Are ported games bad for the industry?

Do rehashed titles like the next-gen version of Tomb Raider damage the industry?

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TrueJerseyDevil1485d ago

Depending on how late they were released during the last generation. The Last of Us is okay because it came out a couple of months before release of the new console's. If a game came out a year or two ago than i don't agree with it, but I guess it is okay for people who didn't play it the first time

randomass1711484d ago

Actually I think it's even worse with Last of Us's case. If they're going to bother porting game months after the original release, there really should be new content in the game and a discounted price.

sobotz1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

The Last of Us is okay I think, because there's a lot people who haven't played it yet. Mostly people who skipped PS3 and jump straight to PS4. I just hope it's a good port like Tomb Raider Definitive Edt.

But you're right, they must at least release it at a discounted price.

ArchangelMike1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


How do you know that The Last of Us next-gen won't have new content? We have no information about the next gen port. Heck Sony haven't even confirmed it.

batbatz1483d ago

worse?, why not give former XBox only gamers the chance to play one of the greatest games or recent memory on their PS4?, whats wrong with that?

theshonen88991483d ago

I still don't understand why this is a topic for discussion. I feel the same way about ported/HD remaster/remake games as I do about classic movies remastered on blu-ray, a new model year of a car, or the next iPhone. Why does it matter to me if a game I played is getting ported or remade? It's still my decision on whether or not I think it's worth it. And it always will be.

Sharky2311483d ago

There giving you left behind! If you haven't played it before you get a little extra for 15$ less.

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randomass1711483d ago

It's not being treated as controversy. I just think it's not worth focusing on ports unless there is new content or a big graphical upgrade. It takes resources away from other games that the devs could be working on. All that is called my opinion.

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incendy351483d ago

I think it is the opposite. Old games being remade with new engines is fun. Re-releasing new games that just came out is an obvious cash grab.

Venox20081484d ago

I dont mind a good there will always be people who maybe didnt have a console at that time, so if devs can earn some money on this, why not? plus that money gonna go on their future projects, plus I have always wanted after playing Last of Us, to see it how it will look on PS4 and if it will be released on PS4, then I will get to play DLC as well, since I didnt buy it on PS3

Stringerbell1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

So long as they take advantage of said systems capabilities then why not? The Dreamcast at the time was the king of enhancing titles back in the day. For instance games like Jedi Power Battles, Episode 1 Racer, Rayman 2,(unofficially) Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, and Tekken 3 all ran superb. In an ironic twist of fate, Dreamcast ports to the PS2 and XB were more often than not inferior. Capcom vs SNK 2, Crazy Taxi (these titles had more to do with the lack of NAOMI tbh), Grandia II is the standout though. That PS2 version is just god awful.

mmc-0071483d ago

yea ofcours.. Grandia 2 was ported from the Dreamcast version.

MasterCornholio1483d ago

Developers shouldn't focus their expenditure on ports but I honestly dont see how its a bad thing. For example if Rockstar made a PS4 version of GTAV I would buy it since I never played the game before and it must be fantastic to play it in 1080P with a stable framerate.

Flo-con1483d ago

Ported games, are they worst than cancer? - random website

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