Murdered Soul Suspect Dev Faced No Hurdles From Xbox One's eSRAM, Runs At 1080p/30fps

"Of all the big-name games coming out in the coming months, Square Enix's Murdered: Soul Suspect - developed by Airtight Games, which also created Quantum Conundrum - is perhaps the most under-rated and intriguing."

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B-radical1542d ago

Takes time to get use to complicated hardware MS why you do this

FriedGoat1542d ago

I read the title and thought a dev was murdered.

ThunderSpark1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Well, we all knew XBox one would start getting more and more 1080p games later. It was just a matter of when. Two issues I have with this is why is it locked at 30fps for both consoles? That alone doesn't make sense when we all know the PS4 is more capable. Parity clause anyone?

Second issue is that this is not something to brag about big Square has the bugdet to spend more time and resources on the Xbox One in order for it to run at 1080p. Not every dev and Indie dev have the time and resources to do that. So when 1080p becomes the standard on Xbox One then great, hurdle cleared. Until then, 1080p is still a rarity for the console.

pedrof931542d ago


The game's graphics aren't the most refined.

georgeenoob1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

It seems the Oddworld dev was right. It's only a matter of time until every X1 game is 1080p.

GarrusVakarian1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )


"It seems the Oddworld dev was right. It's only a matter of time until every X1 game is 1080p."

That depends entirely on the game and the developer. Some devs WILL decide to sacrifice res for other things, that goes for both consoles and is already apparent. Not *every* X1 game will be 1080p.

Btw, i thought 1080p was hardly noticeable from 720p? So, you care about 1080p now because a dev said X1 will be doing 1080p soon? I knew all that resolution downplaying was denial-ridden garbage.

pheature1542d ago

Thats the microsoft way, murder.
They killed the console, ppl would be only a matter of time.

watch out

Dlacy13g1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

@whathappened "Second issue is that this is not something to brag about big Square has the bugdet to spend more time and resources on the Xbox One in order for it to run at 1080p. "

Nobody is bragging... Gamingbolt is digging for something in their conversation with the developer. They asked because they can turn it into a headline one way or another. If Gamingbolt (or other site looking to make a headline) doesn't ask this question the game just would have released and all would just have played it. I doubt they would even bring up resolution unless its specifically asked about.

xer01542d ago

But the games graphics/physics are hardly next gen...

RE_L_MAYER1542d ago

haha first they fire them all and now dev murders))))

maniacmayhem1542d ago

Yea, that was pretty funny.

fr0sty1542d ago

I heard a dev say that they didn't have any trouble getting pacman to run at 1080p60... Parity confirmed!!!

u got owned1541d ago

Ok let sum up this whole thread.

Sony fan; ps4 is more powerful and the esram is a bottleneck for Xbox. Blah blah

Xbox fan; developers are getting better at working with esram, dx12 will be xbox savior... Blah blah

In a nutshell; Why are we beating a dead horse.

Ritsujun1541d ago

Don't give up, MS!!!!!!!!

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DeadRabbits1542d ago ShowReplies(7)
Flamingweazel1542d ago

more to do with the fact this is an indie game ROFL.

Alsybub1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Indie game? Really?

Square does indie? They really have tumbled then.

Dewitt1542d ago

Do you know what an indie game is?

kreate1542d ago

Square does indie and mobile games. Tablet games etc.

Square did tumble a lot.

R-A-S-01542d ago

'indie' isn't a style of game. It means that the game was developed without the financial backing of a major publisher like Square

Kingthrash3601542d ago

this guy thinks anything not a fps is a indie...smh, kids.

threefootwang1542d ago

I read your comment, then I read the replies, then I saw your name. Touche good sir, touche! lmao

kreate1542d ago

Sounds like a definition from Wikipedia.


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andrewsqual1542d ago

And so should a game running on the ancient Unreal 3 engine run. This game in particular is nothing special.

@B-radical eSRAM is NOT complicated. It is as basic as it gets. Why is it so complicated for you to understand this?

B-radical1541d ago

Mate its not just the esram um talking about. I meant all of it. Move engines aren't the most simplest thing to master. Gotta have all data in right spot right time

otherZinc1542d ago

Forza Motorsport 5: 1080p @ 60fps!
Still the only next-generation game doing this.
Not a Port.

Where's Drive Club?

Jumper091542d ago

Forza5 lol... looks like a up-ressed 360 game and you know that.

DriveClub truly looks Nextgen.

XabiDaChosenOne1542d ago

Metal Gear Solid ground zero PS4 version? COD ghost PS4 version? Come on dude....

FernGully1542d ago

Forza MotorSport 5 has less cars than Ridge Racer, and was bundled in to help it reach Knack's ww sales! That argument is faded, tired and ineffective mate! Moving on....

dantesparda1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )


Oh please and there is nothing impressive about Forza 5's graphics, thats why its able to pull it off. Ridge Racer is also 1080p60 on PS3, so i guess that puts it on terms with the X1 right? Its not as simple as 1080p60fps, its also on the game its on. You fanboys need to stop with this pathetic bs

And once again, i thought this was a Sony site, are the Sony fanboys agreeing with you? This site is just as infested with MS fanboys as it is with anything else. And the MS fanboys are united and defensive.

zeuanimals1542d ago

Just because a game is easier to optimize on the PS4 doesn't mean the creative process is gonna somehow fast forward. Give an artist all of the tools he can ever dream of using and he'll ask for another to allow him to work on a masterpiece, time.

And why do people keep bringing up that game? It has baked lighting and crappy assets all around. The only good looking thing in the game are the cars and certain parts of tracks.

StrangerX1542d ago


Yes I think you're right! Forza5 is as I know THE ONLY NEXT GENERATION GAME that truly runs at 1080p/60fps. And no game that are ports or were design to run on last gen consoles are not true next gen like MGS ground zero and CoD ghost. So basically I still haven't seen a true next gen. games on PS4 running 1080p/60fps yet!

So you're argument its still pretty valid in my eyes! 😉

awesomeperson1542d ago

Let me guess, you frequent Misterxmedia?

I believe Resogun is 1080p and 60fps.

However, *any* game can run at 1080/60fps, depending on the trade-off in other areas.

Its funny how some fanboys try to turn that resolution argument on its head, when the hardware blatantly tells a different story.

Oh, and Forza had a few downgrades between E3 and release - likely to meet that 1080/60 target. It's a fact of life with the hardware we have this generation, both PS4 and Xbox One.

Play the games - not the resolution.

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tiremfej1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Funny thing would get an article if it wasn't running 1080p. Now that there is parity everyone is saying it must not be that great of a game. I hate the internet.

Sci0n1541d ago

according to the xbox defense force you can't tell the difference between 1080p and 720p and resolution doesn't matter to them but now all the sudden when a dev states they are making a game that runs at 1080p 30fps xbox fans rejoice and become joyful. I hate the internet too, what is it? does res matter enough that they mention exlusives as true next gen titles or is it res doesn't matter you can't tell the difference between 720 and 1080 ?

tiremfej1541d ago

@Sci0n I really could honestly care less. As long as the game is fun, that's all that matters. 1080, 900, 832, doesn't matter. As long as it's fun and plays decent.

I play BF4. It isn't 1080p, but it plays amazing (now after all the fixes) Dead Rising 3, it is a fun game. AC4, It's Assassins with's fun! Madden 1080p...not so much fun. So in my brief experience in next gen games, I can say the 1080p games suck! LOL.

Gamer19821542d ago

no hurdles.. 30fps.. contradiction..

avengers19781541d ago

What's in running at on 360/PS3 this is a cross gen game. Let's see if dying light, or batman Arkham night, or destiny, or watchdogs, or the next COD, or Quantem brake, or halo 5, any truly next-gen game runs 1080p 30 or 60 fps...

Oh and I thought resolution didn't matter, cause you don't play resolution, I mean that is what all the xbots said before right...

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nypifisel1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

It's not inherently impossible for petes sake. It's the size of the framebuffer that decides. The bigger the pixels the more space they'll take, when passed 32mb makes the eSRAM unable to be used as a framebuffer. BF4 with no AA in 1080p already pushes the size per frame above that.

Look at Forza, it's a 1080p game, though it sacrificed much in fidelity and IQ to achieve it. It lacks AA, it uses pre baked lighting, paper cut out people and looks very dated over all. The ESRAM is very much a bottleneck.

Eonjay1542d ago

It will be interesting to see how developers deal with this issue. Its a real problem that is probably going to hold back multiplatform titles for some time.

Blaze9291542d ago

Have you even played Forza 5? Or seen it up close and personally? I mean honestly, I don't know where people keep getting this about Forza 5 from. Just play the dang thing and find out how truly wrong trolls are about it

Nine_Thousaaandd1542d ago

"Look at Forza, it's a 1080p game, though it sacrificed much in fidelity and IQ to achieve it. It lacks AA, it uses pre baked lighting, paper cut out people and looks very dated over all. The ESRAM is very much a bottleneck."

Nypifisel is right...I've played it many times. Forza is a fun game, but if you pay close attention to the game, you can point out the flaws to achieve 1080p/60fps. The cars look of the game lacks big time.

But, is great to hear Xbone getting a game @1080p...this game seems pretty interesting

Muzikguy1542d ago

I don't own an XboxOne so when I was at Best Buy I specifically went and checked out Forza 5. I can agree with everyone that says the game looks bad. To me, it looks like a last gen game.

nypifisel1542d ago

Yes I have, and the environments aren't impressive at all, aside from the resolution all the assets fit the quality of a PS3/360 game. The cars looks good (aside from the lack of AA) but otherwise the game isn't really up to what you would expect from a 'next gen' racer.

air11542d ago

forza looks outdated compared to what? driveclub.... lmfao the game that never made it out of the drawing board... lol

andrewsqual1542d ago

They were hardly NOT going to release Forza 5 in 2013 just like they are most certainly releasing Forza 6 in 2015. A 5 year old could have figured that out. But with how many cars and tracks again? Oh never mind.

nypifisel1542d ago

Huh what are you on about? Expect a release before the end of summer. It's not shelved. And yes I'm confident it'll look better than Forza (Blame the ESRAM)

MysticStrummer1542d ago

Drive Club's reveal version looked better than Forza's release version, and yes Drive Club will be released.

zeuanimals1542d ago

Drive Club could've been a launch game, but I'm glad it wasn't. Just like Forza 5, Drive Club wasn't ready for launch and if Forza 5 used another 6 months or so, it could have more than 200 cars and 14 tracks in the base game without a season pass, global illumination and not baked lighting, much better art assets all around and maybe a better AA solution, or any at all.

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Jumper091542d ago

People need to understand that not only the ESRAM will be a problem, the weaker GPU is another problem.

When devs use complicated GPGPU tech for the PS4 version, they will have to cut most of the stuff for the Xbone version.

Future nextgen games that are only made for PS4/Xbone will show the true power difference (which is there, stop being in denial about that).

When games like Evolve, The Division and Battlefront will run and look better on PS4, will people still say that the Dev Tools are not on par?
People still live in a denial world were Dev Tools can compensate missing Hardware.

nypifisel1542d ago

Of course there's that too, but this early in the generation it's not as big of a problem, the more immediate one is the ESRAM. The GPU and CPU would be efficient enough for Xbox One games to look better than they actually do today, the ESRAM is just in the way.

air11542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Did I confuse you? You said that the game looks outdated... I'm asking you compared to what other next gen console racing game? Drive club the game that had to go back to the drawing board....

The game better look better! Shit I'm sure fora 5 would have looked better than it does now if they pushed it back to "some time" in late summer.. That's a long time to keep working it at..

What you should be asking your self is how does drive club really look and play currently considering it needed more time and it went back to the drawing board again... Lol by the time dc comes out their will be rumors on forza 6, I'm sure that will give you more pixels to count and frames to watch..

nypifisel1542d ago

If a game looks like it's a generation old in terms of assets it looks outdated.

Artemidorus1542d ago

Looks very dated? You clearly never played it.

air11542d ago

So it's a asset thing with you... Fuck the actual gameplay the terms are all about assets,

In other words you don't actually play the games you are a spec sheet reader..

nypifisel1541d ago

Oh my jebus, the discussion were specifically about the Xbox One hardware. So why would actual play even matter? It doesn't IN THIS DISCUSSION.

air11541d ago

Lmfao! What real gamer says the game doesnt matter lol...

Why dont you put you spec log book to the side and actualy play the games.. who knows maybe you wont be such a bitter gamer and find that experiencing the game itself just might be more fun than your spec log book

By the way this is about a GAME on the x1 achieving what your log book says is not possible.

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BX811542d ago

This is a very interesting game. Very cool idea.

Agent_hitman1542d ago

Well, that's good to hear. I'm no techie btw when it comes to computer hardwares but it looks interesting to see what Esram could do foe future X1 titles..

I heard that ESRAM's bandwidth is more faster than ordinary RAM but more expensive to produce they say..

Edvin19841542d ago

Yeah, certainly will check this one out.