EA's Frostbite takes an April Fools' Day jab at Nintendo, then the gaming community overreacts

April Fools' Day: when engine designer jokes become corporate apologies.

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ZeekQuattro1566d ago

The biggest Aprils fools joke was Peter Moore stating that he still views Nintendo as a business partner. That got a chuckle out of me.

MasterCornholio1565d ago

That was a bit mean to be honest.

BoneBone1565d ago

Remember, EA did say a while back that they did still have games and plans for the Wii U.

stragomccloud1566d ago

There's a difference between a joke and malicious band wagon stabbing.

Detoxx1566d ago

It's a freaking April fools joke..

joab7771565d ago

Exactly. We so quickly come to the defense of a company when the joke is on them, but laugh at all the jokes that are played on us every yr. Yeah, I am talking to u valve.

wonderfulmonkeyman1565d ago

An april fools joke would have been something like an outrageous game rumor.
This was just mean-spirited slamming using April Fools Day as a cover for it.

hatsume-miku1566d ago

It was a bad joke, but I agree some people over reacted. Some one was claiming that who made this joke must be fired.

MasterCornholio1565d ago

Well you know EA and how much they love Nintendo.


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The story is too old to be commented.