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Ether One Team Becomes Officially Licensed PlayStation Developer

VRFocus - White Paper Games, the developer behind the recently-released Ether One, has confirmed that it is now an officially licensed PlayStation developer. Co-founder Pete Bottomley confirmed as much during a recent livestream of the title, revealing that he had been speaking to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) during the Rezzed event in Birmingham last weekend. While this certainly brings the title closer to PlayStation 4, Bottomley stressed that the team still had to figure some aspects out before confirming a port.

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Community1389d ago
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TOTSUKO1389d ago

Sony's first major VR game developer? They did support Oculus Rift.

More support for Morpheus the better.

Flutterby1389d ago

Odd they are getting more studios aren't they meant to be doomed and a sinking ship that everyone's jumping out of ? /s

Not looking so doomy and gloomy after all huh xbone fanboys?

Hopefully it is VR related that would be great news :)

Lawboy21389d ago

did you read the article

Cupid_Viper_31389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

That's great news for Morpheus. I guess Sony is actively building a VR team of studios and devs to compete against the non-VR first party studios they already own.

What I'm really hoping for to be honest is a VR First Person Shooter that supports the Move Sharp Shooter (the gun thingy for the Move), and with a great emphasis on Local Co-op. I tried to do something similar with the HMZ-T1, but it didn't quite work out as the T1 doesn't track your head.

But just imagine what local co-op online matches would be like if the PS4 could run 2 Morpheus at once, and 2 Sharp Shooters as well. Sitting on your couch while you and a friend are both wearing a morpheus, you look over your shoulder and you can see your friend's avatar as he spawns into the game world. Tracking your friend's whereabouts while playing would be much easier as well, as you he would always be tagged when he is in direct line of sight, even see him through buildings and stuff.

Cover systems will need to be revamped, as well as how the your character/avatar carries his weapon when he is not aiming and shooting will have to change as well. In today's shooters,your character is always pointing the gun forward.

I don't think I'm ready to buy another shooter this gen until a radically different one is made. I think that after all the CODs and BFs, and Halos, and Killzones, I don't think the FPS genre has anything left to offer me. So my hopes are that Morpheus and Oculus will change that.

webeblazing1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

so porting a pc game means they are building a 1st party vr studio? yall too funny.

Ninver1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

bu bu but sony is doomed. morezzz jobzzz cutzzzz

MasterCornholio1389d ago

You know what I say to those trolls?

Duke Nukem style

"I'm gonna rip off your heads and crap down your throat hole"


ElementX1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

You misquoted Duke, it's "I'll rip your head off and s__t down your neck"

nitrogav1389d ago

Now sign up them dreadhalls devs Sony . Liking the look of that VR game !! .

IanVanCheese1389d ago

So this means they are signed up to make games for Sony platforms, not that they are now part of Sony right? Just wondering as it's a bit vague.

AaronPS1389d ago

Yeah, there just making games for Sony platforms as well as others. I thought the same thing that Sony may have bought them or something.

DigitalRaptor1388d ago

Nothing vague about this.

Being an "officially licensed PlayStation developer" means that you have the tools at your disposal and the ability to self-publish a game for PlayStation platforms.

It means yet another game coming to PS4.

MegaRay1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

And Sony fired superbot... stupid Sony (I know PSASBR didnt sell well but that a sony fault more than superbot)
Edt: I thought Sony bought them... oh well, I still stand to my OP

WeAreLegion1389d ago

They were just contracted for one game. Very talented team though. I hope we see more of them in the future.

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