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Submitted by PockyKing 676d ago | opinion piece

How to Make Dark Souls 2 A Little Bit Easier

OnlySP: Dark Souls 2 is not an easy game. Not at all. For an inexperienced newbie playing the series for the first time ever, the game might seem like an almost impossible challenge that only a masochist could enjoy, don’t worry though it’s not all doom and gloom. Here’s a few tips to help make the tough as nails game just that little bit easier. (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

LAWSON72  +   676d ago
Well I watched a speed runner, and I have to say use your early shards and upgrade two clubs. Them things are badass and stagger many bosses. After watching that vid, I regret being a DEX build because str looks far superior
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Hellsvacancy  +   676d ago
Or buy/loot the ring of life protection and never lose any souls again, when you die the ring breaks, just go get it repaired

I've actually got 3 of these rings, and i'm still on my first playthrough, i'm surprised they haven't patched it
LAWSON72  +   676d ago
Well that is strange. That would make the game very easy
Hellsvacancy  +   676d ago
Yeah it's pretty bad

I think they'll patch it, they should
Master-H  +   676d ago
The game is not that hard on NG , with the exception of maybe the Smelter Demon, also...some of the god damn optional bosses are just crazy frustratingly hard ..SPOILERS............ the game was all easy for me until i reached King Vendrick, Darklurker and the Ancient Dragon then that shit took a huuuge spike in difficulty and i had to go completely naked on all three with my str build, i think Darklurker is the toughest boss i've ever beat in any game not just the series, that shit was just ridiculous once he splits, i ran out of effigies, had to buy the ones for sale, and even those i have like 2 or 3 left after killing him.
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ziggurcat  +   676d ago
"i ran out of effigies, had to buy the ones for sale, and even those i have like 2 or 3 left after killing him."

you have access to infinite humanity restoration in the shrine of amana as long as you have no effigies in your inventory.
Hellsvacancy  +   676d ago
That's good to know, thanks
Master-H  +   676d ago
oh, it once did restore my humanity, now i know why and when it does , thanks, but that won't help with Darklurker, you have to offer up human effigies (as items) t othe npc there everytime you want to try Darklurker, doesn't matter if you're human or hollow. oh did i mention you can't summon phantoms there to help you..

also does the shrine work if you leave all your effigies on the floor then pray, then pick em up ? lol i have to test that.
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ziggurcat  +   676d ago
@ master-h:

ahhh... did not realize that you need effigies for the pilgrim covenant (i'm a sunbro through and through).

and i'm sure that would work since you just can't have any in your inventory, so technically they wouldn't be if you leave them on the ground...
LAWSON72  +   676d ago
Actually no it does not work if you lay the effigies on the floor. At least that is what I read on Gamefaqs a week or so ago.
crazysammy  +   676d ago
Some good points in the article thanks for posting!

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