touch pad, voice commands). Lazy as hell, damn you SE! Seriously, getting offended that a dev ports a game to a new console/generation is plain ignorance. How does it affect people who played it originally? It doesn't. It's not like devs are pushing back new and original IPs for these, they are releasing them to keep content coming for the new generation, while their major teams continue work elsewhere. I'm pretty over this whole "ports are ruining the industry" thing. The only thing thats gonna hurt is if devs stop making these ports because of the .01% of people bitching (but making the loudest noise) about it. Then we'll have less options. How will that be any better?
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ginsunuva  +   485d ago
There's only a few thousand people out there like us who even know or care what textures are.

And if someone really cared about minor visual upgrades, they'd buy all games on pc.
Tempest317  +   485d ago
Really? Tomb raider had nearly equal textures and better lighting on ps4...but regardless of who knows about textures its still never a bad thing to have the same game available on multiple platforms...unless its a shitty port, which NONE of the next gen ports talked about have been shitty.
mochachino  +   485d ago

If Nintendo did a Metroid Prime trilogy I'd get a Wii u
danny818  +   485d ago
I personally don't think so. If you think the publisher is ripping you off and the content isn't there to justify the price point then don't buy it. Very simple. I bought tomb raider the definitive edition because I didn't have the opportunity to buy it before and heard great things about the game.
AstroCyborg  +   485d ago
how is giving gamers more games ever a bad thing
stefan771  +   485d ago
Yes. With such high demand we will end up seeing more ports than proper 8th gen games

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